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Posted on: Oct 22, '09

 Why are Ruling Parties winning again..???

Why is it ruling parties are winning again…
It happened at the center and its happening in States again?
It happened in Chattisgarh as well as Haryana indicating that it is not Congress that’s coming back to power, its generally ruling Party that comes back again...!! 
It happened in Tamil Nadu against all expert predictions..!!!

Why Like This…??

Here are few questions that came to my mind…

1 - People are satisfied with ruling party?
2 - People don’t want change? 

3 - People think others can’t do any better anyway? 

4 - People think opposition parties aren’t contributing to the governance at all? 

5 - Opposition parties themselves are giving up their campaign? 

6 - There is no ‘burning issues’ that can cause the reverse? 

7 - Ruling parties have found mechanism to get back to power? 

8 - Opposition leaders are getting older and no new blood coming forward? 

9 - Opposition have failed to stick to principles and hence lost people’s confidence?

I have questions and do we have answers? 

May be you have more questions too...

Let us debate here….

Tags: opposition, election, politics

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true_friendCAP said:
Yeddurappa be National BJP President & any other Karnataka CM

We need "Dharmic Hindusthan Prajatantra" for revival of Hindu Nationalists & to save Hindus -

1) Name be Sanskrit Hindu 'Sthan' for place not Islamic Turk 'Stan' meaning same
2) National Religions be Hinduism, Sikhism & Buddhism and national languages Sanskrit & Hindi while official languages to continue (either Sanskrit or Hindi be compulsory language in Schools with moral education teaching philosophies of national faiths) & minorities can practise their faiths, following the laws as Hinduism unlike others allows liberty
3) Ban all organised conversions destructing society by instigating violence
4) Compulsory maximum 2 children policy for people of all faiths & Uniform Civil Code
5) 5 Crores illegal alien Muslims occupied large parts of India in Congress-Communist (UPA) rule (85% Bangladeshi & 15% Pakistani) who be kicked out to no-man's land as their Govts don't accept them!

November 02, '09

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Vijayan2267 said:
I think thats because the voters are now getting more intelligent. What we saw in the Maharashtra election, the percentage of voters had fallen drastically, which means people no longer cares for who rules, APNA KAAM CHALNA CHAHIYE.... KURSI PAR KISSEE KO BHI BAITHNE DO !!!!!!

November 02, '09

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jogi08 said:
TO K B R -IT is called a win of the ruling party,but it is very intersting,that the voters have voted against the ruling party, but it is counted for the ruling party because the representative who fought against the ruling party enters the ruling ruling,to come to power,what is this philosophy,where the people will go------is only power is the ultimate goal,what means of opposition,this may be called a coliation ---j.r.pathania.haryana-india.

November 01, '09

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King BULL , all the questions raised by you, do not arise in the minds of voters !!! To analyse on the lines supposed by you , need enlightened and thinking electorate !!!!

At the most the people are SWAYED by :

1) the charisma of the candidates ;
2) the impressions they gain by the campaigns ;
3) A few may also hear the speeches and form their alliances ;
4) BPL gentry may be lured by the freebies and cash distributed etc;
5) Extremely small percentage analyse the performance of the governments;
6) Reisigning to the dictat that "known devil is better than the unknown devil;
7) The bitter experience of coalition Government ruled states , too , prompts some voters to ensure vote in anticipation of a single Party Government;

I rest my case !!!

October 31, '09

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King-Bulls-Ring said:
Well, we too have oligarches who heavily influence the government. In our case it is not banks,but it is those biggie business families that rule Indian business environment for more than a century. Backed by underworld money and power, these business houses are the oligarches in India. But they too are divided on the lines of Political parties and whoever in power gets influenced by that set of oligarches.
But, the data collection, analysis, synthesis of international policies and actions and effect on out country are done by specialists who only present to the oligarchs the
'results and advises' in lay-lay-man terms. Those politicos / oligarches wouldn't understand anything beyond that anyways, so, they generally take the advises and go about executing, of course keeping their 'political' and 'financial' targets in mind.

I guess I have tried to explain as far as I understood the functioning in India...

October 28, '09

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brian111 said:
Who puts the money into these think tanks? That is what I would to know. Are they funded by wealthy oligarchs in India? Do these think tanks truly promote an independent viewpoint that is in the national interest? Or do they serve the interests of large corporations or a handful of private interests?

October 27, '09

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King-Bulls-Ring said:
Usman and Brian,
One thing that stands out in India is (fortunately), the critical decisions regarding the country and its people are actually driven by 'think-tanks', experts from various fields who occupy senior positions in different government advisory bodies, who remain generally same, regardless who sits in the Parliament. This think-tank works in near-autonomy mode and what the politicos get to argue or boast s their deicions are in fact done by experts. Of course, similarly in US and anywhere else too there are such bodies who 'advise' the government, but here the advise is almost behind - the - screen.
You may have noticed, in the past 40 years, the major policies seldom change in India with the change of hands in power. This is different in Western countries. There change comes almost instantly in policies, as the hands change. Change may be for the sake of just change or sometimes for the good of the people.

October 27, '09

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brian111 said:

Term limits are a great idea, that ought to be implemented in Congress too. You are correct, that too often you end with the same person in office for 40 or more years, and political dynasties.

Participatory democracy is good, but ultimately I still look at the US Constitution as the gold standard. In addition to the idea of term limits, the US constitution and Bill of Rights guards against aristocracy by the seperation of powers. Unfortunately, no one seems to follow the Constitution anymore.

All I can say about India, is that all Indians should be carefully studying the mistakes made in America, and try to avoid the same pitfalls.
And this must start with an understanding of the banking system. The Federal Reserve, IMF and World Bank must have their power limited and ultimately must be abolished. Did you know that the American dollar is worth 7% of what it was during the Kennedy Presidency in the early 1960s?

October 26, '09

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brian111 said:

America is really supposed to be a republic, which is a limited form of democracy. In a republic, you have certain liberties and freedoms that are granted to you by the Constitution. They can be taken away from you, by a 51% majority.

In a pure democracy, you have no such freedoms and liberties that are guaranteed to you. In a democracy you can have a tyranny of the majority the same way you can have a tyranny of 1% in a totalitarian state. The tryanny of 51% can be just as dangerous as the tyranny of 1%. The tryanny of 51% can vote to strip away liberties and freedoms and trade away soverneity as Ireland did in the Treaty of Rome. The majority can also be manipulated by the government for sinister purposes. In short, there are many failing to a pure democracy. A democratic Republic is really the best you can hope for.

October 26, '09

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King-Bulls-Ring said:
Thanks foer chipping in Usman...
Well, to go for Ballot Proposition, we still have years or decades to go. To get tho that level, voters must understand and should be able to make their own unbiassed independent opinion on the 'law' being proposed. That means much higher level of literacy, awareness, education etc. In India, mass people only understand broader perspective of 'who should lead' and leave the details to them. Of course, many a times it has resulted in disaster with politicos looting the country's treasury. But then next time they get thrown out and another bunch of so-called politicos are given the chair.
It is happening, slowly and it seems also surely.
Perhaps in 2030, may be we might go for 'balot proposition'..
Thanks for the info mate...

October 26, '09

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