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Gotta do all I can

Jun 28, '08


She's done it again guys, Our Nova has tagged me yet again (nevermind I never got tagged the last time around, hee hee).
Okay, can we dispense with the preliminaries puhleese !! And lemme get to the pint...or was it point...Aarrrghh...

1.) You could read Nova's double trouble to know what it's all about.
2.) I am supposed to answer some of the most besharam (in case hubby reads this) yet interesting questions and
3.) Tag people in the multiples of three...i.e., 3, 6, 9 and so on you intelligent people! 

Surliness at it's best, but what the heck...listing out my best-kept secrets in public isn't an easy task ya...I'd still try for my dear friend's dosti's sake. So here we go :

1. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? 

Eyes, hands, feet, bum, Voice, walk, Footwear, dress-sense...(depending on what comes in the range of my peepers first:)
Eyes = reflect what's in store most of the times.
Hands and Feet = Hygiene.
Bum = Yes, Males. You thought you were the only ones noticing that in opposite sex!
Walk = Tells what a man is all about.
Footwear = Style, hygiene, personality ( I'd simply kill people asking
me to elaborate this one)

2. Who of the opposite sex- would you want to be with if you were deserted on an island? 

Prince Caspian of 'The Chronicles of Narnia' fame (When I become a teenager again, I am SERIOUS) and
George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford and I will not stop at just one you see!

3. What turns you on about the opposite sex? 

Ahem, Ahem. 
The dimpled charming smile some males have (with other facial features too in right places) that makes you go OOH...all gooey! 
It's that Voice, ahh that makes me feel like grabbing the person at once(?) A nicely chiselled body, well cared for chest, back and a good butt well rounded to perfection. Sometimes, it's a touch that does the trick, a look, a sexy smell (armpits and farts not included please), the sound of a sexy laughter...(Why, laughter can be sexy too, please), and the protected feeling that some males give you sometimes turns me on big time.

4. What turns you off? 
Mr. Know-it-alls, Low or too high an Attitude, Show-offs, B.O.,
and the typical Male mentality of 'I am a Male, I am superior'.

 5. Some Froppites have their real picture on the profile and some don't but just going by their blogs/ comments/ scraps who do you think is the hottest female (male bloggers answer this) and male blogger (female blogger answer this)? 

Must I answer this one! 
Mr. skhawa, Forbidden2007, TidyMess and someone else who doesn't feature in my friends-list, but is sizzling HOTT for sure.

Now I gotta pick up the latest book I've been reading (No Cosmopolitans Or Playboys allowed)
Open page 123--Find the fifth sentence--And Post the next three sentences.

My book: 
What to Expect-The Toddler Years by Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi E. Murkoff & Sandee E. Hathaway

(Psst : This book always comes handy for me when I see any kinda trouble brewing concerning Angel's health, psychological changes and overall development etc.)

"Be sure to bring the questions with you to this visit so you will be ready when the doctor asks, "Any concerns"? Also jot down new skills your toddler is displaying (walking, climbing, running, using a spoon, combining words into phrases, pointing to body parts) so you won't be at a loss when you're asked, "What's your toddler been doing"? Bring along your child's home health history record, too, so that height, weight, immunizations and other information gleaned from the checkup can be recorded"

And the people Sunshine tags are : 
Tenjade Destiny


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Jun 11, '08

This is for all my friends who've put up with me inspite of not recieving messages, leave alone getting any replies on time from my side... 

As it is with every other kid, my kid's growing up too! And that too quite fast, it seems to me. It seems like yesterday only when I was told I was blessed with a daughter....Then came all those days and nights of absolutely no sleep... The house was always messy with diapers, 0 sized clothes and toys in every colour and shape possible! Then the time almost flew away sitting on its milky Unicorn with wings ! And there she was, just over two yrs old and ready to face the world on her own. 

Time to go to a school. 

Actually I wouldn't be exaggerating if I say it was tougher on Me than her !!! Seeing her go away on day 1 was a feeling I can't ever describe in words... did all I could to prevent myself from crying in front of everyone ! Now I'm not known to be a softie to this extent...but when it comes about letting go of her, knowing full well that she'd be alone, fending for her little kills something inside me. My little girl has to wake up before 7 in the morning to be able to catch her bus in the morning (Hello, a 2 n a half yr old going in a 'bus'? Okay, make it a mini-bus...BUT a bus is a bus yaar !). She cries and there I am...gulping and panicking, cursing the 'Education Board' of India. Grrr...Why do kids born in 2005 frm jan-dec have to take admission in the same session...2008-2009 ! The december borns were merely 2 yrs and 3 months when they started. 

Okay, maybe I am over-reacting. But what the hell ! Its my one and only kid (as of now, haha) we are talking about. The whole process of sending Angel to school has become a sort of 'Dharm Yuddha' for both me and dear hubby. If going by Indian standards...I am doing nothing extraordinary by waking up at 6 a.m. and preparing breakfast for everyone and getting the kid ready for school after bringing myself in a see-able condition...Would die but be seen as a Zombie afterall !!! And if believing the grapevine, my 'poor' hubby has become a hero in all of 2 months. 'Poor thing' wakes up early too (never mind if only to fetch the newspaper before I do!). And 'helps' me in getting Angel ready for school...Now if only you could think  'dry-cleaning' the kid equivalent to giving her a bath when she's at her frustrated best ! Yeah Yeah... a 'li'l' help is better than no help at all...WHO SAYS !!! 

Grrrr... The bus boarded on time (7.45 a.m...Over and Out !! )

And I am back, back to my territory, kitchen. The messy granite laughing at me...and inviting me to clean its dirty self ! Now if only I had an assistant (not Maid, mind it) who'd do as I say (Maids in Mumbai don't...No wonder the supposedly good ones are more sought after than the prospective grooms here these days). Yawning and cursing, I clean up whatever I can, make the beds (while toying with the idea of sleeping on floor from tomorrow onwards...grrr...would love to see Monster-in-law twisting and turning on my cold cruel flooring some day, hee hee !). By the time I am done straightning the house, Its time to prepare some 'healthy nutritional' lunch for Angel as she'd be back anytime past 12. I lovingly do the cooking part, engrossed in my own sweet thoughts of her. Then go downstairs to stand and wait with other mothers. Anxiously waiting to see that little face break in grins on spotting me. That little voice shrieking the word 'Mama' as she is helped getting down. Ahh, there's no joy more than being called 'Mom' ! And the rest of the day just flies by...

Nope, do not take this piece as an Excuse my Friends. Just wanted to strengthen our bond of friendship by including you guys in my Life ! 

So, now you know why I can't be all that regular with checking my messages and replying on time. A heartfelt and special thanks to Chandra @ Notjustart for encouraging me at times needed. Horsedpower for his beautiful Sunshine scraps...Ur messages make my day buddy... And all others who regularly visit my zone and leave me messages so touching I can't express. And all those who don't visit that often but I know they understand and care. All this when I don't have the liberty of coming online whenever I want. 

   Thank You all for being there. I feel blessed. Its because of    friends like you that the Sunshine shines brightly and happily.

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Apr 01, '08

What do people dream of when it comes about Marriage? Yes, HoneyMoon's the first word that comes to almost everyone's mind..Atleast I couldn't think about anything else. So, here's the steamier part all bared for you.

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah....
Haan Beta, HoneyMoon dekhke toh phataphat aay gaye...baaki ke blogs kaun padhega ?

Hehe...Try if you must hide, but I know who all's here! 


Mar 25, '08

You'd ask me if I want ur touch to linger on me...
Yes, You read my mind, do I wonder in glee!

C'mon carry me in ur arms and make me sway, 
Steal me away while the world watches in dismay.

I want ur quivering lips to go red and ur eyes wide with passion,
Whatever happens now, bad or worse, nothing will cause regression. 

Hold me tighter, for I don't want to go,
Let the 'worlds' know, let the trumpet blow.

My being burned centuries ago and my soul all dislodged,
I was wandering with thirst, with my desires of u within me locked.

Who was there while I pined and moaned and yearned,
It's only You my love who has, my trust, my love and my soul earned.

Now u are here,tired and ecstatic, for u've conquered fate,
Where are we...a threshold of another world or is it heaven's gate!


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Mar 24, '08

# I have loved Fairies and Angels for a long long time now.

# What intrigues me about them is the simple fact that they are not Human.

# There are times when I fall asleep thinking of them and what I then dream of is no guess work!

# Who created them? Are they mere fictionary creatures or is there a proof of their existence?

# And why are almost all fairies and angels drawn having so beautifully perfect features? Cant there be any who are average looking like most of us, humans?

# Why do fairies have wings and angels have halos?

# Why are they blessed with such extraordinary magical powers while we humans aren't?

# And and and....Is there anyone who has 'actually' seen them, and I don't mean seeing them in dreams!

Lets try answering these questions...for I'll have to repeat these very answers to my kiddo soon enough

Mar 24, '08


bad mood.


Mar 21, '08


* In progress

Kindly bear


Mar 05, '08

I've been debating with myself whether to write this piece or not since some time.Then the Evil in me won
and I took to writing this one. 

One Disclaimer though -- I don't mean anything bad or disgraceful to genuine people on here ! And this write is nothing but a disgruntled expression of a frustrated soul.


I absolutely respect my Male and Female Friends alike.

Ever since I remember, I've seen Women struggle with almost everything under the Sun. Be it Family Front, Work-place, Social-surroundings or everything else ! 

And to add on to what struggles we already have -- What I still fail to understand is -- WHY ARE WE GIVEN UNWANTED ATTENTION -- when we least desire it ? 

We walk on the road, we'll have most of the men ogling us for no reason at all (even when we are fully draped in a dress like salwar-kameez).

We join a new School/College, we're the most talked about subject than the lectures all round the year.

We go to Office, male colleagues more often than not come up with new ways to hiss at us, belittle us, flirt with us and sometimes even touch us !

We join a networking site for whatever reasons, and we are looked at as AVAILABLE (wtf) ! And are bombarded with PHONE NUMBERS (?) of Unknown and Non-respecting   Elements !

We go to Parties, and We are labelled as 'EASY' and looked at with utter lust and disgust.

We go shopping and the Shop-keepers and fellow Male-shoppers look at us as if We are something straight out of a museum infront of their eyes.

Fine,there are hell lot of biologically marked differences but that's not the point here !
I am not at all trying to make the 'STRONGER SEX' look ugly but I have a few questions nonetheless and I'd like to have varied answers to the same :

# What is all this unwanted attention given for ?

# Why treat a woman differently than man ?

# Why read more than what is there in what a woman  
    says  (PHEW) ? 
# And Why not leave a woman alone when she says NO to 
   anything for her own reasons ?

                    P.S. - This may not look like a balanced 
                               approach to the issues mentioned 
                               but then I AM NOT A DEBATER...AM I !


Mar 03, '08

                           Hi Everyone... I came across this 'VERY VERY   
USEFUL' article in a book some days back. So, just thought of sharing the same with you. This one's dedicated to the Most-Loved and Most-Hated specie of all times...known as 'MEN'. 
                          Men being the way are can't but help lying so here are some phrases we hear from them that mask what they really mean...
                          If read carefully, this will help our damsels in distress. And Men, this is not to be taken personally but to be enjoyed by YOU as well ! So, here we go :

The Dictionary of Male Speech Patterns

What he says - the lie                       :    What he means - the truth  

1."I can't find it."                              :   
"I can't see it. It didn't fall into 
                                                           my hands, so it must not

2."It's a guy-thing."                          :    "There's no rational thought
                                                            pattern connected with it. It 
                                                            also explains my unjustifiable 

3."Can I help with dinner?"               :    "Why isn't it already on the 

4."We're going to be late."                 :    "I have a legitimate reason for
                                                            driving like a maniac."

5."Take a break, honey, you are         :    "I can't hear the telivision over
too hard."                               the vaccum cleaner."

6."That's interesting darling."              :    "Are you still talking?"

7."We don't need material things to     :    "I forgot our anniversary     
    prove our love."                                  

8."It's really a good movie."                :    "It's got guns, Knives, fast
                                                              cars and naked women."

9."You know how bad my memory      :    "I remember the lyrics to 
     is."                                                     every silly hard rock song,
                                                              the address of the first girl
                                                              I kissed, and the registration
                                                              number of every vehicle I've 
                                                              ever owned, but I forgot                                                                your birthday."

10."Call an ambulance! I think I  :    "I cut my finger."
      am dying."     

11."I heard you."                       :    "I haven't the faintest 
                                                    idea what you just said,
                                                     but u can stop talking 

12."You really look terrific in       :    "Please don't try one 
      that outfit."                              more outfit, I am

13."I love you."                         :    "Lets make love."

14."you look tense - let me         :   "Same as above."
     give you a massage." 


15."Will you marry me?"              :   "I want to make it 
                                                    illegal for you to make
                                                    love with other guys
                                                    and I need a
                                                    replacement for my

16."I do help around the             :   "I once threw a dirty 
     house."                                     towel near the laundry 







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Feb 29, '08



I have an angel of my own,
Who's fresh as the first ray, the first dew-drop of a dawn. 

Those twinkling eyes, that ready laughter, 
The crazy tantrums and the innocence soon-after.

My angel wakes up with a shriek and the house lights up, 
Anticipating what's next my stomach tights up. 

She'd just smile when I call her name, 
My angel treats life as if it's just a game.

Remembering the hardships my own childhood had, 
I know I wont stand it even if she gets sad. 

I cry if she cries, I giggle if she giggles, 
My heart leaps out when in my arms she wriggles. 

I lure her to get her to do this and that, 
Little remembering that an angel can also sometimes be a brat ! 

Her heart so pure as if made of gold gives out only affection, 
Where is the need in her limited imperfect world to seek perfection. 

I sit back to look at her and admire my gain, 
Who in God's name now has the time to go down the memory-lane. 

Her trusting smile and warm touch, melt my heart to an extent  
Mothering a gorgeous angel is an experience unexplainable. 

My angel's father lovingly names her 'The Menace',   
The Menace hops day and night, smears the walls all around the terrace.

My lipstics are half-eaten, my mascara made runny,                
To top it all, she pastes'em all over her favourite bunny. 

At times when my temper wont work and my tact will fail, 
It'd take a 'Happy Meal', 'a balloon' or a 'chocos' to get my angel to sail. 

Complaining neighbours, whining play-mates will all have to vanish into 
  thin air, 
After all, accusing an 'innocent' toddler, whoever said is fair ? 

I have an angel of my own, 
Who's fresh as the first ray, the first dew-drop of a dawn. 

                                                        p.s.-response awaited.