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Fropper RSS Feeds let you stay connected with the latest in Fropper Forums & Fropper Lounge without actually coming to Fropper Relationships. Now, as soon as something gets added or updated, you can know about it immediately. Isn't this great?

If you are new to RSS, read all about Fropper RSS Feeds here.

If you already know about RSS, our feeds are listed below. Just right click on your mouse, copy shortcut and paste in your RSS reader or click on the relevant icon to subscribe via web-based readers.

Feeds XML Yahoo
Movies & TV
Movies, soap operas, sit-coms, art films, whatever you like, discuss away.
Women are from Venus
This forum is for men but women can participate too. Guys! Lets discuss women
Men are from Mars
This forum is for women but men can participate (snoop around) too. Come; discuss all the nuances of men.
Words of Wisdom
On Fropper, we have people with varied experiences and tremendous knowledge. Ask questions here and those of you who think can make a difference, give advice.
General - Anything Goes
Here you can discuss anything under the sun. Be it jokes, proverbs, news, music etc. Let's go wild...
Love, Friendship, Dating & Relationships
Discuss love, friendship, dating, marriage, sex, culture. Seek opinions about societal norms, restrictions etc.
Science, Technology, Computers & Internet
This forum is for all science & technology lovers. How you use technology, where it is going, how it has changed our world...
Discuss Fropper
Have suggestions/criticisms for Fropper Relationships? Voice them here. It is your chance to make truly your own site.
Health & Fitness. Food & Nutrition
Are you a fitness freak? Do you wanna be fit? Talk about food, nutrition, what to eat, what works etc.
Creative Minds
Forum for creative ideas, thoughts and work surrounding art. Share & discuss your poems, stories, experiences, book reviews, music and more!
Fropper Lounge
New to Fropper? Introduce yourself here! Wanna know how what works? Ask and let other members answer your queries.
Philosophy, Spirituality & Psychology?
Are you a profound thinker, an expert on Philosophy, Spirituality & Psychology? Do you love to think deep? Share your opinions here...
Jokes & Funny Stories
Ha! Ha! Ha! Laugh yourself to death. Post jokes, anecdotes, quotes etc.
Tour & Travel
For those of you who are travel-freaks. Share your experiences and find new friends worldwide!
Site News and Announcements
Read me first! Latest site news and announcements.
Contests, Giveaways etc.
Here is your chance to participate and win! Try it, you may just take home a great prize.
Education and Career
Education - Career - Ambition... shape them with Fropper! Share info and discuss to help make your academic and career graph move upwards. Carve your Personality here....
Sports and Adventure
Fropper welcomes you here at your own sporting space with lotta funs and Adventures along. Get.. Set... Go!
Politics, Diplomacy and Administration
Fropper's discussion 'For the People, Of the People and By the People'.. come on Fropperites 'Rule Over'!
Games, Puzzles, Riddles etc..
Do you love to keep your grey matter active? Click here and tax your brains a little and also have some fun!
Astrology - Western, Indian, Chinese
Read your daily forecast, meet compatible friends, get astro-counseling and have fun. Know all you needed to know about Astrology.
The Lounge

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Rich Site Syndication or Real Simple Syndication. This technology allows websites to make their content available through a syndicated "feed" that users can subscribe to for Free.

How do you subscribe to Fropper RSS Feeds for Free?

Get an RSS Reader!

Free RSS Readers (No download required. Internet based) Free RSS Readers (Download required)

How to add Fropper RSS Feeds?

Once you have an account and/or have logged in, all you have to do is add Fropper RSS Feeds by clicking on the 'Add Feed' option. There are 2 ways of adding the feeds.

One way is to click on the orange XML button and a browser window with some XML code of the RSS feed will appear. Don't worry; you are on the right track! The top of the browser will contain the URL (web address) for the XML feed. Select the URL and copy it into the field in your reader which allows you to add feeds.

The other way is to simply right click on the orange XML button to "copy shortcut" and then paste it into the field in your reader which allows you to add feeds.

That's it. You are done!

Important Note
If Netscape 8 is installed on your machine, you may not be able to view XML content in Internet Explorer.

This technology is not restricted to You can even get news, daily horoscopes updates from any site that supports RSS. Just look for the orange XML or RSS button.

For the moment, RSS has only been implemented on Fropper Forums & Fropper Lounge and is in the beta testing phase. This is just something I have implemented and it would be great if you fropperites could check it out and send in your suggestions and problems via customer care. It will be my pleasure to help you with it.

(Fropper Team)