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Rosogolla- the sweet sensation

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Rosogolla is possibly known as the most popular among Bengali sweets apart from Mishti Doi. The non-Bengali speaking population of this sub-continent mostly refer to it as Rasgulla.

Some, however, believe that Rosogolla was created in a temple in Puri, Orissa, a couple of centuries ago. The sweet ,  courtesy Bengali travellers to Orissa temples and the famous Oriya chefs gracing Calcutta kitchens, was later introduced in Calcutta, they believe. 

However, with out doubt, Rosogolla is one of the  national sweets of India today. 

The white cottage Cheese Ball (about the size of a golf ball) immersed in sugar syrup, I am sure, evoks varied memories in our mind.

I propose that we celebrate this great common unifyer in our land of great diversity.

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Owner: Saint_IamNot
from Mumbai, India