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Topic  :    Winter crys for Spring 

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Topic: Winter crys for Spring  

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27 Jun 2009 01:22 am  #16

winter spring summer and autumn are guests who meet to impart what they are meant to before they part until the next year. once an year guests is not such a bad idea. let them be.


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27 Jun 2009 10:58 am  #17

Guess I am not a poet in true sense..

Some are born poets,
Some become poets.
Some pretend as poets.

On your postings it is appearing brightly that you are fit to become a poet.
Though some times Monsoon in the Circle of Seasons extends or shortens
its time, please believe the nature surely for performing its regular cycling.

Why don't we believe the forthcoming winter would cry for spring..?

Good Wishes.  ( for your good crys)

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Mumbai , India
Male 52

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01 Jul 2009 02:28 pm  #18

Hi vambanaar,

that you are fit to become a poet

I doubt this big time. In my opinion I can NEVER become a poet for the simple reason I need inspiration to give me a full poem. Poets in normal get an idea and can make a poem.

Any time I try to belive that the next winter would cry for the spring, I need to visualise that it snows this year in ammchee Mumbai. I end up laughing with the thought.

Now the rains are capable of giving me a poem. May be they will some day.

Best rgds



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28 Jul 2009 12:35 pm  #19
looks like winter is calling for rains this go...... a deluge to wash it all away....... so when one wakes up its all back in order................
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10 Aug 2013 08:03 am  #20
Soon Monsoon will be over!!!!!
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23 Nov 2014 12:19 am  #21
winters are hereee!!!
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