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science behind everyday happenings

Jan 25, '11

Dear friends,

            I am sorry to bring this blog out on the eve of Republic day celebrations. I have already dropped hint the kind of freedom i am enjoying in India on earlier occassions.My experience and story will be an unheard of in the Indian history. This is not a hate compaign against India or law authorities. Just a statement of my experience and facts to remedy the things

           Answer a simple question: Why spying is done on a individual:

        The answer should be if he is an anti-social element, fighter against Government and traitor then law agencies and private networks for this purpose can very well do that.

        Am I an anti-social element? No!
        Fighter against Government?No!
        Traitor ? No!

Then of all the persons me should be followed all over the country?

     I am a science and science fiction writer.

     My science is responsive-responsive to the people.

    I possess clear cut original practical ideas on much needed science in every day life.

   I am more convinced after so many days that i am being followed just for the information i possess. Was the information was not available to the public? NO. many of them already there but no one bothered to look at it. It took me to come ther and say for the people during my every day conversations on these matters. Networks including media and police personnel are targeting me to listen to what i am saying around me and what i am doing. Is there no one else similar to me? I dont know.

   Never complain to the police that someone is watching you and following. There is no instance of deputing someone with you informing you that he is accompanying you. Then what ? It means the police is keeping watch on you thinking you are not observing them. There is a vast network of police and security thriving on the complaint lodged by claiming day-to-day bill or TA bill if u travelled.

   Then there are several others including media who are looking for information- they are on my trail. If I visit an organic produce shop, herbal store, radio station to deliver a speech -they scrupolously follow me. My couriers and posts reach late by record margins. say one week and one month.E-mail is the best option that too from my own computer only. If done from netcafes my password will be captured( there are password catching programs installable in the cafes) and i may even lose my e-mail account.

    There are literally thousands of people following and monitoring me within my town itself. My trying to shake them out to have a free run. They always succeed as they are networked against this solitary man! I have made mental notes of several people following me. If i notice them more than several occassions it is confirmed they are following. Rich, poor,middle class there seems no exception in following me.

   In Delhi where i attended a confernce, i always to go to some vacant place to prepare materials, The moment i start preparing there are immediately several people materialising around me.To top it all my presentation papers for the conference and my conference participation certificates were pilferred in the conference site itself!

    Of late, i am holed up in my home several days eating in and sending any material needed by e-mails only. I am trying to starve out the followers! But lo, it is happening again when i step out .

   You may ask me something-Why dont you consult a doctor for this?

   See i am a clear person with clean habits and one who cares for the society fully aware of my duties to my family and society. It is only they -my followers - who need treatement- Also there is money play with money offerered for the followers. I have personally seen several instances of distribution of money. Why not give me some credit(not money credit for the work only) and get the information from me straight.

    I have come across several instances the matter i speak is appearing in the media the next day. I was speaking about the health benefits of vegetables and sounding at the same time whether the prices will shoot up during my journey from delhi to my place. By lo, the prices indeed went up mani-fold even when i was reaching my place. Though the rain theory was attributed there is more to it than meets the eye.

     Infact i have several practical ideas for every day life with science base. For that reason alone i need not be hounded. Let me do the information campaign myself and live as an Independent man in a supposedly independent country.

   The independence was obtained with much struggle by our forefathers. Let us not squander  it by becoming a spying nation for all the long reasons.

Nov 09, '10

Dear friends,

        By this time, the name Endhiran(Robot) -the Rajnikanth, Aishwarya starring tamil science fiction film dubbed into telugu and hindi might have become very familiar to you.

        Aside from the record budget for the film and equally record breaking collections, the film has run into controversy with two tamil authors claiming the story as theirs.

      It would be interesting to know that i too wanted to work in that film and sent a short story "Iyanthira malar" meaning "Machine Flower" to Director Shankar and made a wish to work in the film. One of the Assistant directors informed me over phone that they have already taken a team and I could not be accommodated.

    Now the film has been released and  has run into controversy. Seeing the interest generated by the film and it's controversy Times of India wanted to  do a report on science fiction. Me and some others in our Tamil science fiction arena were interviewed. The article titled "Robot to their rescue" has appeared on 7th Novemeber issue of Times of India. I , along with some others find mention in the report.

 The article is available at

If the link is not working properly, you may also visit and search science fiction article. You shall get to the article titled "Robot to their rescue"

Take a look. Your valuable comments are welcome 

Aug 16, '10

Dear friends,

         The costliest-film ever made in Indian cinema is to be released soon.

        ENDHIRAN- Super star Rajini, Aishwarya Rai starring blockbuster tamil science fiction movie.

       The movie is creating record of sorts with it's song rights raking record sum and the state wise rights fetching astronomical sums.

       Ok. We are tuning into the songs of the movie.

      Songs are composed by our Oscar winning AR Rehman. I heard them. I was impressed by the hi-tech yet melodious  tunes. Irumbile Oru Irudhayam mulaikkutho.
(Whether a heart made of iron is budding?) is simply topping them all. Breathtaking composition!  In the film the visuals may equally be breathtaking.

    Cant post any link here as it may infringe copy right violations at this stage before the release.

    Also i cant help wondering i would have come out with more science oriented yet simple  to understand lyrics.

   Some lyrics are already forming in my mind. Let me see whether i can produce an album. That can wait.

   Now enjoy the songs of Endhiran.

   Thanks for reading. Your valuable comments welcome.



Mar 26, '10

Last year when I gave the alert call on EARTH HOUR on 28.03.2009 to participate in the switch off it was overwhelmingly viewed in fropper. Some earth-conscious friends  circulated it amongst their friends to give it wide publicity a fact i have to acknowledge even though some of them have slipped out of my friends circle.. This year the EARTH HOUR is slated for March 27 th 2010

   To refresh your memory and alert those who are coming across this for the first time here is a brief.

On this day the international community for environment is asking the households, business establishments, Government bodies, non-govermental organisations and all concerned to switch off their lights and non-essential electrical appliances to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions. It is for one hour between 8 to 9 P.M. This event is promoted by World Wide Fund for Nature Australia an environmental lobbying group and Sydney Morning Herald.The first-ever earth hour was held in Sydney on March 31st, 2007 between 7.30 to 8.30 P.M by switching off lights. The 2007 Earth Hour is estimated to have cut Sydney's electricty consumption by 2.1 to 10.2% with as many as 2.2 million enthusistic people participating. Seeing the benefits that accrued The second Earth Hour 2008 was planned as an international event with as many as 27 countries and several cities in these countries ,as on 27 th March, 2008 , participating in observing the day.

The details are available in the site

For those who are not in the know about global warming , here is a brief.

The emissions of chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs) from refrigerators and air-conditioners and carbon di oxide gas emitted by automobiles, houehold and industrial fuel burning and electric bulbs, nitrous oxide(N2O) emiited during agricultual and industrial activities and methane(CH4) emitted during production and transportation of coal, natual gas and oil all known as green house gases produce green house effect. The light energy received from the Sun should be radiated back to space to avoid the Earth getting warmed. These green house gases while letting through the light in visible spectrum retain the invisible infra red rays leading to the warming of the Earth. 

It is high time, we as responsible citizens of the world, rise up to the occassion by whole-hearted participation in the event by switching off lights and non-essential electric appliances between 8.30 to 9.30  P.M. on March 27 th, 2010. I am going to observe the day in both letter and spirit

Let us all do it for the sake of our Mother Earth. Join me in the switch-off. Also kindly share this blog with all your friends.

Hopefully and Environmentally yours


Mar 13, '10

Dear friends,

            My science fiction titled "Space Station-9" is at fiction-x section of I am there as Mohan Sanjeevan

            The link is

           The storyline is that our Earth is looking for intelligent beings elsewhere in the universe. A universal message informing about the earth's existence is constantly being spewed out into space as signals. One day a reply comes and a space mission is bound for that reply source.Hoping to find a planet they find a space station which is ninth one of another planet in a solar system. The exciting journey and the experience of space craft crew is the story.

          Read for full text in the site.


     Thanks for reading.Your valuable comments welcome.

     Bharath selvan

Mar 02, '10

Dear friends,

             My science fictions "The Experience Machine" and "Space Pyrotechnics" are in fiction-x section of

The Experience machine"- The secret of experience machine is pilferred and experience machine centres sprout up disrupting day to day work as many flock to it. How the inventor when called upon by the security  people solves this problem is the story.

Space Pyrotechnics- The protagonist goes on a mission to repair an ailing satellite.While at it parking his space craft away it is shot by a spy satellite. How he manages to return without his space craft is the story.

Take a look.

Your valuable comments welcome.


Feb 15, '10

Dear friends,

          I am sharing with you the news of my science fiction titled "The House" . You can see it in the Fiction-X section. The storyline is : Ranjani wants to meet a guy living atop a hill. When she wants to land her sky vehicle near his house it shrinks inwards and expands. Ghost house? She is afraid to go into the house.It turns out the house is interchangeable one with the size of it's rooms being alterable. Read on for full text in the site.

       I am there as Mohan Sanjeevan.

  Thanks for reading.Your valuable comments welcome

Bharath selvan
N.B.:- Many of the friends are still asking where my fiction is? It is in the fiction-x section . There is a button at the top with the name Fiction-X. Click on it to see my fiction "THE HOUSE"

Jan 19, '10

Dear friends,

                I hope u r all fine. I am coming out with an of-beat blog which is questionnaire! What? U r slipping away? Dont't bother it is not on your income and number of soul-mates u have!

              It has always fascinated me to know or rather find out what the common people would like to know in science if at all they are asked to pin point one topic they would like to on science matters.

           Now i am asking u all the exact question what u would like to know in science

         Say how a space craft is launched? whether living on moon is possible?

       Fire your questions. I will be safely hiding till all of them are fired.

     It is sort of survey and dont worry there will be no follow-up science-explaining blogs here!

   You may argue: hey!  I am not in the category of common people! I agree. U r all gems. Just go on and fire out your questions and wishes.

   I am waiting. Would like if the blog is circulated to your friends.

  Thanks for reading. Your valuable salvos are welcome.

Bharath selvan

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Jan 03, '10

Dear friends,

                   I am sharing with u the news of one more of my science fictions "Beyond Virus" published in It is based on my theory a new disease particle/infectious agent other than commonly known bacteria and virus will come into play at a later period of time. Read on in the site for details. It is on the homepage right now in the more fiction box. In case it is moved to inner page, click on the fiction button at the top and find the same. Remember, I will be there as Mohan Sanjeevan

                  Science fictions are not wild imaginations they are future possibilites if visualised intelligently.

                   Thanks for reading. Your valuable comments welcome.


Dec 28, '09

Dear friends,

                   I am back after attending this year's science communication congress. The meet was cancelled and resheduled due to some uncertainties. Finally it came through and i attended.`I had some reservations due to the extremist tag attached to Assam.It turned out to be an excellent very memorable 5 days stay over there. I made several several friends over there once more demonstrating there is no substitute for real meets far far better than virtual meets in networking sites.

                    The conference was inagurated by the Assam Chief Minister giving respect to the men in science and it's propagation. The conference like this is the place where i belong where i am respected and admired. Add to this, the expansion of friends circle many-folds from different sections-scientists, science propagators and the students- the event was sweet from start to finish. It was nice to be among the students and felt a lot younger being one with them. Many loved to be snapped with me and many loved to snap me.They are into my friends circle as well.

          Assam is a beautiful place with hilly terrain and chilly climate. I forgot to take my winter clothing still managed to stay with ordinary clothing proving my resilience and well-being in such conditions.There is no extremist problem as far as i could see. Of course, i had the usual networking problem of people following me in assam too.

     I have several pictures to share with u . I will be sharing them all in due course. keep watching

     Till then warm wishes to all and advance HAPPY NEW YEAR !

    Thanks for reading. Your valuable comments welcome.

  Bharath selvan


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