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Posted on: Oct 08, '08

 Logic loved

Logic loved
Fasten the man's heart, fasten his stomach first. It is very reasonable that this words are heard, but slightly simple first. In fact, fasten the man's stomach, it is not a key problem. The man is a outside vagrant dog, there is good food inside the family, certainly homesick, want, take some good food outside now, pieces of difficult thing much. Moreover, good food, you can do, it is possible for others. So, only fasten his stomach, can not obviously solve the problem.

Should fasten a man, the main one is the back square matrix ground which settles him. For example handle the relation between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law well, take good care of the child. Mummy and child, one of man can give up, settle two point these, you have strong back square matrix place. Light this is still not all right, in conjunction with settling his social relationships, let his friend think you are his rare virtuous wife, the partner knows you are his indispensable companion, let everybody like you. In this way, you have right of words, have initiatives. If he betrays you at this time, then utterly isolated. Such cost is not obviously that a man would like to bear.

It's a pity, there are few clever women, there are too few bright women. So can know the such one is few.

So, the woman was in youth, each went down town worrying, and when annual older and older was declined gradually, another one has been returned out from the city. You are uneven, at that time when you had good looks, you played and splashed acting shamelessly, he doted on you and pampered you by every means; Now, you have already much disappeared, he does not need you yet, kick your a kick out bare-knuckledly. But you have not thought, you can do at will in the past, just because you were utilizing your good looks wantonly, your good looks has been already no longer valuable now, why can you still hang on not to walk? Is not this exactly an autumn harvest of spring plough?

So, two people should accompany all one's life, the good looks is the thing giving an added grace to what is already beautiful forever, and depend on maintaining, remain your painstaking management, it is your your your devotion of tolerance of personality that earns the companion all one's life for you, but not the good looks for the moment.

I leave you, because we are improper, and have nothing to do with her. Even have no her, will have other shes. So, it is the improper formerly,appear she in after. Later on she leaves me again, because we are improper. This has nothing to do with punishment of destiny. Not even the thing of karma.

Do not in fact have direct logic relation inside. And we are always careless, involve some originally not relevant things together reluctantly.

Certainly, it may be such a situation too. Equilateral triangle relation. You are an upper limit, two people can for you to choose now, you choose one of them, have given up another one. But after choosing, you find your choice is by mistake, then you have regretted, analogous to the beginning, how if choose another one, how is it.

Choose another one, certain to be totally different life. Because choose to love a person, on choosing to accept a kind of life. Just your original choice has no fault, you have given up him, prove you do not love him, if none present pieces of one he supports you to choose another, afterwards appear, you will leave him. Certainly, unless reality compels.

Moreover, choose to originally mean giving up. People's greed, always want to make the best of both worlds, all regards one's own taste as the centre. Just such a good thing, have, may not wheel receive we either.

In fact sometimes the emotion is very simple. Get and open very much too. You, we. Can even coexist, but there is no logical priority.


The man is the animal by nature of a kind of laziness. That is to say, if a woman is good enough to it, always let him live an easy life, perhaps he faint smugly and accompany with her for all one's life. The woman is the animal by nature of a kind of avarice. Though she will enjoy your devotion yours is good, but that small soul has already been thrown to the distant place.

So, in the love, the man moved without wanting to touch can be found everywhere, last heart and woman that,can never Ann copy because only emotion.

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