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Posted on: Jun 11, '08

 The Sun's shining after all ! Thank you all.

This is for all my friends who've put up with me inspite of not recieving messages, leave alone getting any replies on time from my side... 

As it is with every other kid, my kid's growing up too! And that too quite fast, it seems to me. It seems like yesterday only when I was told I was blessed with a daughter....Then came all those days and nights of absolutely no sleep... The house was always messy with diapers, 0 sized clothes and toys in every colour and shape possible! Then the time almost flew away sitting on its milky Unicorn with wings ! And there she was, just over two yrs old and ready to face the world on her own. 

Time to go to a school. 

Actually I wouldn't be exaggerating if I say it was tougher on Me than her !!! Seeing her go away on day 1 was a feeling I can't ever describe in words... did all I could to prevent myself from crying in front of everyone ! Now I'm not known to be a softie to this extent...but when it comes about letting go of her, knowing full well that she'd be alone, fending for her little kills something inside me. My little girl has to wake up before 7 in the morning to be able to catch her bus in the morning (Hello, a 2 n a half yr old going in a 'bus'? Okay, make it a mini-bus...BUT a bus is a bus yaar !). She cries and there I am...gulping and panicking, cursing the 'Education Board' of India. Grrr...Why do kids born in 2005 frm jan-dec have to take admission in the same session...2008-2009 ! The december borns were merely 2 yrs and 3 months when they started. 

Okay, maybe I am over-reacting. But what the hell ! Its my one and only kid (as of now, haha) we are talking about. The whole process of sending Angel to school has become a sort of 'Dharm Yuddha' for both me and dear hubby. If going by Indian standards...I am doing nothing extraordinary by waking up at 6 a.m. and preparing breakfast for everyone and getting the kid ready for school after bringing myself in a see-able condition...Would die but be seen as a Zombie afterall !!! And if believing the grapevine, my 'poor' hubby has become a hero in all of 2 months. 'Poor thing' wakes up early too (never mind if only to fetch the newspaper before I do!). And 'helps' me in getting Angel ready for school...Now if only you could think  'dry-cleaning' the kid equivalent to giving her a bath when she's at her frustrated best ! Yeah Yeah... a 'li'l' help is better than no help at all...WHO SAYS !!! 

Grrrr... The bus boarded on time (7.45 a.m...Over and Out !! )

And I am back, back to my territory, kitchen. The messy granite laughing at me...and inviting me to clean its dirty self ! Now if only I had an assistant (not Maid, mind it) who'd do as I say (Maids in Mumbai don't...No wonder the supposedly good ones are more sought after than the prospective grooms here these days). Yawning and cursing, I clean up whatever I can, make the beds (while toying with the idea of sleeping on floor from tomorrow onwards...grrr...would love to see Monster-in-law twisting and turning on my cold cruel flooring some day, hee hee !). By the time I am done straightning the house, Its time to prepare some 'healthy nutritional' lunch for Angel as she'd be back anytime past 12. I lovingly do the cooking part, engrossed in my own sweet thoughts of her. Then go downstairs to stand and wait with other mothers. Anxiously waiting to see that little face break in grins on spotting me. That little voice shrieking the word 'Mama' as she is helped getting down. Ahh, there's no joy more than being called 'Mom' ! And the rest of the day just flies by...

Nope, do not take this piece as an Excuse my Friends. Just wanted to strengthen our bond of friendship by including you guys in my Life ! 

So, now you know why I can't be all that regular with checking my messages and replying on time. A heartfelt and special thanks to Chandra @ Notjustart for encouraging me at times needed. Horsedpower for his beautiful Sunshine scraps...Ur messages make my day buddy... And all others who regularly visit my zone and leave me messages so touching I can't express. And all those who don't visit that often but I know they understand and care. All this when I don't have the liberty of coming online whenever I want. 

   Thank You all for being there. I feel blessed. Its because of    friends like you that the Sunshine shines brightly and happily.

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puneadventures said:

May 14, '09

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ladyinred17 said:
The little one has started school and it is definitely tough on the mums,a little twinge somewhere in the heart,the baby is growing and fast ```sigh````. Can identify with you and the situation . Thanx for the warm message , Anand is a nice person.thanx to him,i am getting to know people like you.Keep shining and tc.

June 23, '08

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Forbidden2007 said:
:-)Like most dedicated Moms!,..Hmnn..and well of course a good explanation..:-) cheers!

June 21, '08

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khushidey said:
Veryyyy true!

June 19, '08

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InkTank said:
and yes, its too much to expect kindness from the education board. imagine tiny tots goin to school, we do have a hackneyed education system sure.....

June 17, '08

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InkTank said:
this is what I CALL refined writing, u hv so gently put the agony and ecstacy of everything that u go thru right from 6 am, to noon when the tiny little angel returns. and angel is too cute, god bless her:)

June 17, '08

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ARYANpunk said:
it's so nice to hear again from u.i get so many blogs to read, but i also don't get time to read them.but as i saw urs i had to read in touch.

June 17, '08

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creativefront said:
Yes, I am missing you, just as others. My poem is waiting for your comment. My zone is waiting for your hit & scrap. All are waiting for your appreciations, affections & regards. But at the same time duties of a mother are calling you. In weighing balance, the last one is much-much heavier than other things. That's why mother is great & is above on all relations.
You are sunshine & I hope you will shine in every condition. God bless you & your family.

June 16, '08

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sokhibs_65 said:
Flowers means honey…,honey means sweet… Sweet means desire …,Desire means Love…,Love means Friend…,Friend means U sweet sweet…

June 14, '08

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maddy5530 said:
i ve no words 2 say just 1 word always b happy in ur life dear

June 13, '08

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