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Topic  :    Indians Adopting Western Culture - Good or Bad 

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Topic: Indians Adopting Western Culture - Good or Bad  

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25 Sep 2004 10:45 am  #1
This the first topic given by monali on her thread
Its debate Time'. To avoid the dilution of topics on that thread, I propose to have a thread for this excellent topic started by monali.

I do hv sm points I hv made earlier in various posts but I would request monali to lead the way with her best foot forward Thumb and we will follow yup
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25 Sep 2004 06:26 pm  #2
i would like knight to clarify what part of the western culture is in debate it personal or societal or professional.

well the best side of the western culture i know is their honesty. dedication, commitment, workaholic nature and respecting everyone's choice.

the flip side of western culture....personal...if that is in debate..i wud say that Indians are better this way in having family values, most Indians sticking to just one partner in their life.

i would also ask the pertinent question here...we boast that Indian culture is good...why do we have the max no of AIDS cases in India ...this is a disease that is mainly spread by promiscuous nature and all other methods are only next to this...even if one says that the high incidence is due to low doesn't deny the fact that we are as promiscuous a society as the western world....we only cover it up being hypocrites.

as already said...we need to learn the best from the west and not the worst.


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25 Sep 2004 08:04 pm  #3
fully agree with venky and I echo the same sentiments.

When we say culture, its a broad spectrum. We need to take it one at a time and discuss. The original idea was monali's and believe its best left for her to take lead Thumb
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26 Sep 2004 12:11 am  #4
Venky, You are perfect in your reply. We teach the world of family values and we ought to be flexible enough to learn the best from the western world..Good topic Cool
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03 Oct 2004 08:02 pm  #5
Rather then adopting western culture or what ever ,why not start a debate to see and monernize indian culture to bring changes in line with today and shrinking world around us.
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03 Oct 2004 11:13 pm  #6
have stopped venturing much into forum discussions.. but this one caught my eye....esp the post by venky... and evoked the advocate .....

quoting venky.. ""well the best side of the western culture i know is their honesty. dedication, commitment, workaholic nature and respecting everyone's choice "" ..

venky do you imply .. the eastern culture does not have the above @ honesty,, hard work and commitment?? and "choice" my friend... you dont want to venture into that as a bet side. ... coz with choice comes the issue of rights and responsibilities... the concept of individualism and collectiveism.. .. both having some percieved advantages and dis advantages...

""the flip side of western culture....personal...if that is in debate..i wud say that Indians are better this way in having family values, most Indians sticking to just one partner in their life""
i.e., eastern cult has commitment then .. you say?

khair .. personally i think its a very interesting topic... the easter culture is definately more evolved and has survived "time" as agaisnt the western culture.. which i think is the second or a third derivative of the "eastern" origin...

as for adoption of culture by indians .. well all i can say .. is that ... any adoption is an experience ... what we adopt and what we make of that adoption results in good or bad. AIDS is not spreading in india because we "adopted" anything... sex is much more evolved and profiled .. in des.. (ran outta word lim)
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04 Oct 2004 11:49 am  #7
well "nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so"

indians adopting western culture...

well adopting anything blindly is wrong...but when we adopt somthing for our own upliftment it depends..

actually most of us have the "herd instinct" u know moving with the crowd we dont anaysise why we do things...just coz "x" does it so even "y" will do thats wrong

as far as aping the west goes only apes copy and we are all decendents of the ape family...

we have to set our own lines no one draws them for us...if u think "live-in-relationships" are right coz the weatern ppl follow it then ofcourse u're blinding adopting ...

the other reason is that u think that "live-in " is good coz it helps u live individully without binding u and at the same time does not make u suppress ur emotions ur thinking.. finding a reason..ure not adopting blindly...u have a motive which according to u is for ur development...

so it all depends on the way things are done...

in india sex is the hush hush one ever questions it...the kamasutra was written here and the western ppl follow it...well they are not adopting are culture ...are they???? but they have taken smth from us and given a reason to it...

think of it if we followed the KS then the discussion here would be ..."westeners adopting indian culture -good or bad"
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14 Oct 2004 02:40 am  #8
I believe right people with strong principles donít accept/adapt to wrong things just to fit in.
There is nothing wrong using the supermarket approach. Pick what you want and leave the rest on the shelf. You donít have to buy everything thatís being SOLD. Itís a matter of your discretion and judgment to pick the things that u need and are right for u.

I agree with beautiful_life's pick of quote from shakespear "nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so" .. I respect your openion but, I cannot agree with the rest of the arguement. I might be wrong, which I usually am, but, you've got to examine the facts rather than say what the media presents to you.
I don't want to correct you about anything but, would like to make one thing clear for sure..please don't believe that man came from an ape... u were refering to indian philosophy so, let me ask you a question, did you ever come across anywhere in our literature or hindu books or any vedas for that matter that corroborates this fact? With our rich Indian history of incredible discoveries in science,astronomy, math and medicine, don't you think some one would have observed this fact about the most fundamental truth about our very existance? There is a huge difference between speculation and truth. Just some thing to think about.
excuse me, I didn't intend to lead this conversation in totally diff direction, so, feel free not to respond to my post.
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14 Oct 2004 11:58 am  #9
hi knight

I think in some cases we must follow them and some others don't follow their lives..

In detail..

in my view we must follow, Proffesionnaly they are excelent..their hardworking, commitment etc....

Butdon't folow their family culture that is more good ours.

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14 Oct 2004 02:00 pm  #10
hello friends,It's a fabulous topic,

Josh u r right,I reflect the same idea,
As for as the family is considered the family system in india is a healthier one.For depate we can say that some of families in india r not bonded with thread of togetherness.But comparitively it is better than thw western countrs.Only in india the child can learn the true affection of their family members.

As Beautiful_life said in her forum that we can better extract the noble qualities from the western culture,rather than making a debate which system of cultue is the best one.
regarding the dependency is considered the western culture is the best one,b'coz the children in the western countrys r brought up with the attitude with independency.but,we should make sure that independency should not spoil the character of the children.the parents should monitor their b'coz the parents of this generation are educated.......

If any intreacive discussions on my suggestions,I'll be kind enough to recieve ur suggestions.
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07 Nov 2004 05:57 pm  #11
Hi Knight,
Adopting anything that is good for us is the need of the hour, as it was several years back.
For instance, our so called Constitution of India, how much Indian it is? No, it is adapted from British. Similarly, the Postal system, the Railways(today we are the largest in the world).
Had we not adapted these from the British, guess what, we would be in dhotis & pagdis and using buggies & bullock carts, and above all CIVILISATION is the greatest boon of the British due to which today we are proud about being Indians, biggest democracy, freedom of movement.
Imagine if you had to pass through check posts village after village, where would we be?
I strongly recommend the adoption of western culture with necessary modifications to suit OUR needs.
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27 Jul 2006 05:13 am  #12

Hi All,

I think culture is a representation of social behavorial norms...and the culture must be upgraded with time...its no use reflecting the opinion that one is not able to do better because the culture binds me

In that sense we must absorb the quality of changing the attitude  of masses .....mere copying  dressing style, music ,drug abuse and so on is not going to help

We should certainly learn "respect" from western culture....respect for law,for individuality,for single mothers

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28 Jul 2006 01:44 am  #13

Hi all,

Good gives pleasure to most while bad gives grief to most.

Considering every culture is a rich & vast and we do not have enough time to know several cultures completely, I can assume that bits & pieces is adopted from the bits & pieces known of other cultures. This results in patches on to the lifestyle. When these patches appear as designer item – it is good, while when it appears as an utterly poor man’s dress then it is not good or bad.

V adopted motor vehicles – good or bad. I say both. Good – ‘coz it gave us better, more efficient, time saving mode of transport. Bad – ‘coz we still move around as if in bullock cart or Tonga … e stop/park any where esp at crossings, show no respect to other vehicles & jump in any time, have no traffic sense, never give way to other vehicles, have no good roads (width wise and condition wise), etc etc.

When V copy or adopt anything, V need to see it in our existing perspective and make other necessary up gradation for smooth & confident lifestyle. We must enrich our culture and not do otherwise.


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