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May 24, '12

    Such a landmark project is a proposed? Not. The breeding of this program has gone through up to five years, five years, in developed countries, caused by the Government's top priority to the civilian population, are involved in a discussion with the final decision. Countries, first of all the scientists of the United States, made a lot of argument. Various disciplines hold different views of scientists to express their views, fully reflects the equality of scientific discussion and decision-making democracy. Several anxious, several times repeated several times blurred, but in the end, human or choose the "Human Genome Project". The formation of the human genome project, from history, there are several ideas.?? Human disease in the seventies "genetic theory" is undoubtedly the main ideas of the human genome project. Not only disease gene, human existence, birth, growth and the genes and DNA sequence. Written as the famous Nobel Prize winners, Italy Du Boke in his article published, and later known as the "Human Genome Project," "tender": the human DNA sequence is the true meaning of human This world is happening, all with closely related. Strategy, the strategy adopted by the Human Genome Project "is a" genomics "strategy of science, just as genes are the scientific study gene name implies, genomics is the study of genome science. As Du Boke said: Since we all know the importance of genes, that our only two options, one is "piecemeal", we all go to the "individual work" to study "like", believed to be important gene, while the other choice? Is unprecedented bold statement: to figure out the entire human genome, a whole concentrate on the first understanding of all human genes.?? Because the ambition of the human genome project is too large, too large, too many to spend the money, government departments, scientists, the community, there are many not in favor of the views. The first is the need for this program, they believe the $ 3 billion of taxpayers 'used to engage the people of enormous gene sequence is purely to take taxpayers' money a joke! Second is the reality of this plan, they think this program is to be completed by 2005 "bragging". To tell the truth, then the ability to be completed on schedule, who is also the heart no end. At that time, and even now the shadow of modern sequencing instruments are not yet. The third is the selection of the field of scientific research, a bit like "is not as" the imagination: human natural sciences to study the many problems, why should such a plan? The money they have well spent elsewhere, perhaps more worthy, more practical, it was also worried that "big science" will affect science, "center" would endanger the survival of small laboratory. Say it is difficult to hear, such as criticism of this plan is "too extreme, too concentrated, the target too much, the budget is too large".Obtained only a parts list. For specific projects in this program, more harsh, such as "mapping" is a road built in the desert, "sequencing" is "junk" category, select the "model animals" patchwork "Noah's Ark". Finally, the new technology created by the Genome Project, "No Saturn rocket, and to the pursuit of luxury, comfortable new space shuttle, because the separation of genes in many other ways.?? 1990, the beginning of the Human Genome Project ", a lot of scientists sent a joint letter expressed opposition to the results of the original budget also cut $ 34 million, the original plans to build nine centers, each center funding of $ 4 million . Cut only three, but only $ 2 million funding for each center. The main criticism of one, or do not engage in the human genome project, this too much, should engage in small, such as bacteria, or economic significance, such as wheat, pigs, sheep. They ridiculed this study of human genome project is the "feet of clay giant (clay-footed gaint). Also predicted that like tumor 75 years plan "abortion".?? Only general sequencing analysis plan. Start? Each have their own say. Mapping Plan, particularly the genetic map, was originally put forward different views of "sequencing" program, but both sides did not deny each other's views, the relevant policy department also did not simply support the one hand to suppress the other, while finally took a different view of both sides to come together to jointly develop more scientific, more comprehensive plan. "CDNA Plan is a small part of a gene and protein sequences to find out the plan, but also as a" genome-wide plan "An opposing view was put forward, but not the mainstream opinion rejected, there is no result abandon the "genome-wide plan, but as a prototype of the" genetic map "and included in the plan of the entire genome, but also become an important part of that we have to do the transcription map". Gene identification scheme is also proposed as the different views that the most important thing is, those related to human disease genes, and later became best reflects the outcome of the Human Genome Project, "" hot spots ". "Model organisms" program selected yeast, nematodes, fruit flies, mice were used as human four model organisms, and its scientific significance is very important. The whole discussion process, and gradually formed a part of the Human Genome Project spirit ".?? In addition to the above-mentioned "inclusive", followed by the "sincere cooperation", the Human Genome Project is the first time in history from around the world, big or small, regardless of the strength of all scientists to perform research projects. The beginning of the implementation of the Human Genome Project, developed countries have far-sighted scientists, called on the government of all countries attach importance to this project, and called on the world's scientists to participate, it is recommended that all progress, all data, all the experimental resources should be posted on the public, so that all the countries of the world to enjoy free. In the implementation process, the sincere cooperation of scientists from various countries, shared materials, shared data, common research. In the history of human natural sciences, or unprecedented. The Human Genome Project and the other two projects of global significance, the Manhattan atomic bomb project and gene compared to the Apollo moon landing, but also shows the harmonic of the human and progress. The third is the spirit of the society "highly responsible". The Human Genome Project in the start at the beginning of great importance to this program may impact on the social, legal, and ethical aspects, with particular emphasis in this area, and formed the mainstream opinion. HUGO (International Human Genome Organization), several important statement fully reflects the "truth" of modern natural science, "seeking the good and the high degree of responsibility to society. We should celebrate the "Human Genome Project spirit, making it the countries, a model of cooperation in various fields.
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