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Reading my mind is so easy and accessible!

Mar 09, '11

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The age old debate whether euthanasia or mercy killing should be legalised or not. I'm usually against it. No one has the right to kill someone for whatever reason. Only God can take that decision. I know this is far fetched but what if the patient is aware of what's happening and doesn't want to die? It's unnatural death. Even though I also think about the patient's suffering, misery and helplessness especially if he or she has been an independent person. I know of people who would much rather die than depend on anyone else. But the idea of ending someone's life just doesn't click with me. I can't be practical or logical in this regard.  

Now the Supreme Court is allowing semi-euthanasia or passive euthanasia wherein the artificial life support can be withdrawn. They call it omission. But, wouldn't that mean slow death? Like, giving a lethal drug would kill a patient in a few minutes but wouldn't withdrawing life support kill them in any case even if it's a few days later? Or am I misinformed? I mean, is it possible that withdrawing life support doesn't cause deaht and I don't know about it?

Anyway, what's your take on this passive euthanasia?

Feb 24, '11

Ok, so I have been going through this major crisis for the last month and a half. And that has made me want to just pray, pray, pray. Something untoward or the other has been happening every now and then. So, I've been praying hard to God to make things alright. One such day that I wanted something to happen, I had a random thought, 'wish it were Ganeshotsav and I could have gone to Lalbaugcha Raja since He is supposed to be the ichhapoorti Ganesha. I sighed and left for work. After reaching office, I started my PC which wouldn't work. So, I sat on my colleague's machine but that conked out as well! This had never happened before. Then I started the second colleague's (a photographer) machine and the wallpaper had a photo of Lalbaugcha Raja that he had clicked last year! I was soooo pleased. 

Then on Tuesday I went to a Durga temple that I have been going to for the last few months. I had this wish to go to the Ganpati temple as well but it is a bit far away and I had to go to work. Then for the first time in all this while my eyes fell upon a small brass Ganpatiji idol and I was happy that I got His darshan there. Since then every time I remeber Ganpatiji I see Him in some form or the other. Of course, Mumbaikars largely follow Him so it is not surprising that one sees Him almost everywhere but I have really never seen a manisfestation of him so often ever before. I was once in a rick and remembered Him but couldn't see Him anwhere so I got a little disappointed but then suddenly out of nowhere I remembered a photo of Him I have had for years but had forgotten all about. I just took it out of my wallet and saw that. At workplace also I saw His photos and idols a few times just as soon as I remembered Him. And I pass those places everyday but never took note. And, it's not like I have deliberately been peeping around to see if I can see Him in any form anywhere. I just see Him!

I went to Siddhivinayak temple last Monday and got a silver pendant that I bought for my sister blessed. But I got greedy and wore it myself. Then I felt guilty about doing that because it's meant for my sis. Then after a while I realised my chain had come off and the pendant was missing where as my other two pendants were intact. I immediately cursed myself and said sorry to Ganpati bappa and promised not to wear it and have it sent to my sis. RIght enough I found it lying down when I wasn't even looking carefully. So, I kept it in my bag but rather carelessly. It was just lying there with all the other stuff. I had another major crisis at work today. Somehow I remembered that I have kept the pendant pouch rather shoddily. So I took it and to my shock and horror the pendant was missing again! I felt so bad that I dropped it somewhere perhaps and looked thoroughly in four bags and my big pouch but couldn't find it. Then I went to our Puja stand and said sorry to Ganeshji again with all my heart. And thought I'll just look once and if HE has forgiven me, I will find the pendant again. And, I found it in the first place that I looked!

Even if it all does sound funny and coincidental, I'm still believing that Ganpatiji is listening to me!

P.S - I wrote this ezBlog post a few times already but it wouldn't publish. But now again I prayed to Him to let it publish this time... it did :) I'm just editing a few things and I know it will save again!


Feb 21, '11

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So Facebook is not just for poking and Farmville. It is responsible for some serious stuff too. Egypt would vouch for it now that President Hosni Mubarak has resigned. 32,000 groups and 14,000 pages created is just incredible! So far I have only seen people creating pages when the terrorist attacks happened in Mumbai. There was much fire in people but it died in just a few days and now no one goes to those pages anymore. 

But it's really impressive what the network that is usually used for advertising, promoting and keeping in toch with friends can do. Looks like if you use it the right way it is very useful. Zuckerberg must be proud of himself! The unintentional messiah. But naming someone's daughter Facebook is a bit much, yes? I can only think of the dog named Facebook in Golmaal 3, but of course the Egyptian man wouldn't know about it. Which reminds me of this article on strange names.

So, who anyone like to call their kid Fropper?

Feb 21, '11

Seemingly, both parts of my title won't make any sense to anyone except maybe that I lost my cellphone in Uncle Sam's land and some good citizen brought it back to me. That ain't true. I have been to the US only in my imagination so far.

Ok, so last night I went to my sister Neelam's for dinner. While getting back, I carelessly dumped my cellphone and wallet in plastic bag with some other stuff and sat with my 1 year old nephew in my lap. When we got off the wallet had fallen out of the bag but the big brown chunk was visible so I picked it up along with a stupid bottle. After about 30 mins I realised the phone was in the bag but when I looked for it.... abracadabra! It was gone! It had fallen in the rick and I knew I wasn't getting it back :( I still tried my luck and called on the phone but as was expected no one answered.

My brother called up my brother-in-law because he had accompanied us to the rick and we bumped into a friend of his who seemed to know the rick driver. So, at 12:30 am not only had we disturbed my bro-in-law but also his friend who went looking for the driver. But they couldn't find him and I became so sad because this was the first time ever I lost a cellphone in 10 years! And I had bought this one barely 4 months back.

So, at about 1:30 am, I made a call to the Vodafone hotline to bar my outgoing when my bro-in-law rang on the landline that they had found my phone! Yaaaayyyy!! Apparently, after dropping us the rick guy plied the fare of a drunkard who could hear the phone ringing when we were trying to call and told the driver that he could hear something in the rick but the driver thought, 'sala bevda, zyada chadh gayi hai...' So, when he came back to the same spot, my bro in law just peeped inside behind the seat and found my phone!

God Bless America because... my b-i-l works for an American BPO and they have an American hol today which is why he came to drop us to the rick or he'd have gone right to sleep as soon as we left. Had he not come along, we wouldn't have met his friend either and not known where to find the rick guy and I'd have lost my precious black beauty!


Feb 09, '11

There was a time when films showed a poor family eating sookhi roti and pyaaz when they had nothing to eat. Now it's the rich that eat pyaaz. The big O has gone missing from our lives. From the mix raita, paav bhaji, sandwiches... where have our onions gone? But, looks like the consumers are not the only ones suffering, worse are the farmers. Read here.

Imagine earning just Rs 2 or Rs 3 per kg for something that we pay Rs 60/kg! You'd think growing onions was the thing to do to make moolah but really except for the farmers everyone else involved seems to be making money and consumers are losing the money. Check out the production costs at the end of the report.


Jan 28, '11

The railways are going all out to ensure there are no rail accidents... or are they? On one hand they have this annoying song blaring on the speakers "rail ki patari paar na karein... pulon ka karein istemaal. Aap rahenge sadaa hi surakshit aur rahenge khush haal..." and also overhead wires being charged with 20,000 volts. But then I saw this on Makar Sankrant day. Not just kids but also grown ups flying kites with the train so dangerously near by. I guess tailways should depute cops to nab these idiots and start fining them heavily; because most people value money more than their lives. Tell them they might die and they won't pay heed but tell them they'll have to cough up money and they will listen. But then, the railway cops themselves jump off trains and cross tracks themselves. Who catches them?


Jan 27, '11

Wow, imagine someone's wedding being cancelled 10 times before they are actually married. Click here to read the story. I'm so glad the couple didn't see it as a sign and decided to can the wedding altogether. And I really hope they don't have any trouble in their marriage or it would be such a waste. Also, quite something for them to have held in good stead in spite of all this. 
Some of the reasons are so funny! The nautical wedding being cancelled because of low tide! Hahahahaha. Caterer free toh registrar booked, registrar free to caterer booked. hehehehe. And what rotten neighbours they have. Or then maybe they don't get along with the couple and weren't invited to the wedding so they decided to be the party poopers. What about the hall that rented the hall to another couple just because they were paying more money. I'm sure after they got married they had "Finally married" instead of "Just Married" written on the car. I'm sure it drove them nuts but this is just the stuff a Golmaal type films are made of! 


Jan 04, '11

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Woo hoo! I was all thrilled when I read this article. I hope there are more such campaigns everywhere. Cops are pretty useless and so are onlookers when it comes to tackling eve teasers. They'll show bravery in thrashing out a thief but not a potential rapist (that's my term for eve teasers).

Anyway, honestly, I don't know how it works in other cities. I have been to Delhi a lot of times and have seen many men there who are MCPs who wouldn't flinch from hitting women to prove their manhood and to show women from what these men think is their right place. I have come to realise that in Bombay eve teasers get scared sh*tless even if a girl just stares at them in anger or even if she just says a word. Usually, "abey" works great ;) The other day there was this f*cktard in the bus who'd deliberately stand sticking to a girl when she wanted to get down. That's because the girl would think he wants to get off too and there is a huge crowd behind the guy. I realised it after he did it twice and I was waiting for him to even try doing the same to me. I'd have probably pushed him under the running bus *evil look but joking*. I was so angry and he saw that and chose not to even come within arm's length. 

I didn't raise a cry when he was doing such hideous things to girls because I have had a girl turn around and say to me once, 'why are you creating a scene? I don't have a problem if the guy is teasing me, what's your problem them?' I was shocked out of my wits and really disgusted with her and decided not to help a girl unless she asks for it. In another instance one guy was hitting his girlfriend and when my friends and I tried to stop him she said something similar. I shouldnt' be saying this probably but I feel such girls deserve such treatment. If they are okay being treated like animals and slaves what goes of my father?

Oh, today another guy was deliberately standing sticking to me in the bus and I just said, 'O, bhaisahab!' and before I could ask him to move away he got so scared that he chose to get off the bus though his destination wasn't coming for another 10 minutes. So, basically, ladies, if you are in a situation you think you cannot handle and if you are scared to give them angry looks just SCREAM YOUR LUNGS OUT! And start kicking and punching like you are possessed ;)

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Dec 28, '10

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It's not for nothing that public figures are called that. Youngsters wants to emulate their icons. So, when a kid says he wants to be Shah Rukh Khan when he grows up or Sachin Tendulkar, they are not just talking about their careers. And, it does go beyond clothes and hairstyles too. They follow each and everything the icon does. I have these two super crazy Sachin Tendulkar fans for cousins who changed their brand of health drinks and even cola just because Sachin endorsed it!

So, it's really noble of Tendulkar to have turned down endorsing the liquor brand endorsement even though it meant losing Rs 20 crores! There are many actors who are teetotallers and non smokers in real life but show them the money and they wouldn't mind picking up the cancer stick or the glass for ads. I know of a photographer who also turned down an assignment for a print ad shoot of a brand of cigarettes because he was a non smoker himself and dead against smoking even though he was offered good money for it. 

I guess it's celebrities' personal choice to smoke, drink or to abstain but since they are public figures and can influence young minds so easily, a little discretion would be good. I wonder why do some people get so gung ho and say, 'if a youngster wants to smoke/drink he will whether his fav icon is endorsing it or not'... I'm sure they wouldn't smoke, drink, abuse or flirt in front of their kids because the kid would learn the bad habit too. It's the same logic!

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Dec 19, '10

Okay, self confessedly, I get the most bizarre and funniest of dreams. Whenever I begin a sentence with "maine ek funny sapna dekha" my sister-in-law already giggles because she knows I'll recount something really silly, and mum says, "phir se?". A number of times I have woken up either of my two sisters, said something really strange and gone back to sleep only to be teased the following morning.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning and found my cellphone, watch, and glasses lying on the teapoy just like I do every morning, I noticed an empty bottle of water lying horizontally instead of standing up like I left last night. And then I remembered... last night at about 3 AM, I was having some dream about magic (I think because I was thinking about the movie Guzaarish and euthanasia, if it should be legalised or what, etc). So, I laid the bottle horizontally and kept staring at it for about a minute thinking, the bottle will magically stand up. Maybe I was also thinking telekinesis :P and then I fell asleep. I felt so stupid when I remembered. I'm glad no one was awake to see me do that. They'd have thought I was possessed or something and I don't want to be beaten up with a jhaadu by Baba Raza Ustad Bangali! Ek toh he even gives a guarantee card :P


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