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Posted on: Jun 12, '09

 Relatively happy theory

Relatively happy theory
Those things sanctified by usage will not be changed easily. And the one that can only be decided by oneself, is one's own heart. So long as there is a happy heart in the heart, it is always easy to find where the happiness is.

Where, where happy! This is a very always very old song, our youth at that time was young, carefree, free running, is thinking what color of marshmallow happiness is one on earth in the colourful sky.

That time, resources are still deficient, the candy of the bad smell of a handful of fruits, is little child's sincerest smile on the face. Mouth include transparent pearl, happiness tangerine that fragrant and sweet originally.

Having grown up, the candy of those years has already withdrawn from the stage evolving, the candy of new generation that what the ones that fetch are taken the place of is one hundred flavor of novelty of all kinds. Rainbow fruit juice candy, the Swiss candy of fruit salad, chocolate of cottonrose hibiscus of morality, every kind has pure taste. To be objective, whom technological content exceed that year absolutely red to like toffees. The just so exquisite soft sweets like strawberry includes in the mouth, has not let the gustatory bud be getting excited. Perhaps, it already tired on taste any of experiencing.

Yes, we are numb all unconsciously. It was the record a long time ago that sealed up for safekeeping in memory, but has not been still broken, because there are few things remembered in that era, so, those rare special taste has been kept. Packed with the thing around now, every day, far too many, many one even close eyes, can see, even not smooth either while dreaming of. So, we have chosen to forget, forget those memory of moving swiftly.

Remembered that once, it is hand in hand to follow the best partner, was saying, we should be together forever. Very innocent, think day so past day by day, everything can in there. As wake up some day, find those already suddenly from well far, commitment that make once those afford to disappear in front of reality. It is we that keep, promise, we even oneself unable to go, believe, it can have been oneself all the time.

Still remember at the time of the school, the teacher of the moral lesson will always assign some propositions of introspecting oneself, let us scrutinize oneself. Most classmates have handed in perfect oneself in the class. Respect the teacher, friendly classmates, cherish the trees, we are all good teenagers. I have racked the brains, can not find out either that has any shortcoming oneself, look, I am a perfect person. A few years later, find this yellowing notebook accidentally while clearing up the things, there are teacher's red comments above: People do not have perfect person. Very hasty and careless, I did not go to look carefully at all at that time, it was only that mark that was cared about. Watching the tender handwriting of above, every one, kindhearted, patient, insist on, industrious, think about others, selfdiscipline. It is familiar but strange to look at so. Perhaps, I was once such a person. Just now, it seems that it is very difficult to hold staying with the morphology.

In Buddha's quotation, there is a word: Have not asked, has not lost. It does not matter and lose to matter. In brief, not wanted not to ask. A young one I it seems to be to have, want, have, ask, matter, mind, lose either, there is nothing to care, there is nothing to struggle too naturally. The world is always full of luring, among them, how have no regard for. So begin, have, want, ask, can begin, complain get satisfied, the mood will get to the bottom of valley low, think what everything wrong it is. Negative mood is inhibiting the whole oneself, it is unable to free.

We begin to transfer the interest to the car, the house, money from the colored candy, all seem to be everybody in things of efforts for it. Must feel have no regard for, want, can receive some day only, all devotion we. Think, go wrong in this way, we to need, go, hard, receive thing wanted. Just nobody stipulates at all times that paying must reciprocate, sometimes, such a inequality exists. No matter the trade on the business field, the relation in emotion world, is never rules to equal two of one plus one.

The friend is an emotional woman, divide and divide shutting with the boyfriend jointly, but always cut constant affection. She want marriage the person give she, but she remain unchanged standing fast at one day of a new vista persistent. I ask her, are you happy in this way? She say, leave he I can regret live on, I can only keep at his side then.

My cool advice which stops me. I always maintain the long pain is not so good as short pain. But insist on not minding being as long as the heaven and earth endure at the same time, only lie in once having. Mind, things that just this world can be eternal are not many at all, instead of adhering to a certain impossible reality fearlessly, this moment when it would be better to believe two pieces of palmistry and hold, heart is happy. In this way, it is enough, no.

Still brilliantly illuminated outside the window, this turning that the world does not still rest, those things sanctified by usage will not be changed easily. And the one that can only be decided by oneself, is one's own heart.

There many answers of that question. Eat longlife noodles that a bowl of mothers boiled, the golden yellow egg on birthday in happiness, oil flows in one's mouth; It is at starlit night that the happiness reviews the homework, the grade examination that was passed at last; The happiness is still one outside alone, receive the telephone of family's care at the night of quietness.

Happy, it is always so modest arrogance. It always stands high above the masses, let people feel difficult to match, but in fact, she turns body into the ordinary things, seen everywhere. So long as there is a happy heart in the heart, it is always easy to find where the happiness is.

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