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May 26, '13

My recent trip to Thiruananthapuram.
Boat ride in Kerala, turned out to be an exciting experience. Here is what I captured...


Apr 07, '13

Narendra Modi has been a decent politician until he was within his state and as he jumps the national arena, he has started sounding like any other nervous neta around. 
His initial comment of “Karz” towards India made me smile a bit and now his rhetoric of India is his ‘mother’ is reaching another level of political word-warfare altogether.
I watched Rahul’s speech and his reference of India to a Beehive made good sense, with his annotated explanation of – continuous activity by millions, constant buzz that is always around, its nature of being quiet when left alone and bursting into thousand thunder strikes when disturbed - everything made sense.
Modi rebuts ‘it disturbed him’! !!!!!
In what way it disturbed him? 
Modi failed to understand the anology’s right perspective and he is launching counter attack (so the media says) saying that it may be a beehive for Rahul, but it is the ‘mother’ for BJP!
I didn’t expect such a knee-jerk reaction from Modi, given he has been so educated, modest and respectful so far in his speeches.
Well, when one jumps into cow dung, he is bound to stink, even if he is made of sandalwood – right???

Mar 16, '13

The India Malaysia match was such an exciting encounter and the way it ended was absolutely unacceptable, completely biased towards giving Malaysia deliberate points. The Penalty corner was never there, even it wasn’t a foul. Video replay clearly showed the ball bouncing off the stick. Players did the right thing to walk off the ground. Yet, keeping up the sporting spirit, they went back and took the Penalty Stroke. 
So this is how Malaysia reaches Finals of the tournament. 
And they connived to keep India out of the completion. 
It is absolutely ridiculous. 

Sultan Azlan Shah tournament was one of the cleanest fixtures in the world of Hockey and every country was proud of playing there.
 Now, this too is turning out like foot ball and cricket, biased umpiring and match fixing. 
Of course we can’t do anything about it, but sure can lodge formal protest for such a poor and cheap umpiring. 
My heart goes out to all the players of Indian team. 
Boys, you did great.
 Put out a proud face. 
They can win by cheating, but you are the real winners.

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Feb 11, '13

Claimer: This article has been written after long careful research and analysis and all the facts included here have been derived from true events. Any resemblance to anybody doing anything can be coincidental, accidental, incidental or just pure dental and I am responsible for such instances. After reading the post people may lodge their complaints, launch protests, take morchas at their own will and wish and I will not object. TIMES NOW and H today are most welcome to conduct debates, big fights, small fights, NDTV and CNN-IBN to have talk shows, walk shows, fake shows to discuss extradition of KB to Timbuktu. Women’s rights organizations can rename me from King Bull to Kilman Bushdie and release Fat-wahs against me. And this is not a disclaimer. 

This is about one of the most utilized, versatile, simple yet most fashionable product man has ever invented and is still unable to do any significant improvement on it due to various obvious reasons you would find out in here. 

Women’s most useful, dearest, indispensible and emotionally close product – Yes, I am talking about the one and only Bagwati. (courtesy: Farhan Akhtar). 

BAGwati aka Ladies handbag.

Bagwati is very attractive from outside, has one big mouth on the top, couple of zips on each side, a short belted handle and/or a long shoulder belt. It comes with few badges, brand logos, artificial stud stones, chains, rings, etc. as external decoration. It is made of numerous materials starting from simple rexine to chinese panda leather - at least that’s what the salesman says. (Question to ponder: Why is it all handbag sales persons are men?). 

As the target customer is female, 90% of material cost of the bag goes to the outside and 5% goes to the frame structure and 5% to the zip and other stuff. 

Criteria for purchase?
Brand and Looks. Brand used to be the top criteria in the 80’s and 90’s, which has been overtaken by ‘looks’ in this century, mainly due to overcrowded branded market and wide-spread reach of market as well as use-and-throw culture. It should ‘look’ different. Different than the ones that neighbourhood ladies have, the different than the ones that college mates have, different than those colleagues have. Color, texture, decorations, studdings, hangings, shape, size – everything matters. Everything must be different. Seen the ad featuring KKK? (Kareena Kapoor Khan)? She portrays so beautifully how she needs a black bag, and ends up picking up an Orange bag. Not BLaaaaa ack, just black. I loved it. Lesson: If you want to sell an Orange Bag, keep one next to ten Black bags.! 

Now, let us get inside. Inside the bag I mean. It generally has a single large compartment, sometimes divided into two equal compartments, with a small secret chamber at each side with a prominent zip to announce the location of these chambers. Some bags have a side chamber for keeping quick access things, which most of the times are left there for ever, forgotten. 

Over centuries the handbag has been made with just one big compartment with one big mouth at the top to open and close. Things get thrown in there and gets retrieved usually with a massive search-and-retrieve operation by five fingers, when there is a need. Unlike men’s brief cases where you have so many partitions and pouches with a place for each thing. While things that could go into men’s briefcase have been defined and easy to identify, things that go into women’s handbag are numerous and indefinable. That brings me to present you a list though not exhaustive, but detailed enough of what you can find inside a women’s handbag.

The list is not in any order as there can be no ‘order’ per say:
 - Cell phone. – latest and the previous one. Cell phone cover lies separate inside. Also spent SIM card and the pouch of the card. Cell phone strap - also lies separate. 

 - Keys – car keys, house keys, shelf keys – these do not stay on one key chain and invariably house key comes out when you need car keys.
 - Clips, safety pins, Hair bands, Hairpins – These only gets thrown in and not taken out for any use. Whenever such an article is needed, it is obtained from bedside table, under the pillows, bathroom shelf etc. 

 - Wrist watches – these are not on the wrists mostly due to one of the following reasons – not matching with the dress or ear rings or bracelets. So gets shoved in the handbag, resulting in asking someone for time, every time. 

 - Ear rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, lockets – gold or artificial. No I am not talking about the dressing table - those ones are in sets generally still inside their original packs, while these are in numbers, under use, in vogue so to speak. 

 - Bindis – many bindi pouches with one or two left over in each. Though bindi culture is not in vogue with young gen, this applies to more matured ladies (No, I didn’t say older…). 

 - Lipsticks, eye liners, hand creams, face creams, deos, perfumes, talc powders, hair colors, Vaseline, Crack cream, Moov, Tiger Balms or Axe oils. Now each of them could be present more than one, half spent or nearly spent. Different brands and sizes too can be found at the same time. Who knows when the need would arise for what? 

 - Tissues – facial and hand tissues. These come in a pack of ten or fifteen. After few gets pulled out, the pack breaks and remaining tissues gets lost inside like a Khoyaa huaa bachcha in mela. Many times spent tissues are kept inside the bag as there is no place to throw right after use. Of course, not to forget the periodicals. 

 - Credit cards, Debit cards, Membership cards for Life Style Big Bazaar, RMKVs, Chennai Silks and Umpteen different shopping arcades. Also previous expired credit and debit cards could be found. Also you will find business cards of variety of people varying from beauty parlors spreading across all the way to gyms, KFCs, Saree shops, Soch’s, Mochi’s and Begum’s. But every time Life Style guy asks for membership card, he ends up locating membership number using the Mobile number. 
- ATM receipts, Credit card bills, shopping invoices, bank and insurance statements. These pile up inside the bag until next bag arrives and thereafter remains there permanently. 

 - Fliers handed at mall entrances. Talking about fliers, unlike men who brutally refuse to take fliers, women find it so awkward to refuse fliers or throw it away, so invariably it goes into the handbag and remains there for ever! 

 - Mini tools like nail clippers, foot scrapers, small scissors, razors. Again it is not quite easy to access these tools when she needs it, so ask somebody, preferably men nearby for such article who can easily extend theirs in no time. Besides most of the times need for such tools would not arise, otherwise, how would boutiques and parlors survive without manicuring and pedicuring? 

 - Cash. I have always wondered why RBI has to print out so many lakhs of Rupee notes every year until I observed the way cash is kept inside a ladies handbag. Man, have a pity on the note. It gets first folded into four folds and gets thrown into the handbag along with so many hard articles listed above and gets continuously grinded until its turn comes to be pulled out to be given to a flower vendor or at a toll booth. There could be a separate mini-purse for cash alone, but it generally does not contain cash. 

 - Pepper Sprays – Ajeeb thing about Pepper Spray is it is not reachable when it is needed the most!!! See how -When an attacker confronts a woman, she immediately puts her hand into the handbag and the guy is confused as to what she is going to pull out, ranging from a gun to a cell phone. She feels around inside the compartment among hundreds of items to pull out one that could closely feel like the pepper spray container, which could be anything ranging from a Deo can to Age Miracle cream to a Biotique heal cream bottle that looks like a hand grenade. It gives the attacker either shivers through his spine and he runs away or ample time to launch the attack. 99 out of 100 times, a peanut vendor or flower seller lady walks into the scene and attacker drops the idea and moves away. And on reaching home, she tries to find out where did the Stupid Goddamn Pepper Spray had gone, only to find that it had been kept in the side zipper, for ‘quick access!’. 

While all efforts have been made by my team to make the above list all inclusive,things not listed are not necessarily excluded.

While men’s briefcases and laptop has a specific place and it always goes there, ladies handbags do not have that rule. It finds a place anywhere in the house. You can find it on the couch, desk, side table, center table, dining table, kitchen worktop, sitting on the fridge, washing machine, microwave oven, top of shelf, bedside table, on the bed itself (Once I sat on the rug on my bed to hear a wafer cracking sound, only to find a handbag below with 5000 Rupees Fendi frameless Super Cool Sun Glasses broken! It was my fault.). Also you can find these hanging from clothe hanger, Shelf handle and the car backseat. Why not somebody invents a handbag voice activated with a range of about 100 feet, which can trigger loud alarm on the owner’s voice call. No, a remote control like car remote key will not work, as the key also most of the times would find itself inside the same handbag. 

What is the life of a handbag? It varies from few weeks to few months, not any time more than a year. Depends on how soon a colleague or neighbour or a relative buys herself a better looking handbag and the next hand bag will have pre-requisite set by that buy. No there is one more curious thing you would like to know. When a new handbag is bought, you would think that all the things from the previous (no I wouldn’t dare to call it old) bag gets transferred into the new bag and the new bag gets commissioned. You are very wrong. When the new bag gets commissioned, only essential things (essential meaning what comes to mind as necessary at that time) gets transferred and new bag is commissioned. Previous bag gets shoved in the wardrobe. Over next few days each things comes to mind as necessary and slowly gets retrieved from old bag to new bag. Finally more than 50% of the stuffs are left over in the old bag permanently and never required in the new bag! 

And what happens to the old bag? It remains in the shelf, along with the collection of previous handbags slowly acquiring antique value. It has become too old and out of fashion to give to somebody and there is no soul on the earth to buy a second hand (!) ladies handbag. 

Now that you’ve had the lessons, few questions:
1. Why ladies handbag cannot have more partitions, compartments, holder pouches for different things like a brief case?
2. Why a ladies handbag cannot be kept in a particular place in house or office?
3. Why ladies handbag cannot be ‘housekeeped’ periodically?

Men’ briefcase – A place for everything and everything in it’s place!
Ladies’ handbag – A place for everything and everything in that place!!


Jan 12, '13

Yesterday I was watching the talk show of Barkha Datta with Sheila Dikshit on NDTV. Topic? – DGR. 

Barkha as arrogant as ever, took few of the Delhi Police’s advisory to college girls. Conveniently omitting most of the points, Barkha picks this one - ‘Go home straight from college!’
Barkha adds - Even my grandmother didn’t tell me that. Go home straight from college? BUT WHY? Time after college is MY TIME! It would the LAST THING I would go home!
She then brings in the next advise – ‘If you are going anywhere else, inform your parents’. 

Now, what is wrong in Delhi Police’s advises?
What I fail to understand is, these are advises your parents give you every day when you start for college in the morning. To know the whereabouts of their teenage girl is the right and more so, concern of every parent. Agreed that nowadays everyone has a mobile phone and anytime contact is possible. But, how much peace it can give if parents know where their girls are at any point in time. 

What Barkha is trying to portray here is a college girl is a free bird, she can do whatever she wants, wherever and whenever she wants and the entire world should do all it requires to facilitate, protect and encourage such things! 

MY TIME? How independent you are when you are in college? How self-sufficient in terms of finance, protection and status? 

A girl screams at Sheila, “we want to do everything that we would like to do and who are you to ask us what we do and where or when? It is your duty to protect us from criminals”. 

Another girl whines “Why I cannot go out to 4 am to a nearby shop to buy, for example cigarettes?” 

At 4 am? Go to nearby shop? And the shop would be open? To buy what? Cigarettes?” 

Even we men, wouldn’t dare to go at that kind of time to buy cigarettes!!! 

Man, at 4 am she needs cigarettes!!! And she want government to protect her from micreants! 

At this point, Barkha brings in totally irrelevant point here – “there are moral women and immoral women. Why women are labelled as immoral women if they go out at 4 am out alone?” 

What else?
Why would a moral, educated, cultured girl go out at 4 am to a nearby shop and ask for cigarettes???? 

Media is trying to ‘paint’ a picture that whatever girls want to do, government’s duty is to protect them from crimes!
Come on Barkha, everyone knows just too well, it is not possible!
Sheila spoke very sensibly and my salutes to her wisdom and patience in front of the utter arrogance from Barkha. 

One girl summed it up all – “I was in the protest, I was water cannoned, and all these uprising and protests are happening in this country, but now when I go out, there are more lewd comments from men than before. These inactions seems only to encourage men to do such things” 

Yes, that is exactly what is happening. After all these women are perceived as even more vulnerable than before. 

On the other channel, Bhupendra was hysterical on government’s attempt to ‘curb’ creative freedom in this country.
Reason? I&B Ministry has sent an advisory to SONY TV not to telecast the DGR reconstruction in its series. 

Now, what kind of ‘creative freedom’ he was talking about? Like the Sociologist Ranjana Kumari rightly pointed out, what are they trying to achieve from ‘reconstructing’ in vivid details how the crime took place, which already every dog and cat in this country know all too well? Marketing? Raise awareness? How pathetic it would have been to see ‘reconstructed’ rape seen on a TV? What kind of impact such a show would have on young minds? What benefit to the society as a whole? 

Bhupendra’ reasoning – Why government did not send any advisory to channels which are now rolling as if there is already a war going on between India and Pakistan and why only to this show? 

What nonsense question he is asking? Nothing but childish – why you didn’t beat him and why only me? 

When will our media come to their senses, realize their social and national responsibilities? 

When will they just make sense and not sensationalize?

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Jan 01, '13

First of all, my heart goes all out to the young girl who has met with the most brutal, unthinkable inhuman assault. 

May her Soul Rest with God.

Watched all those demonstrations, protests, marches and morchas, candle vigils, placards and banners. Demanding justice. What justice? Hang the six men to death tomorrow? Will all these people go home peacefully and start living their life as usual again? Has the crime ended with this? Or has the criminals are being deterred from committing such crimes?
Have you noticed? Suddenly over the past few weeks it looks like EVERY STATE has rape and molestation crimes happening . 
Media has sent out SPECIAL CREWS all over the country looking only for such ‘sensational’ cases. 
In one village a media crew has been driven away by people who went there to ‘cover’ a similar news.
Everyone is REACTING - with Politicos leading the show and other celebrities not wanting to be left behind, putting up their “Croc-tear shows” as well, to gain attention. 
Shabna Azmi goes overboard saying that Item song itself is not bad, but the lyrics are vulgar and bad! Bravo lady! Hats off to you for your super invention! 
Sonia and Manmohan go to the airport to pay homage to the girl!What about so many other women who are suffering around the country? Political Mileage over a deadbody? Have a heart Politicos!!!!
Here our CM Jayalalitha, waiting for a chance to grab national attention, goes on record ‘Chemically (!) Castrate the rapists! Death for Rapists.’ 
When death for them, why castrate? Or she wants the criminals to be let free just after castration?’. 
CAN SHE find out rapists and castrate them BEFORE they commit the crime? 

Someone else came up with the brilliant idea of legalizing prostitution. And the same person also will suggest to provide with funds to the poor people who are sex starved and can’t afford to go to a brothel house!!! 

Every TV news channel is now rolling “CHANGE THE LAWS”; “SOLUTIONS”; “CHANGE THE MIND SET” As if such CHANGE can happen overnight through a TALK-SHOW. 

How the mind had been SET in the first place, before even attempting to CHANGE it? 

Now, the MIND has been SET as such over years by various factors, such as TV, Movies, Magazines and latest to join in the Web.
Added to that are real life stories happening around them involving sexual pleasures and their incapability to be part of those provoking them to fantasize.
The more he fantasizes, the more he believes that acquiring such pleasure is his right.
Thus he slowly becomes like a predator, stalking his prey, and in his mind the preys are meant for them to eat and nothing more than that.
No empathy, no emotional feelings, no differentiation between food and woman.
Each rapist is a psychopath and psychopaths are not born or made overnight. They become such over a period of time due to complex experiences they come across in their life, which permanently distort their brain.
How do we change such a mind? By phamplets? by talk shows? by laws? by special lectures? 


 - Why not somebody psychoanalyze these criminals and get to the root cause?
 - Why not somebody analyse the entire situation and circumstances under which the crime was committed and try to mitigate all those factors?
 - Why not somebody analyse various such cases around the country for the past few years and come up with some pattern for developing measures to counter the causes?
 - Is Death for Rapist the only solution to prevent rape in future?
 - Has anyone asked any rapist did he know what would be the punishment for rape before committing the crime?
 - Would someone study these persons to see their mental status after the crime to see if he repents his crime or he is habitual rapist? 

These are the things we would have to do on a systematic basis to understand the mental conditions of such people and take measures to develop healthy minds in men of this country. 

Your views please..!!!

Dec 19, '12

One more gang rape. One more instance for super sensational reporting for media. One more chance for big politicos yapping about declining morality and need for capital punishment. One more innocent girl’s life ruined for ever. Few more days of “Big Debates”, “Big (!) fights”, “We the People”s, etc.!!! Then back to the same chorus, same routine for every Indian. Same reality shows, same mega serials, same movies, same item songs, same strip-prone heroines, same boy-chasing girls. 

How many times we have been through this? How many girls have been barbarically tortured and then emotionally bullied by media and the likes, and then left on the streets without any slightest help of follow up for recovery or reconciliation? How many brutal criminals are still in the jails or out of jails depending on their money and political power? 

Psychologists say every rapist is a psychopath. No normal person would be able to carry out such a heinous crime. Every rapist’s brain has been re-wired to believe that whatever he is doing is right. 

I am quoting from Daniel Goleman’s book “Emotional Intelligence” : 

psychological fault line is common for rapists, child molesters and many perpetraors of family 
violence alike: they are incapable of empathy. This inability to feel their victim’s pain allows them to tell themselves lies that encourage their crime. For rapists, the lies include “women really want to be raped” or “If she resists, she is just playing hard to get” or “this is another form of affection”. These justifications are all collected from what people being treated from those problems say they have told themselves as they were brutalizing their victims or prepare to do so. 

The blotting out of empathy as these people inflict damage on victims is almost always part of emotional cycle that precipitates their cruel acts. Witness the emotional sequence that typically leads to a sex crime. The cycle begins with the molester feeling upset: angry, depressed, lonely. These sentiments are triggered by, say, watching happy couples on TV, and then feeling depressed about being alone. Then the molester takes solace in a forward fantasy, typically about a warm relationship with a child, the fantasy becomes sexual and ends in masturbation. Afterwards the molester feels a temporary relief from the sadness, but the relief is short lived the depression and loneliness return even more strongly. 

This emotional detachment characterizes everything that follows, from the ensuing plan to get the child alone, to the careful rehearsal of what will happen, and then execution of the plant. All of it is pursued as though the child involved has no feelings of her own; instead the molester projects on her the cooperative attitude of the child in his fantasy Her feelings – revulsion, fear, disgust – do not register. If they did, it would “ruin” things for the molester. 

Psychopaths are also glib liars, willing to say anything to get what they want, and manipulate their victim’s emotions with the same cynicism.


Please read this article in TOI, which relates to the above almost line by line.

West has done a lot and still progressing in the path of ‘treating’ such criminal psychopaths, but unfortunately, they have done little or nothing to go to the root cause and eliminate it or attempt to minimize the root cause so that such psychopaths do not evolve. The root cause is the basic feeling of loneliness and prolonged misconceived perceptions, affecting their brain circuitry permanently. 

Whereas, we in the East had many things in place for thousands of years, to keep the man’s mind in the right track, easy and normal. Our religions, our philosophies, our culture all directed towards ‘socio-moral’ ingredients in every moment of our life’s evolution. We direct, channelize, teach, practice, lead and discipline our society to treat women as God, only to ‘wire’ our men’s brains to ‘respect’ women. This ‘wiring’ is a complex and multi-pronged process through different media of communications, be it religion, poetry, dramas, books, literature and the likes. 

In recent years, with the explosion of communication and information sharing, contamination of East by West has been viral and is reaching beyond manageable proportions. Portrayal of girls and boys in movies and serials has changed dramatically over the past decade. While boys were doing whatever it takes to pick up girls in the 90’s, now it is the girls turning every possible stones to catch boy’s attention. Be it movie or TV serials or Commercials – every media is portraying the lead girl(s) going to extreme extents to catch boy’s attention. This in fact portrays the women as even more ‘weaker’ section than being portrayed as ‘bold’ women. The weaker the girl is, the ‘bolder’ move she takes to be in the spotlight, to catch a boyfriend – so to say. Girls without boyfriends are being looked down upon, making her even more depressed driving her to go for even more disturbing steps to get back. 

Now, boys and men who are watching such instances over and over perceive all girls or a particular girl to be weak and inviting. Coupled with their own brains wired to perceive that all girls are out there asking for satisfaction and pleasure, these men easily turn into psychos soon. As Goleman says, they identify their victim, (in their fantasy - cooperative partner) plan in detail how to stalk, follow, trick and trap the girl in the best possible situation so that he can escape without any track. Anything comes in the way gets destructed. After the deed, all the tracks and signs are meticulously washed off and cleaned up. Does the Anand Singh's words resonate with these?

Now what do we have to do? 

Hang the culprits? How long it is going to take and what effect it is going to have on anyone who could commit such crime in future? Our judicial processes have rendered this as most ineffective.
Treat them in mental hospitals and let them recover like they do in the West? We do not have the time and money for doing that and our objective is not to treat one criminal, but to prevent crime in total. 

We must get back strongly to our most valued and most respected social ingredient – Culture. Our roots of culture have started shaking and contamination by other culture is slowly and steadily growing like cancer cells. These have to be treated with anti-bodies called ‘Cultural Values of Morality”.
One good thing Westerners are attempting is to ‘mould the bud’. They are educating children in workshops to understand ‘emotions’ and react to ‘emotions’ the right way. We the Easterners are basically very strong in all kind of emotional intelligence and everything what we do are connected to emotions and carry so much weight to feelings. We must reinforce our emotional attachment and emphasize strongly on ‘feelings’. 

Media has been doing its part in ruining the cultural architecture of this country through all possible means for money, but no point lamenting about it, as it is uncontrollable and unavoidable. Internet has spread around the earth and accessible to even those in Paataal world, anyone can type four letters p o r n and it brings up millions of websites of everything around the world. It only takes seconds to get spoilt. Nobody can stop / retard / mitigate this phenomenon. 

But what we have to do is to teach people, especially children and kids to ‘live with’ these evils, respecting moral values. Again, media can do their part in enhancing moral values among kids, which at this moment very few are making any attempt. But I think and hope after sometime, media will come to their senses and include programs to inculcate cultural and moral values into audience’s minds. Yes, mid-night masalas and FTV Red Hot cannot be eliminated, in fact they provide some kind of temporary syphoning to the perverted minds. But, we must build ‘values’ towards women so strong that such perverted minds get overwhelmed by such strong values.

Please read my comment and conversations on TOI. Here

Dec 18, '12

Whatca gonna do on 21 Twelve? 
Dooms day, Booms day or whatever day it is gona be... 

Going on a long drive the whole day, in my car, with my wife... that is it....
Why don't you guys put in your plans here..???

Dec 09, '12

It had been satisfying to watch Champions Trophy 2012.
After the disastrous debacle at the Olympics few had any hope if at all, that Indian hockey would rebounce in next few years, leave alone in few months. But to everyone's surprise, Indian team swept back all the sorrows and brickbats behind and have made a new start.

They seemed to have improved in all departments where they performed like novices in Olympics - be it precise passes, crisp traps, long scoops, pass - deflect. Still to improve is to get penalty corners converted. With only Raghunath there, they seemed lacking in this department heavily.

It was ok if not good to watch India - Pakistan Bronze medal match. India should have converted at least one more corner. They kind of panicked and nervous when it came to PC.s. Other than that, both team played like a symphony and we got to watch was a great classis hockey.

Similarly, the Gold medal final too was a cracker of a match. Australia - Netherlands. So beautiful the game was, it was like watching a professional Russian Ballet dance. And as they say, "May The Best Win", the Best won- with a Golden goal in the extra time. Dwyer, Knowles, Hertzberger, Whetton - Superb demostrators of field hockey in its finesse.

I only hope we go forward from here, given that everyone just washed hands off after Olympics. Let this turnaround bring more fans and fllowing to the WSH, which was due in Mid December 2012.

With the IOA, HI and IHF etc. plaqued by scambags and corrupticians, Whatever interest generated by the revived performance would only be suppressed and fade away.

God Save Indian Sports.

My comment in NDTV's Save Our sports:
I think India should have "Sports Army" in similar lines of the Army with little or no interference of any government bodies or politicians. Discipline, Self-esteem, Patriotism, Commitment, Sacrifice - All these are Common Factors to Sports and Army. All Sports persons should be recruited like armed forces, trained like army does - in their specific fields along with commitment, patriotism and sacrifice imbibed into their minds. Similar to the Chief of Staff reporting to the President of India Chief of Staff of Sports Authority should also report to the President. Unless there is a fortress like army built around the athletes and Sportspersons so that no corrupticians can enter into, Indian Sports will go only downhill from here towards the Devils depth.

Dec 01, '12

My wifey was watching her favourite serials in Star Plus and I was browsing purposelessly and suddenly she turns to me as shoots this question:
"If you are watching Sunset, what will be going on in your mind. Tell me in few words."

I took just a few nanoseconds to say "It is brilliantly beautiful. It throws thousands of colors and shades on the clouds and is absolutely delightful to watch." 

She goes "thats all! Nothing else.?" 

I said "What else? It is always an absolute delight to watch sunset and I have been doing it since childhood" 

She said - "
Here in one of the serials two persons are asked the same question. 

One answers 'I will be thinking when will this come back. Such a beautiful thing it would be to watch it again.'

And the other says
'I would feel as if I am losing something. That feeling of loss would set in.' "

I pondered on their answers and said "
Well, one is thinking of the future and the other is living in the past. First guy is already thinking of it coming back again and the second guy has already started thinking of losing what it is there and is sad about it. Both have not seen or felt or enjoyed the PRESENT that was right in front of them. Both were missing the beauty of NOW."


What would be your few words if you were asked the same question?

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