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 About Us

What is Fropper?

Fropper, short for friend hopper, extends the philosophy -- beautiful relationships begin with friendship -- and is your destination for building, maintaining & enjoying meaningful relationships. Be it a platonic relation, a loving relationship, a marriage or business networking, Fropper hopes to empower, enrich & enable you to make your world more beautiful.

Want to frop?

Fropper coins the verb "to frop" which means, to hop with friends, existing & new. Just like a snowball that grows larger, when rolled, you can frop with friends and grow. Grow socially and emotionally as a person who believes in forming meaningful relationships.

Fropper’s Mission

Fropper's mission is to allow everyone to frop in a convenient, clean manner so that they can eliminate loneliness from their lives, succeed and find happiness. Its mission is also to help you - our valued customer - in the best manner possible. To be with you at all times, to guide you, to support you and yes, to help you grow as an individual.

Fropper’s Vision

Our vision, which has been set in motion by DesiCupid, is a world where one can make new friends, find dates & have fun by being a part of Fropper.

Just as one refers to an address book to find contact numbers, people will refer to Fropper and find friends instantly. When you are bored and want to go out, or when they are lonely and want to talk to someone, you will login to Fropper and in a couple of clicks get what you need.

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