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Nov 04, '14



One fine evening ,one of my young couleage came to my home and after some

Casual talks,initiated some hilarious, convo,I cant help sharing with my frens.

“U see sir what A beautiful Song Shanker JaiKishan composed…. Salaame Hasarat

Kabool Karr Lo….” !!

What[ I almost stiffled A shout] Its composed by ROSHAN, Arre Tumahare

Hrithik ke baap kaa baap yaar…

He pulled A long face, N to retrieve D loss said..”Oh, yes, but U see sir Lata”s

Rendition is superb,isnt it !!”.I felt D strong Urge to shook him out off whatever Reverie He was Inn and said “ My dear fren I guess Sudha Malhotra rendered

This beautiful piece You tokin about, Yes I agree She certainly better than

Much extolled Lata !! His owlish look ,on hearing this, sent ripples of subcutaneous

Laughter under my skin I cud barely contain.

Guess in A last vain yet I presume Valiant effort He made to restore my faith in

His knowledge n recognising HIM as A connoisseur of Music He said : Sir

Hasarat Jaipuri to Amar Ho gayaa yeah Song Likh karr…. Hai naa!!

With hearty laugh ,I cudnt control, I said Sonny its written by SAHIR Ludhyanvi.

But I do love this song 4 its superb LYRICS, Rendition N Composition. 



Apr 21, '13

Recent sharing of Saroj Bhai ,of Gulzaars Photos,shook me out of my reveirie, N ever so busy N occupied mental state, N prompted 2 post this post.[grriinn sum geniuses N literary giants ,so called, of fropper might cmnt N point out flaws, I accept I do not know much about English Language, so pls. pay attention 2 theme rather than "Language":(  They might point out as per their perverted habit, its Ok wth me N I damn care as well].
I donot recall D year, but do know that While Shooting 4 film MAACHIS, Gulzaar was in Kota 4 months together, N was staying at Guest House,with his entire UNIT, opposite to IL courts, where we used to play Tennis, when ever I used to be in KOTA.  At that time Punjab was in turmoil, due to Terrorist Activities, N film Maachis was[with NO solution I must say] revolving arround it, N All D scenes, like Tabbu driving Tractor etc. N other, supposedly in Punjab, were All shot at ALPHANAGAR -Farm near KOTA. I was on A UGC sponsored project at KOTA 4 three weeks,LOW COST INSTRUMENTATION PROJECT, co sponsored by CDIP, my place of Posting i.e. Baran is 72 Kms. east of Kota.Hv many common acquaintances, mostly BCOZ of my Tennis N Badminton activities.That fine mrng. at IL courts at KOTA, we were engaged in playing Tennis, N this gentleman in white kurta Pyjamas N Sports Shoes, came, started picking Balls[Wonder!!} N applauding strokes, .... I didnt A fellow player recognised HIM N hesitantly approached N enquired R U , Gulzaar sir?? He jovially said Unfortunately Im.:) We all were overwhelmed, He asked to join, later imported his personal Raquett, N used to come on courts when ever HE can A superb expereince, A literary giant with sports Talent. Loved D guy N his Humility.
We often tok about him. Saroj bhai Thanx 4 rekindling Happy Moments.


Dec 17, '12

On Dec.12,2012,for the first time in Rajasthan State,in Mangrol Municpal Chairman Election,of
BARAN Distt.[Where I live & work 4 A living ,grinn] RIGHT TO RECAL was excercised.EVM was
used,2 windows/slots,one showing vacant-Chair, other showing Filled -Chair were employed,
A no-confidance motion was moved by BJP & Congress "Parshads"against Independant Chaiman,
Ashok Jain.Later survived with more than 50% votes in favor of filled chair cast.The triumphant,
Chairman I found to be very humble saying:This right cud be politically abused, so before
introducing it Political reforms are necessary.
I felt looking at statistics available that people of Mangrol were unable to understand,why
this Recal Refrendum!!??[During general Election Polling % was 78.4, & now it was65.7].
In sum states like Punjab, Chhatisghar, Bihar, M.P.etcits already in use 4 Panchayat
& Municipal Elections[In Raj. only 4 Muncipal Elections].In fact The than C.M of M.P.
Digvijay Singh was first to introduce in 2001.Pallvika Patel[daughter of A local leader]
was recaled from D post of "Nagar Panchayat Adhyaksh"in Anoopur,Shahdol Disstt. of M.P. State.
M.P. state has this distinction 2 excercise "Right to Recal" max. no. of times, i.e.27, out of
which 14 were succesful.
Experts in Political Refom R of opinion that Right to recal must be applied Nation wide 4
All Elections. Way backSocialist Leader Ram Manohar Lohiya said,that incompetent & corrupt
elected leaders must be recalled;"JINDA KAUM 5 SAAL INTEZAAR NAHI KARTI"!!
Jai Prakash Narain was also of similar views,& opined that it will eventually strenthen D
democracy.Activist Rahul Mehata[IIT graduate studying in USA],tries 2 explain in simple
terms:Its like,say 100 labors working in A factory, & Govt. makes A law that Factory
Owner cannot fire them till 5 yrs.What they will do??they wont work rather create
indicipline.Thru complex calculationshe tries to explain taht recal Election in present set-Up will
be expensive,& goes on to suggest SMS and ATM [!!!???]use 4 this purpose,I really didnt understand
what he mean.Trilochan Shastri, DirectorAssociation For Democratic Reforms,is of view that
RTR,will serve as A tool to bring Politicians on right path who has gone astray.
Former LokSabha speaker Somnath Chatterji says: It will make apprehensive could-be corrupt
& instil in them sum sense of responsibilty 4 which they were elected.
In view of fact that serious criminal charges are pending in courts against 76 Parliamant
members RTR, will certainly help meliorating besmirched in Muck, Political
Scenario.What do You say my friends!!??


Dec 10, '12

Corruption is complex,social,political,&Economic problem,which renders A democracy redundant.
Hampers investment, & foreign investmnt.On Oct.31,2003,UNO issued a charter against corruption
,& declared Dec.9 as International Anti Corruption Day.This years punch line was ACT
AGAINST CORRUPTION TODAY. In the INDEX(rating) issued by Transperancy
International in 2012,out of 177, D least corrupt nations are Denmark, Finland & NewZealand.
Most corrupt being Afganistan, North Korea, & Somalia.Our Mother Nation rates No.94.
The scientific techniques used 2 check,proove,crimes are use of Phenolpthalein
(to nab bribe taking guy red handed,it gives color, so D proverb),Finger Printing,
Bugging, CCTV,Phone Tapping,Polygraphy(Lie Detectors), Narco Test P-300,
Sting Operations,& Forensic Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology,Maths & Pscycology:s
combined concerted use is grouped under it).Unfortunately its under Govt. Control,
private expertise in D feild are not being utilised.Govt. Agencies work witih in section
293 of CRPC, where as Independent Agencies work under section -54 Indian Evidence Act.
These scientific Techniques R not all fully developed, giving chance to Judiciary to say,
in most of D cases :These do help in investigation, but are not fully acceptable Evidences.
Former Rajasthan DGP, & Ex-Director CBI, Rajendra Shekhar rightly said:The Forensic Labs.
must be developed to A level, where their results R undeniable in any court.


Dec 04, '12

She must be OR could be from fropper, this feeling kept nagging me ,but I couldnt place her, nor could exactly
recognise her.For last one & a half year, I have commuted between Indore Banglore ,and Indore Delhi ,to N fro,
umpteen times,by same flight,somuch so that Crew Ladies indulged in giving me more than A familiar smile.
This time too boarding from Indore ,with wife, 4 Delhi, The Leading Lady,Sonali Chaterji[I read on plastic
Plate tenderly perched on her Tennis Ball size breast!!],greeted us.We occupied the seats 18 &19 D
middle N window, she was last to board, threw her carry bag, on seat 17 D,[aisle] N before I cud take stock of her
,rushed saying wash -room.I heard some commotion, from rear side,after few moments.Instinctively left my seat
to enquire,the crew lady was refusung to Unlock D washroom door, as Aircraft was stationed,N arguing with her,
I said :Look SWH, heavens are not going to Fall, if U unlock D door, this poor soul is on Diurectic drugs & her bladder is
full.I heard her giiggling[I was in 4 hearing much giggling,during 2 hr,flight I later realised],crew lady unlocked D door
giving me ugliest of look that she can conjure up in given circumstances.
When she came back to occupy seat by my side, not bothering to show courtsy of thanx 4 D help, extricate,
I think it was TABLET, cud be small laptop,donot know,from her bag,plugged in sockets of D gadget N her ears.
I couyldnt help cautiously looking at screen[tho Im convinced its against laws of gud manners],A SAB TV serial,
was on D run.Its fitted with TV-Tuner OR A recrded programme ?? I senslesly kept wondering!! While aircraft was still stationed, I
took stock of her, very familiar looking face,snow-white complexion,shoulder cut, hennaed hair,mischeivious hazel eyes,
lurking behind plastic rimmed glasses,might be 5feet,age, cud be arround 30.She languidly stretched her legs,N torso
staining brown my black trousers at lower ends, N instead of saying sorry giggled.I noticed her pearly white shining teeth
behind voluptuous Lips,painted with strange pink hue.Hazel eyes flashing, my first instinct was to duck,D seat belt kept me in place.
I responded withmost endearing smile that I cud muster up.We were airborne by D time N I guess just to initiate convo. she asked
with inevitable giggling: Uncle U obssesd with Khadi Clothes !! It was more of A statment than A question.Unnecesarily I looked
at myself , I was in multicolored striped Duke T-Shirt N ,black terrycot trousers,to keep the convo alive I said: Not exactly
obssesd, but, like cotton stuff more than synthetic Yarn. She heartily giggled again.I noticed her attire. She was in
white cotton Chudidaar, N pale Yellow, embroidered Kurta, N some designer leather Chappals, all very graceful looking.
She was sounding so familiar, N yet as I cudnt place her, I bluntly asked U on fropper or some other portal??
She with equal bluntness said NO.!! I often feel heaviness in head during flights, was gently stroking my scalp ,N
putting rotating fingers in both ears try to ward off ringing sensation.She pulled out somthing from her bag N offered to
me, saying with giggle :Take this U ll feel better.I gently took her palm from below,with my left hand N picked with right hand
index finger N thumb D bright Yellow Green wrapped Candy, on it was printed KACHHA AAM.
She pulled another , giggled N said: Give 1 to Aunty too.I have forgotten D aunty who was blissfully sleeping on my
right all this while.I gave this 1 to my wife, she struggled to rip it open,tried with her teeth, making it more slippery wth her saliva,
failed to tear D wrapper, on my left I cud hear constant giggling.Embarrased by her giggling I took, D candy, rubbed it dried on
front of my T-Shirt,felt winning A fort ,on pulling out D candy, my wife happily sucked it, on my left giggling Music was On.
She was last to board ,but manged to be first to disembark. I saw her again at opening end of the U shaped Luggage conveyer belt,
I was at the last end so were facing each other.I bald stockily built guy was helping her piling huge luggage on trollies, I thot she was Alone.
B 4 leaving, she threw A smile,at me, giggling she must be cudnt hear, waved at me N left.
I still felt uneasy ,as I cudnt place her, yet she sounded so familiar.


Nov 27, '12

Some More Musings from Classroom
I donot recal the Quoters name who said:Whats in D Name afterall.!!
But some years back, A name sounded very Off-beat to me,while calling
names 4 attendance in B.Sc.Part first class : Lajja Shanker!!
I looked up ,scrutinised this Lajja Shanker,A fair complexioned boy
,almost feminine features,and bright intelligent eyes.An unusual name
U have !! I voiced my amusement.He stood up, and with A defiant mein,
said: Sir, my father is A sanskrit Scholar, he gave me this name,
its 1 of the names of Lord Shiva, if UR interested to know about its Origin,
refer to MAHASHIV PURAAN. I will, I replied earnestly.
Some days later I bought the said Puraan, that he has refered to me, and
went thru it, but couldnt notice any chapter devoted to Lajja Shanker.
Spontaneous curiosity has attained irritating levels, as I went thru
entire voluminous Puraan with a result cipher.Very next day I cornored,
Lajja Shanker,and asked him that what kind of Sanskrit Scholar his father,
was, feeding wrong references. He blushed as becoming of his name, and said ,
Sir, I might have refered the wrong one,perhaps its in VISHNU PURAAN..!!
I grabbed him by arm and carried him to my, Lab. adjoining room N said:
Look Sonny, I am in no mood to go thru yet another voluminous Puraan,
Why dont U just quench my thirst for knowledge, by revealing the great secret,
that U know thru UR scholar Pop.!! Well sir If U say so,he begin in his crude yet
cute style:
Once upon A time, Lord Vishnu called A meeting Of All Lords, on some Hill-Top,
It was mandatory to attend in original attire, N means of transportation, to be used ,
must be what was known to All, like, mouse 4 Ganesha, Peacock 4 Kartikay, Bull 4
Mahadev, lion etc.Sir, its beautifully described in details, the attire N arrival,
of All D lords at meeting place, Lord Vishnu[Presiding Officer], came last on,
His GARUD. Now as D fate would have ,Lord Shiva was in his deer Leather skirt,
N to keep the Skirt in place, I mean arround waist, thru loops, A thin Snake,
was running as A BELT. Snakes are known to be afraid of Kites and Massive GARUD,
So when Lord Vishnu landed D hill-Topp, on his GARUD, the thin snake, was Panic-
Stricken, D one that was serving as A belt to keep Lord Shivas Skirt in place,
it swiftly slide out of loops to seek secure shelters, N in D process Lord
Shivaas Skirt fell down. He was stark Naked before D august gathering.The
Feelings Of Shame that adorned D Lords Face at that moment, Sir its very
beautifully described in details, N its some thing ADHBUT, to savor its
taste U shall have to read D original Text Sir!! So thats D story 4
Origin of this name of Lord Shiva, as Lajja Shanker.Isnt its interesting,
N devine sir!!!
I couldnt agree more with him on interesting N hilarious part of it.
Wish some day cud lay hands on Vishnu Puraan ,to savour The Par-Excellence,
N as he said ADHBUT, Lajja,in D original text.


Jul 21, '12


Love is a many splendoured thing, but u define love? For centuries poets have tried in vain, but have thrown up their hands in despair, for this rare and beautiful emotion , that is as old as Man himself, cannot be captured in words.But we can say where it comes from, I mean the word LOVE.
It comes from Old English “lufu”, whuch also means affection and friendliness.It can be tracked back to the German word “lieb” and Gothic “ liufu”, which means dear or beloved, and finally to the Sanskrit word “lubhyati”, meaning(ones) desires.
All the variations means the same thing- one who pleases, one who is desired or one whom u care for!!!
Tracking down the path is as arduous as the path of true love itself. Never easy, Isnt it?
Love in tennis means no score, and it is common knowledge that it comes rrom the French l’oeuf, meaning an egg, a zero.When the English imported tennis frm France, they mispronounced the French l’oeuf as love, and love it has remained.
Shakespeare knew a thing or 2 about love, and invented or popularized a few love-related terms.Eg, LOVE AFFAIR. There may have been many love affairs before Bard’s time, but I find no recorded use of the term till he used it in…Two Gentlemen of Verona, where he says: ‘I’LL …….confer at large all that may concern thy love affairs”
The wise have always known that love is blind, but the credit of coining love is blind as an idiomatic expression again goes to our dear ol Shakespeare.It was first used in The Merchant of Venice: “But love is blind and lovers cannot see/ The pretty follies that themselves commit.”
And do u know sweets, It wqs the blind poet Milton who gave us the word LOVELORN—someone pinning for love.Quoting frm Comus, A Masque where a character says: “Where the love-lorn nightingale Nightly to thee her sad song morneth well” ( me showing off!!!!)
Since love is blind, one accepts a person with all his or her faults.That’s what LOVE ME, LOVE MY DOG means-if u w ant to love me, love me with all my defects and quirks.
Two people in love are called LOVEBIRDS.No marls in guessing that terms owes it origin to the West African parrot which is called lovebird coz of the gr8 and open affection it shows for its mate.
Many love stories and tales were written in Roman language, and Roman lingo became the language of love, and romantic became an adjective for anything to do with love.But sweets, truth to be told. Love has its own language.Ask anyone in love……….ASK ME!!!
Phew! Now that was some teachergiri I did early in the morning, guess missing school so badly that started off the morning class with u! But sweets, u have to admit, I have profound knowledge on love….n here I just mean the word..LOVE.
Scrolling back, not bad uh, ok, u give this crap a title love??
Waiting n waiting…….to hear frm u.


Feb 21, '12


       Some more Musings from Class-Room
  Some more than three odd years back, when I was serving at Govt.P.G.College, A co-ed one,a strange a bit mystifying
incident I happen to expereince in M.Sc. Final class.Masters Degree course in Chemistry was initiated
under self finance Scheme[SFS],I reckon as one of the most ridiculous and impractical one,in which one
Lecturer is appointed N paid from the fee collection of Students,and he is supposed to teach all papers ,
as well as practicals.As we from Chemistry Deptt.realise that its not possible,the confirmed teachers of
the College too used take classes,to help complete the curriculm before the examination date.
My area of specialisation is Organic Chemistry,but due to shortage of staff,I deleiver lectures on other
related topics,and on that day I was engaged with M.Sc.Final class,dealing with theoretical aspects of
About fifteen minutes have gone by,I noticed A young girl at the door,asking permission to come-in.
Striking was the attire[not beauty,grrnn] she was in,almost bridal get-up,both hands filled upto half lenth
with bangles, making that typical tinkling sound,that bangles only can make.Surprise must showing through
my gaping mouth and wide eyes,brief trance was broken by her repeated request to come-in, and it dawned
that I havent replied, I absurdly nodded,she came along with those tinkling sounds and occupied a vacant back
seat.I couldnt help asking: You new to the course?? She said: Yes sir,I took transfer from the local girls
College.Whats your name?She said ROOHI,I took it after my mother,[she added without prompting], The oddity struck me incidently,there isnt any provision of transfer in the mid session!!?Said nothing
and resumed Lecturing,with A disturbd mental frame,she wasnt having any note book, pen etc.N her shifting
in chair was producing those typical tinkling sounds,quite distracting,and to compound the effect she raised
hand to ask .Yes!! I said.She said: sir,its said that electron revolves arround the nucleus, and it spins on its own
axis too.Does electron really spins or its just a mental picture,by which we are keeping ourselves busy.?
The bridal attire, tinkiling sounds, and now the kind of question, shook me, and I almost shouted :WHAT!!
Instantly felt ashamed,at my reaction,cumbersomely controlled[Topic under discussion was Electron Spin Resonance
Spectroscpy,ESR],querry wasnt out of context, so I manged to blurt:Well,Yes electron does SPIN, had it not been so,
I mean if we ignore the spin motion, there wud have been descrepency between theoretical and experimental
values of Angular Momentoms,which is not there,later is a vector quantity, result of Spin-Orbit Coupling, I am sure you must know
about.Some how the Class-Off bell,I have been waiting for,rang.I never felt any period solong in my entire career.
I went to my room sweating,immediately contacted Girls College Faculty clerk enquiring,about any girl named Roohi
enrolled there,the answer that NONE,enhanced my already profused sweating.I rushed out to locate her,but she
seemed to have vanished in thin air.
That evening when I reached home, my wife said: Must be your old student,she was in bridal Attire,came this morning
was asking for you,must have come to invite for her marriage,she didnt extended invitation to me but, when
I said sir is at College right now.Its OK, I feigned disinterest.
But couldnt help tracing old college days memory lanes.A girl named Roohi,was 1 year seneior to me in College.
Her younger bro,Kadir Mohammad,was my classmate in school,he never reached College,he was good at playing
musical Instruments,his father used to run A Large Band,later Kadir too joined his fathers proffession.
Roohi was quite intelligent,and I used to interact and sought help in studies from her,Kadir was my good friend
and on Id and other occaissions,she would feed me with delicasies,joking about my painfully thin form.
I learned later she completed her in Physics, and was married,destination I dont recal.
This Roohi,doesnt resemble her looks wise.I am still mystified,those tinkling sounds, bridal attire, and the
question she asked,pretty long, sometimes yet haunts me.Some strange event,some Roohi!!!


Feb 15, '12

Donot know why, but today I feel like sharing my very intimate feelings,one I haven’t shared with anyone sofar.Mine was an arranged marriage.I haven’t seen

Aruna[my wife]before,I fall in love with my wife…..when?Listen to this saga……Soon after[Feb.08,1981]our marriage began to make a groove 4 itself,falling into the

Pattern of all marriages which were supposed to be kept together in their early stages by the bonds of conventions and in which love&even happiness was guranteed 2

Follow as night follows day.But I cannot deny its rewards,the ecastasy of bringing out bodily response in a woman as sheltered as Aruna was,the uncushioned almost

Abrupt falling into intimacy,the inhibitions,fear, shame,the agony of failure and frustration,and than the gradual growing together,the adjustment,the drawing out,

The teaching n learning,and the sheer joy of mutual discovery,.These rewards were there in there full measures.And just as I was beginning to take them for granted

,discovering within me an entirely new range of passions n fire,a kind of pagan completeness,in the very act of marital relationship Aruna got pregnant.

My elder daughter Alka was born in the very first year of our marriage i.e. on Oct.24,1981.That day ,I realized with an intense feeling that this woman is the mother

My Child…!I fell in love with her ,with those desires, that you cant call carnal nor supernatural, no befitting word till this day I can think of for them.

As is the tradition that bride goes for a month back to her home,after fifteen days of marriage,even than during that period I didn’t find sex-desires of a youth so

Overpowering,I really didn’t missed her…but after the birth of our child the entire emotional scenario underwent a radical change,the strong sentimental leaning

A mystic bond was eastablished between us,that last to this date.

So you see how something that is mutual,brings close two AJANABIS n make them one.

My daughter now happily married to a software Engineer,lives in Banglore,her two daughtrs[now aged 9yrs. & 2 yrs.]are exactly her replica,looks as cute as she used to .

It was predecided that,if son was born we ll name after S, n if daughter we ll name her after A.Why named Alka only? There is a small secret that my wife n me only

Share n no one else.My mother insisted on naming her AARTI[she called her by this name till she left us].. but against everyones wishes I named her Alka only.

Will tell you some other time the reasons 4 it.


Feb 13, '12

A very wise looking guy, bespectacled, grey hairs,the defiant mein, defying any possibility of affability,approached D Illusturious one{our own OSHO yaar!}, and with a serious look asked him: Do U know what these young guys n girls are doing in your commune or Ashram whatever,weird N nasty stories are heard on grape vines!
The Illusturious One flicked his antiseptic smile and said: MUJHE KYAA..!![To hell with attitude writ large all over].
The wise guy seemed shocked, and with apparently genuine concern, vhemently asked:After all its Your Commune!!??
The Illusturious One ,with contagious smile asked:



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