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Posted on: Mar 02, '10


Music can save your mortal soul especially delivered by the American rockstars Saving Abel – the Southern, alternative and Hard Rock band that has as many as three US rock hits in 2009 alone.
Make it to Jim Beam’s Saving Abel at Hard Rock Café, in Bombay on the 5th of March. The show would be opened by none other than the Other People.
Venue: Hard Rock Café,

3rd March - Benguluru HRC (080-41242222)
4th March - New Delhi HRC (011-47158888)
5th march - BOMBAY HRC (022-66511209)
6th march - Hydrabad HRC (040-44767900)

Entry Fees: Rs 500 ( RS 250 entry + RS 250 cover)

About Saving Abel:
Put two members of rival local bands from Corinth, Mississippi, under one roof… and it might result in breaking each other’s necks other than the guitars’ neck. But, as far as the American band Saving Abel is concerned, vocalist Jared Weeks and Jason Null met at a friend’s house and soon they were writing and honing the intimate writing style that now defines Saving Abel.
Saving Abel comprises Scott Bartlett, bassist Eric Taylor, and drummer Blake Dixon. “Addicted,” the album’s first single, bulleted to No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks. The track also has entered the Top 15 in the Hot Modern Rock Tracks listing. The digital single has sold over 100,000 downloads.
The new album Saving Abel features mostly brand-new tunes, plus a few favourites from the indie EP, including the poignant, perfectly crafted “18 Days,” “Running From You,” and “Drowning Face Down.” Null explains that “18 Days” was lyrically inspired by sheriff Buford Pusser of ‘Walking Tall’ fame, while “New Tattoo” is “based on a true story.”


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