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Posted on: Jun 20, '10

 Happy Father's Day!

He is your friend, philosoper and guide
He will always be by your side
Come hail or high tide
He is super strong
He'll love you even when you're wrong
He may shout at you
But it will hurt him just as much
Don't think he is being unkind
He still loves you as much
Be calm and reason
He will understand 

He held your hand 
When you were learning to walk
He prattled with you 
When you were learning to talk
When you were unwell, down or out
He was with you like a rock
So, love him, cherish him, 
Shower love on him like mad
For no one can take the place of your dad!

You don't need to wait for a day to tell your dad how much you love him. But, it is Father's Day today, anyway, so do something special for your daddy dearest!



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mumdai2000 said:
fathers day all team

June 28, '10

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keemu2000 said:
Its good day and remembrance of past life

June 28, '10

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ajicoolCAP said:
hi happy fathers day
4 all my frnds dad

June 26, '10

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borod said:

June 25, '10

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HASMUKH47 said:
thanks for such a beautiful poem. it is not a poem but itis the fact of life.we can purchase anything by money but not mother & father. they are most most valueable in our life.all credits goes to them for our today's best is uncomplete without them.

June 25, '10

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VASU3435 said:
Thanks to all, there is no pair like Father and mother in the world even if you search with light.They are our God and Goddess. So respect them, obey them you will be in heaven.

June 24, '10

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