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Reading my mind is so easy and accessible!

Posted on: Sep 07, '10

 A rather bizarre morning!

So it was one of those mornings when things go so wrong and often ridiculous! The "wheter I should laugh or cry" time when the situation is quite funny but frustrating. Might I also add, if you told anyone the anecdote they'd laugh silly and if you used it as an excuse to report late to work, you'd seem like the kid who suffered from the 'dog ate my homework' syndrome in school. Here's what happened with me... 

I usually get a bus to work. As soon as I got off at the bus stop, my chappal broke! And there was no cobbler in sight. The one I know is about 5 mins walk away near the Mumbai University. Now, there was no way I could hobble all way and a bigger no way that I'd walk barefeet in that muck. And there are no ricks today because of the strike, so what choice do I have but to walk? But, I didn't do that, what I did instead like a bright crayon, I bought fast glue feviquick and tried to stick the chappal. It worked and I was relieved. But as soon as I put my foot in, it came off again. So I tried again and the same thing happened. 

Forget my feet, I sensed something wrong with my fingers and I realised the feviquick tube was stuck between them!! I have had this experience before so I knew that if I pull it apart, my skin will tear or it will result in a blister. So, I walked with the broken chappal and feviquick glued between my fingers. Finally reached the shoe mender and he was busy mending someone's bag. So, I thought I'll get the chappal fixed and buy another pair just in case this one broke again. But, the guy was so rude! Like I had a choice but to wait there, so I waited for 5 mins, got the chappal fixed and gave up the idea of buying the footwear because he was so badly behaved. Anyway, the next stop was the chemist because fast glue can be taken off by acetone or hot water and I wasn't going to walk with my right hand hidden and what when I'd have to sign the roster? 

But the bottle of acetone that I got had an alluminium seal that I wouldn't be able to remove, not at least with my right hand index and middle finger glued together! So, I had to buy a bigger bottle. I poured it generously over my finger and finally the stick came off! I threw it away in the gutter. 

So, the moral of the story is - feviquick does not stick what you want it to stick but does stick skin together! Anyway, sigh, I must go now to be the butt of ridicule amongst my colleagues.


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krgnair said:



September 08, '10

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sazzyme said:

it happens even to the best of us eh?

September 08, '10

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DICKYBIRD2001 said:
Really Feviquick made your day a sticky and uncomfortable. Thanx for sharing.

September 07, '10

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apsara35 said:
What a sticky day to start with? Ha! Ha!

September 07, '10

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Novacaine said:
what Indra! you not to be reading my post carefully, men. this is not the way men. :P yes, did manage both... the rude cobbler and generously pouring acetone over my hand :D

September 07, '10

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