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Don't you worry about dark hate living

Mar 10, '15

Rain and looked out the window. The rain, I don't know why heart is very empty. For many years without contact with many people, or don't like to talk.

Never like before, feel has changed a lot. A lot of things are helpless, perhaps this is the price of growth.

Lost, can't or so, everything seem to already became a foregone conclusion. Once, has already become the stranger. But now is I alone.

Wrong, right, lost, have, everything has become the past. I can't look back again, will know how to put down only to comfort myself.

Not a thought, time can really forget. But occasionally remind of, will still be pain, will be chilling. Sometimes blame, why don't you know how to be grateful.

I can't hold me yesterday, already became the dust. You became my life of the traveler, and I was just an episode of your life.

Don't look back on yesterday, so you became my story, stay in the memory. I can't take away, only in the bottom of my heart silently blessing.

The rain, the greater the is like my mood. I don't know since when, I began to hate everything now. Also often ask yourself, are you happy now?

I don't know, in the heart has no answer. Pain, laughed, cried, has become the unforgettable memories. Did you stay in my past, you stay in my heart, do not erase.

No matter how I deny that these memories will not disappear. Years of korah far we contact each other, can also be apart of the distance between us, but our past do not disappear.

Of the road, leaving footprints, forever on the bottom of my heart. Have been so naive love a person, willing to put down everything, just for the sake of can with him together.


Jan 20, '15

In the boundless huge crowd, we hand in hand with fireworks, roaming the world. After wandering road, always contains tooMaggie Beauty好唔好 much suantiankula, that we tend to lose yourself. Once it as transparent as glass heart, I do not know when, will become the fragments of the soul. Even together, the series of scars, still blushing reminds us that in the past, there are unknown and confusion in the future.

Drift of the road, how should go? I think, this is every man, with his lifetime tireless pursuit of the ultimate question?

Walking time, another year west country dancing leaves. Each of these seasons, always a meditation. The splendid time, as in yesterday, just, westerly winds overnight, so gorgeous and end up in the plain.

Those who once thriving life, attitude and supported by many look? After baptism, wind and frost and how many time give sensitized harvest? The way how much desire, to drift, light the lamps of the forward? How much life, in walking, the generatingMaggie Beauty好唔好 station became a cross-strait?

Wandering road, exactly the way?

I kept asking, too, and then with the step length after the every inch of land. Those of the past, those who pass by scenery, like a slide show, in the eyes flashing. And the drift of the process, and into the bottom of my heart a bit, also gathered into a river flowing pregnant with unknown.

The amazing, has the time gone and does not return the sad and miss, also have the aftertaste again feeling and surprise. In drift, we'll never know, leave will arrive, scar how deep. What we have, just, with a desire to go say goodbye to the past.

For several years, we passed a ride another cheng landscape, through a and a city. The people around, also sometimes, accumulation and dispersion constantly meet, separation... No matter how far we go, the feeling is not flee much transformed and helpless. Wandering road, explaining the life of turbulent and internally also.

At this point, I seem to see, that HaoMang boundless desert, the camel head uphill figure, with the background of the vast andMaggie Beauty好唔好 solemn, unprovoked gives birth to some solemn and stirring. Seems to see that on the evening of the sunset fall, sailing boat in the sea, growing incidence of clouds, with the bloody sunset glow, with a stubborn soul, in the growth...

Is in the drift of the career, we are going to come from someone else to ignore and ridicule, drive slowly, until the heart are calm; We will fail again and again, proceed into the wisdom and power, constantly reaping their own good; We appreciate the elegant demeanour of the belong to the desert, also admire the tenacity of the soul. The wandering it is at this time and time again, we finally make peace with yourself, and neither do without struggle, also don't lose faith to advance, just quiet do yourself, it is good.


Dec 03, '14

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Asparagus & Leek Soup

Most recipes that useLoop app android leeks as a main ingredient tend to be very similar - leeks with potatoes and/or cream, cheese, white sauce. I have to say I love a rich and creamy leek gratin, but I wanted to try something lighter, something different.

As I had just bought a large bundle of wonderful asparagus, I was excited to find this very favorably reviewed Asparagus & LeekLoop app iphone soup recipe at

This very simple recipe produced a elegant, creamy soup, bursting with flavor. We tasted it before adding light sour cream and it was deliciously creamy already. I'd skip the sour cream next time as I felt it muted the flavor a little and was really unnecessary.

I substituted vegetable stock for the chicken stock and had to adjust the seasoning at the end. Also note that this recipe only produces two Travel enquirybowls of soup, so double the recipe if you're feeding more that two as

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