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Posted on: Mar 16, '13

 Azlan Shah Hockey - India Malaysia match - Terrible umpiring or match fixing?

The India Malaysia match was such an exciting encounter and the way it ended was absolutely unacceptable, completely biased towards giving Malaysia deliberate points. The Penalty corner was never there, even it wasn’t a foul. Video replay clearly showed the ball bouncing off the stick. Players did the right thing to walk off the ground. Yet, keeping up the sporting spirit, they went back and took the Penalty Stroke. 
So this is how Malaysia reaches Finals of the tournament. 
And they connived to keep India out of the completion. 
It is absolutely ridiculous. 

Sultan Azlan Shah tournament was one of the cleanest fixtures in the world of Hockey and every country was proud of playing there.
 Now, this too is turning out like foot ball and cricket, biased umpiring and match fixing. 
Of course we can’t do anything about it, but sure can lodge formal protest for such a poor and cheap umpiring. 
My heart goes out to all the players of Indian team. 
Boys, you did great.
 Put out a proud face. 
They can win by cheating, but you are the real winners.

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King-Bulls-Ring said:
Yep. Its over. India played Pakistan for fifth and won 4-2. At least some consolation there.

April 07, '13

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Indra_th_lord said:
Am i late ? is the Sultan Azlan Shah tournament over ?

Thanks KB for sharing and reminding the Hockey fans out here on fropper

!!!K E W L !!!

April 06, '13

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