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 Fropper Relationships Instant Messenger

Fropper Relationships Instant Messenger is a quick and easy way to chat one-on-one with members who are currently online.

Yes, it is free to chat with Premium Plus members. Just go to the Who's Online page and look for members who have a against their username. Join now for FREE!

To chat with all members, you need to be a Premium Member. Not a Premium Member yet? Upgrade now!

How does Fropper Relationships Instant Messenger work?

There are two components of the Fropper Relationships Instant Messenger:
  Messenger window - this informs you when a member     wishes to chat with you; and
  Chat window - this is where you actually chat with the     member.
Check your Flash plug-in!

Fropper Relationships Instant Messenger:
- NO download required!
- Works in your web browser itself
- You only require a Flash plug-in

To check whether you have the required Flash plug-in, click here.

If you have any technical difficulties, do write to us stating:
- Your computer operating system;
- Your web browser and version; and
- If you have a Flash plug-in installed, it's version.

Messenger Window

NOTE: To send and receive chat requests, you must have the Messenger Window open at all times.

Normally, when you login to Fropper Relationships, the Messenger Window will launch automatically. However, it will not, if:

  You have chosen not to while logging in; or
  You have installed a pop-up blocker feature on your machine. Learn what a pop-up blocker is?

If the Messenger Window has not launched automatically, you can launch it manually using the "Launch Instant Messenger" option close to the top right of every page.

The main elements of the Messenger Window are explained here:

When a member requests a chat, the Messenger Window will change as under:

Chat Window

When you request a chat or accept a chat request, the Chat Window opens as under:

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