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 Mobile Fropper
What is Mobile Fropper?

Mobile Fropper is Fropper accessed from your mobile phone. It is a subset of the Fropper Relationships Website that allows you to read the buzzes or messages you have received, conduct searches, and send buzzes and messages. Please note that as a free member, you will be able to only send buzzes. To send personal messages, you must be a premium member.

With Mobile Fropper, you can stay connected to Fropper Relationships from anywhere. And, best of all, it is absolutely FREE. You do not have to pay anything to use Mobile Fropper.

What do I need to access Mobile Fropper?

To access Mobile Fropper, you need a mobile phone which has a GPRS connection. On this phone, you can use the ‘Go to’ function and either type the address or use the ‘Bookmark’ feature. The address is:

Most mobile phones that are capable of a WAP/GPRS connection can access Mobile Fropper.

Please note that Mobile Fropper is available only to registered members of Fropper Relationships who have an active profile.

Do I need to be subscribed to a special operator to use Mobile Fropper? OR Does it work with all mobile operators?

To use Mobile Fropper, you do not need any special operator. It works with all operators. All you need is a WAP/GPRS connection. If you operator provides WAP/GPRS, you can get it activated from them. Please note that Fropper does not charge you anything.

Are there any charges to use Mobile Fropper?

No. Mobile Fropper is absolutely FREE. Only your operator charges you for the WAP/GPRS connection.