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Posted on: May 08, '10

 How to prevent myopia in children

Child for myopia, the parents how to do? General child care appears as a "pseudo-myopia", mainly due to abnormal eye ciliary muscle contraction, muscle spasm caused by regulation, eyeglassesresulting in lens thickness, made from the outside world parallel to the light gathered in front of the retina, which led to myopia. For the pseudo-myopia, many hospitals have specialized formal correction of out-patient, the use of Atropine eye drops or lens treatment products, can produce good results, if not recover after treatment, should wear glasses under the guidance of an ophthalmologist . Therefore, parents find their children if the vision loss, to the eye clinic is eyeglasses very necessary.
What is myopia prevention methods and techniques? 1, the children's eye care education. For example: when reading books to maintain the correct posture, eyes and the book is 35 centimeters away from the best, each time not to read or write too long, every 40-1 minutes better to rest 5 to 10 minutes. Also, do not walk, ride or when lying in bed reading, reading, writing, lighting should be appropriate and so light. 2, more outdoor activities.
Weak self-control child, parents must help them to adjust the timing and intensity with the eyes, taking children to outdoor activities to help his eyes to rest, time of day, parents can take their child to a park or open to his activities. Also, accompany the child on the balcony glassesor the roof overlooking the rest is good to see clouds, glasses birds observed in the sky, can help children adjust organic movement eye muscle, is simple and convenient. 3, using the TV and computer science. TV should be placed below the line of sight in the eye, the eye should be kept away from the TV's diagonal length of the TV screen 5 to 10 times. In addition, each year one or two of the vision test, early detection of whether the child may have vision loss phenomenon. Here to remind parents to make children's vision of prevention, prevention is better than cure, is especially important for myopia.

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