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Posted on: Nov 01, '09

 Prostitution- my views

Dear friends,

                   I have allways avoided controversial topics for discussion/writing. But beginning today i wish to put forth my views on what one may call slightly/fully controversial issues. Ok. I am ready to thrash out. Are u ready?

                  I think this prostitution started as early as the beginnings of a man/woman relationship.In the days of yore, going to a prostitute was not looked down upon as a downright sin. It was an allowed customs in those days.

                ' Hey, man what u r upto?' May be your question. Wait. I have never gone to any prostitute's den. But i wish to point out in sprawling cities like Mumbai, the population living away from families is quite high. Such floaters need to have their outlet! Otherwise they will misbehave with the ladies on the streets! You know very well the mumbai is known for it's red bulb(light!) areas. In a way they are shields for the peaceful living in the city. I hear that in some countries they have legalised the prostitution. After all they are pleasure-merchants!

               As for me i sympathise with the pitiable women in the flesh-trade for many of them have been forced to come into this trade to make a living. Certainly there is a grey area in this trade- many hapless women are being deceived and sold for a sum to these harlems.Shocking still , the halems are run by influential women themselves. Some do prospective selling of deceived women into these brothels.This is where i am sad as a resident of a poor nation where the nation has failed to upbring the women from their penury.

              Supporting the cause for legalisation of prostitutes is one thing, adding a word of caution is another. Yes, let there not be a runaway boom in prostitution- it will be counter-productive.

              I dont subcribe to the views that the moment one looks at a woman with desire one is into prostitution-without naming specifically i would like to say some scriptures say so, This is 21 st century where gay people are celebrating openly in public after winning their legal battle to practice gayism/lesbionism.Persoanlly  iam for natural man woman relationship. No gayism for me!

             Well, you find anything revulsive here and wriggling in discomfort? Shout out if u feel so.(Not in your zones here itself!) Beware, the controversial issues have just begun to flow but as i always been will keep a limit in expressions.

             Thanks for reading. Your valuable comments welcome.  

Bharath selvan

Tags: essential controversies!

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rani_d said:
Been 2 yrs since this blog, but this topic is age old n so is this profession. Govt wud do good to legalise it as profession and this wud in true sense stop the exploitation of women

June 12, '11

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rajkumar32 said:
As the topic is considered taboo,govt or state has done little for the welfare of this entertainment business.i feel govt should regularize this trade and form a regulatory body to regulate this this way govt can earn huge revenue also .the regulatory body can do seriously look into the welfare of the workers indulged in this profession and can provide better facilities to the customers as it would be in the ambit of consumer courts.
i feel in this way we can face the challenge posed by other countries like thailand.

February 19, '11

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coolfriend21 said:
I agree with whirlwind2000. Also it was and never could be a profession.

November 03, '10

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gurhar said:
i agree with tenjade_destiny ,question is of legal and illegal relation ship,what our society it not in the society inside.
this sexual fire should be extinguished by self thinking , has any one got satisfied,does any satisfaction of any field remains for ever.this thirst of sex must not be enflamed by adding petrol of self generated sexy thoughts.but should be kept within limit, so that it may not harm or pollute the environment
for new one's.
it's a question to ponder?

July 22, '10

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fun56 said:
i think we are reacting more than understanding the realities. Thailand and other nearby countries are well known for this trade and there is a need to look into the various issues connected to this. simply speaking that our culture etc is not going to solve issues. a practical approach is needed and in this Hippocratic country there is no place for any meaningful discussions and only political issues are debated and time wasted.
it is time we raise and find a solution for the thousands of women who suffer in this trade. whether we like it or not this is the oldest profession in the earth and it is going to continue and hence controlling it with safeguards will be the best solution

June 30, '10

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spiderman00 said:
"Floaters" living away from family have this unsuppressable urge to dick a horr? Where did you get this idea? You are a scum-bag, please stay out of forums, you sicko.

May 26, '10

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soundercool2001 said:
By legalising this activity will render economic balance between poor and rich and improve tourism in india.women may escape from pimps exploitation.It will minimise the birth rate and sexual crime on the minors.There is no man against this Act.

March 19, '10

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here2readandcomment said:
I am sure you must be feeling relieved after getting comments that more or less express the same feeling as you. Count me in too.

To determine if a prostitute has been forced in the trade (?) would be difficult to know. And tell me, what if it's known? Who is going to take care of her or marry her?

There have been many incidences where Women are put in remand homes from where they run away and embrace the same thing that others thought was illegal.

December 02, '09

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InkTank said:
singapore has legalised it, and they have a smooth system. in our country they wont, we all know the reasons....

November 28, '09

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Gor123 said:
there is nothing wron in your post. This is fact of present living. The act is being done in open which was secretly done in the ancient time too.

But it is not the act but the mind behind the act must be seen. the desire comes from mind and there are various ways to fulfill desire, as there are various ways of earning money: honestly and dishonestly. same thing applies here too. and after all the mind behind it is responsible for this act.

November 12, '09

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