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Posted on: Oct 27, '09

 What's Your Raashee...?

What’s Your Raashee.???

Well, this movie I saw last weekend, with Priyanka Chpora adoring twelve different portfolios of the Zodiac. The director has sincerely tried to represent each sign’s traits to a large extent. 

I am a keen follower of zodiac signs. Bear in mind I am not talking about horoscopes or the likes. Surely not about past or future. Only Traits. Behavioral patterns. Similarities among those born in a particular sign. Even Physical patterns and resemblances. 

I have been studying people based on Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs since 1984. And till date it has helped me tremendously in understanding, appreciating and working / living with people at work and home. Started as a casual time-pass, I picked up more interest, as every time I studied somebody closely, it appeared so close to be true.

Well, here are some cues to find out the general traits of each sign and use in your practical life. 
 - Remember these keywords for each sign and you will find yourself at ease in moving with those people. 
 - Keep reminding yourself of the keyword. 
 - Every action by the individual sign revolves around this Keyword.

Aries – Fast

Taurus – Hard

Gemini – Dual

Cancer – Moods

Leo – Lead

Virgo – Methods

Libra – Analyze

Scorpio – Passion

Sagittarius – Sharp

Capricorn – Shrewd

Aquarius – Ahead

Pisces – Psychic

People born under each of these signs definitely exhibit this single trait, regardless of any other sign’s influence. There are many secondary traits to each sign, but this one single trait invariably can be found in most of the people.

And it is even easier to check out Compatibility between signs with these keywords. 


Aries and Libra : A real Fast one with one with who Analyzes everything.

Virgo with Capricorn: One who follows methods meticulously with one who is really shrewd.
And so on…

Try it out and tell me about it…

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serendipity1023 said:
very interesting this..
hvnt seen the movie thou..the promos were enuf to keep me at bay..hahaha..
am a lib. found 2 ppl i thought were compatible..till my analytical skills proved otherwise.:))

March 27, '10

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sazzyme said:
kb.. darn i missed picking that movie while at the indian video store a while back.. back then i didnt know..tis a gud movie..


so wat happens kb..
if i am HARD as well DUAL??!!

a deemed cusp i mean.. taurus n gemini..
compplicated huh

November 11, '09

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chithrajust said:
----------i do remember how you floored the folks with me in chennai kb with your guesses ------------------------ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa

October 29, '09

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desire2 said:
My Rashee- Capricorn...shrewd!!! Well, dont knw abt vigro but i click well wid aries , Scorpio n piscean.

October 29, '09

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Novacaine said:
I'm dual...

October 28, '09

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King-Bulls-Ring said:
Christian calender is based on Sun signs and Indian calender is based on Moon sign. Sun sign => Traits, while Moon sign => Personal history and events.

October 28, '09

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skhawa said:
Interesting.Lindagood man has written in such A style that anyone reading it,will instantly identify itself with it!As per Christian Calender Im Libran[Oct.1], but as per Indian Astro I am Piscean. ,so dnt. know what??
Thanx 4 sharing!

October 28, '09

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luckylbhai said:
Bhai kya baat hai.


October 27, '09

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King-Bulls-Ring said:
Geetjee, You can find yourself. For example,
How SHARP would go with HARD / FAST / METHODS / PASSION.???
'SHARP' and HARD are a bit difficult, but could be easy with FAST.
Difficult with METHODS, but would go with PASSION...
And so on...

October 27, '09

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