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Forum :   Astrology - Western, Indian, Chinese 
Topic  :    face reading, soul signs and Tarot card reading 

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Topic: face reading, soul signs and Tarot card reading  

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16 Oct 2007 07:21 am  #106

Very good Good morning to you

I am new in the forum , and i dont actally know how to use it but i will try it for the first time. Is that about astrology ? I would have guidience from here , I Hope this is right how to communicate here. My date of birth is Saturday 27 December 1975

I will add this furum in my favorite topic , and will alway check on it

Thanks you all , wish you luck in hand of god


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25 Jan 2008 08:44 am  #107

hi my name is vyshnavi sreedharanath

DoB: 12 Feb 1992

Place of birth: bangalore, karnataka, india

time of birth: 5:55 pm


wat can u tell me about myself?

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26 Jan 2008 09:45 pm  #108
I want to know why life gives us pain suddenly. When everything is going smooth and happy and we are achieving and near to making it 100% percent successful we get to zero or even below. How things become harder to hardest which was easy few days. Why people who are very closed to us and helping in day to day life become enemy in few days without any reasons and put the losses.
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30 Jan 2008 04:25 pm  #109


My Name is M.Prakash.  My Birthday Is 15-08-1971 and was born in Chennai. 

Can u tell me about my past, present and the future.

Thanks and regards.


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09 Feb 2008 12:15 pm  #110

HI Govrav

Nice to know your help to the society...I am new to this forum,but very much interesting in knowing astrology and related topics.

I am 48 years old and want to know about my fate since i face many sudden changes in my life beyond my imaginations...My DOB is 29/01/1960 and time of birth is 10.45 AM.

Please help me and i trust you will do it

awaiting for your reply

thanks and GOD bless you


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11 Feb 2008 05:43 pm  #111


i am  intrested to get some  guidance for my future choices and  present 

i am be mech prefinal year 

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16 Feb 2008 08:10 am  #112

dear all,

In todays world where  things and events looks so uncertain and complex .for which we dont find any reasons to satisfy ourselves...but Astrology in its real essence is very interesting and will atleast make u beleive that certain things are destined to happen in its own way.......without our can be discussed & argued by our ego but can not change its course....learn it u will enjoy......few basic traits and general tendencies of life can be instantly predicted by seeing ur chart ./ birth details (DOB,POB,TOB).....experience it to beleive with open mind...  

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Hyderabad , India
Male 64

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14 May 2008 11:03 am  #113

hi mr gaurav, happy to see ur post here and ur help to members of society. i never got checked my astrology/face reading etc etc till now. but now i wish to know to something about my future as i am facing certain problems in personal life. can u help me to analyse and tell me something as per the details given below.


date of birth: 26-10-1952


mother's name : SRI LAKSHMI

father's name : LATE PRASADA RAO

time of birth : not sure but around 6.00 a.m.




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26 May 2010 10:18 pm  #114
Even I want to learn more about myself...

DOB: 21 / 6/ 1989 and my pic is there in mah profile...
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New Delhi , India
Male 27

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21 Feb 2012 11:24 am  #115
Hey..Good looking. Smile
 i would like to know about myself
my name is kushal Gupta
DOB : 17/081990
pic is in my profile.
hope to get a reply from you ...
thank you !
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21 Jan 2015 02:43 pm  #116
Hi can you tell my future, like marriage, love etc ,
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