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Posted on: Apr 07, '13

 Bitten by the Beehive...

Narendra Modi has been a decent politician until he was within his state and as he jumps the national arena, he has started sounding like any other nervous neta around. 
His initial comment of “Karz” towards India made me smile a bit and now his rhetoric of India is his ‘mother’ is reaching another level of political word-warfare altogether.
I watched Rahul’s speech and his reference of India to a Beehive made good sense, with his annotated explanation of – continuous activity by millions, constant buzz that is always around, its nature of being quiet when left alone and bursting into thousand thunder strikes when disturbed - everything made sense.
Modi rebuts ‘it disturbed him’! !!!!!
In what way it disturbed him? 
Modi failed to understand the anology’s right perspective and he is launching counter attack (so the media says) saying that it may be a beehive for Rahul, but it is the ‘mother’ for BJP!
I didn’t expect such a knee-jerk reaction from Modi, given he has been so educated, modest and respectful so far in his speeches.
Well, when one jumps into cow dung, he is bound to stink, even if he is made of sandalwood – right???

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Indra_th_lord said:
Wish Narendra Modi could say -

Hum aah bhi karte hain to ho jate hain badnaam,Wo qatal bhi karte hain to charcha nahin hota.

Why so much of Hullabaloo on 'insignificant' 'Media' skirmishes & off-gaurd innocent Faux Pas

Thanks for sharing

April 07, '13

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