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Ramblings from the Fropper Team....

Jan 26, '11

Dear Everyone!

Fropper Team wishes you all a Very Happy Republic Day! Let's take time out to thank the Amar Jawans who laid their lives for us. Respect the Constitution. Have a secular demeanor. We're all brothers and sisters. To enjoy our fundamental rights let's fulfill our fundamental duties. We have the richest heritage, history and culture. Be proud as peacock about that fact and strive to preserve it. It's great to move forward but remember what we are actually born as. For, if there are no roots, there will be no tree. Work hard to place India on the World map! There's no limit to what we can achieve. 

With all this, let's swear to make a bright and truly shining India.

Happy Ganatantra Divas! 

Jai Hind!

Fropper Team


Dec 31, '10


The sun is setting on 2010. As the year draws to an end, as does the decade, Fropper wishes all you lovely members a great bright and beautiful New Year 2011. Enjoy the sunrise of the New Year and don't lament if you felt the decade swished over your heads. What do they say - times flies when you're having fun! Keep the spirit up. Walk proud with head and chin up, look at challenges and hardships in the eye and say, 'I refuse to let you get me down!' Have lots of fun. Forget about work every once in a while and enjoy the beauty around you. Play with kids, giggle with them, laugh with your family. Resurrect your passion if you have abandoned it. 

Do everything you wanted to do but couldn't. Make the most of the coming year for it won't come again! There will be Januaries, Februaries, Marchs, Aprils every year but it won't be 2011 again so live like it's the last year! Wishing you lots of cheer, happiness and prosperity. 

To infinity and beyond!


Fropper Team


Nov 04, '10

Aai Diwali aai...
Jagao diye, khao mithaai
Phuljhadi aur phatakhon ki ladi
Anaar, chakri aur sundar rangoli
Khushiyon se bhari rahe aapki jholi
Diye ki roshni poori kare aapki har aas
Mithaai se zyada jo jeevan mein mithaas
Dukh aur buraai rahein aapse duur
Aap bhi sabke liye yahi kaamna karna zaroor

Badon se lo aashirwad chhoton ko do pyaar
Sukh, shaant aur sundar guzre aapka tyohaar!

Aap sabko Diwali ki bohot bohot shubh kaamnayein!

Fropper Team wishes all its friends a bright, dazzling, beautiful, sweet, shimmering, glittering and an extremely HAPPY DIWALI!


Oct 17, '10

Wish you all a very Happy Dasshera.
This is a day when good wins over the evil. The day that brings new hopes and new happiness. Just like Ramji gained victory over Raavan, let's hope all evil is slayed from this world and from our hearts. Wish you and your family a great time and lots of happiness and evil free life! 


Oct 10, '10

Fropper Team wishes all you lovely friends and your equally lovely families a very Happy Navratri! May the beauty and divinity make your days and nights super glowing not just these nine nights but forever and beyond!

Fropper Team


Aug 24, '10

Fropper Team Wishes all its members a very HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN! May the bond with your brother or sister grow stronger. Stand by each other in thick and thin and let the world know it cannot miss with your bro or sis as long as you are by his or her side!! Cherish the ties that bind :)

Aug 15, '10

Fropper Team wishes all its members a VERY HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Let us be proud to be an Indian but make sure our Motherland is equally proud of us too. Fight for Justice. Respect Equality. Don't misuse or abuse Liberty. Remember that if we have rights, we have duties as well. Let's make sure that we are deserving of our fundamental rights by fulfilling our fundamental duties. Remember that no one is an outsider in his own Motherland. If at all, it's just the aliens

Finally, JAI HIND!!

Fropper Team

Aug 01, '10

A moon amongst million stars
A minute of peace during turbulent hours
A Warm shoulder when the world has gone cold
Someone who is purer than gold
Someone who is sweeter than honey
More precious than money
Someone who knows you better than yourself
He will always bail you outta trouble 
Whose love for you is delightful as soap bubble
Whose love cannot be replaced or bought
So do not let him out of your life no matter what

We at Fropper wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day! Have lots of fun with your buddies.

Jun 20, '10

He is your friend, philosoper and guide
He will always be by your side
Come hail or high tide
He is super strong
He'll love you even when you're wrong
He may shout at you
But it will hurt him just as much
Don't think he is being unkind
He still loves you as much
Be calm and reason
He will understand 

He held your hand 
When you were learning to walk
He prattled with you 
When you were learning to talk
When you were unwell, down or out
He was with you like a rock
So, love him, cherish him, 
Shower love on him like mad
For no one can take the place of your dad!

You don't need to wait for a day to tell your dad how much you love him. But, it is Father's Day today, anyway, so do something special for your daddy dearest!



Dec 22, '09

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Jingle the bells, mingle with friends, eat, drink, dance and have yourself a merry li’l Christmas.

We have some plans on Fropper as well because
Santa Claus is here with his goodies bag. Grab from it all you can by participating in contests!

ezBlog Contest:
Imagine decorating a Christmas tree and gifting it to Mother India. What gifts would you put on it? Peace, prosperity, literacy…. Write a blog post and tag the post with ‘Christmas’.

1st Prize: Fropper Relationship Premium Membership for 1 month
2nd Prize: Fropper Goodies

Click here to write an ezBlog post.

Photo Contest:
Upload photos of Christmas celebrations around you, in your building, workplace, mall, nukkad, etc. Especially your photo with Santa Claus! You have better chances of winning if you are in the photos! Tag the photos with ‘christmas’.

1st Prize: Fropper Relationship Premium Membership for 1 month
2nd Prize: Fropper Goodies

Click here to upload photos.

Wish your Fropper friends a merry li’l Christmas by sending them special Christmas smilies.

Fropper is definitely getting into the Christmas mode! So, select the special Christmas
Zone theme, ezBlog theme.

Rules for the Contests:

* Send entries between 23rd Dec, 2009 to 1st Jan, 2010.
* Prizes will be sent only within India.
* All members need to tag entries with ‘christmas’.
* Uploaded photo & ezBlog post content should be original.

Cheers and Merry Christmas!
Fropper Team

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