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Posted on: Jun 28, '08

 Bringing out the Naughty Streak in me!


She's done it again guys, Our Nova has tagged me yet again (nevermind I never got tagged the last time around, hee hee).
Okay, can we dispense with the preliminaries puhleese !! And lemme get to the pint...or was it point...Aarrrghh...

1.) You could read Nova's double trouble to know what it's all about.
2.) I am supposed to answer some of the most besharam (in case hubby reads this) yet interesting questions and
3.) Tag people in the multiples of three...i.e., 3, 6, 9 and so on you intelligent people! 

Surliness at it's best, but what the heck...listing out my best-kept secrets in public isn't an easy task ya...I'd still try for my dear friend's dosti's sake. So here we go :

1. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? 

Eyes, hands, feet, bum, Voice, walk, Footwear, dress-sense...(depending on what comes in the range of my peepers first:)
Eyes = reflect what's in store most of the times.
Hands and Feet = Hygiene.
Bum = Yes, Males. You thought you were the only ones noticing that in opposite sex!
Walk = Tells what a man is all about.
Footwear = Style, hygiene, personality ( I'd simply kill people asking
me to elaborate this one)

2. Who of the opposite sex- would you want to be with if you were deserted on an island? 

Prince Caspian of 'The Chronicles of Narnia' fame (When I become a teenager again, I am SERIOUS) and
George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford and I will not stop at just one you see!

3. What turns you on about the opposite sex? 

Ahem, Ahem. 
The dimpled charming smile some males have (with other facial features too in right places) that makes you go OOH...all gooey! 
It's that Voice, ahh that makes me feel like grabbing the person at once(?) A nicely chiselled body, well cared for chest, back and a good butt well rounded to perfection. Sometimes, it's a touch that does the trick, a look, a sexy smell (armpits and farts not included please), the sound of a sexy laughter...(Why, laughter can be sexy too, please), and the protected feeling that some males give you sometimes turns me on big time.

4. What turns you off? 
Mr. Know-it-alls, Low or too high an Attitude, Show-offs, B.O.,
and the typical Male mentality of 'I am a Male, I am superior'.

 5. Some Froppites have their real picture on the profile and some don't but just going by their blogs/ comments/ scraps who do you think is the hottest female (male bloggers answer this) and male blogger (female blogger answer this)? 

Must I answer this one! 
Mr. skhawa, Forbidden2007, TidyMess and someone else who doesn't feature in my friends-list, but is sizzling HOTT for sure.

Now I gotta pick up the latest book I've been reading (No Cosmopolitans Or Playboys allowed)
Open page 123--Find the fifth sentence--And Post the next three sentences.

My book: 
What to Expect-The Toddler Years by Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi E. Murkoff & Sandee E. Hathaway

(Psst : This book always comes handy for me when I see any kinda trouble brewing concerning Angel's health, psychological changes and overall development etc.)

"Be sure to bring the questions with you to this visit so you will be ready when the doctor asks, "Any concerns"? Also jot down new skills your toddler is displaying (walking, climbing, running, using a spoon, combining words into phrases, pointing to body parts) so you won't be at a loss when you're asked, "What's your toddler been doing"? Bring along your child's home health history record, too, so that height, weight, immunizations and other information gleaned from the checkup can be recorded"

And the people Sunshine tags are : 
Tenjade Destiny


Tags: tag, game, naughty

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Truefriend6810 said:
bahut achhe, I came to this blog just by chance, but really liked the way every things has been put down. Well done.... I don't know the name but in some comments its mentioned ... Shikha

February 17, '11

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friendzone6818 said:

August 13, '09

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KenFeatherlite said:
That.. kinda brings in the brightness and that 'sunshine' into the lives of us 'ALSO THEREs'.
And your SOH shone,too.

July 23, '09

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gangu2008 said:
very nice

July 13, '08

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kaleem2000man said:
:cheeri :
very nice to read & keep thinking

July 13, '08

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Jess74 said:
very well written

July 07, '08

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Forbidden2007 said:
OK!..:-)Thankyou! :-)..But whatever!..cant help saying,..'You definately have an eye for detail',...opposite sex, Be-aware!!.. :-))

Very well written Shikha,loved it!..

July 05, '08

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Benno2002 said:
it was really superb my sure that each and everybody will really love i realise that the intervels u take sometimes is for such tremendous 'ITEMS'.Thanks a lot read these..awaiting more even after long

July 02, '08

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ARYANpunk said:
hey u bold girl ,u r something.i like it.

July 02, '08

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skhawa said:
Hey Shikha I liked UR astute ,blunt n apt reply to..... comments.Keep it up naughty girl.

June 30, '08

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