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Posted on: Jan 27, '12

 Scared of updates:

Scared of updates:
Recently news was there that in apple computers an update caused random lockups of computer programmes. Actually I found these hardware and software companies issuing repeated updates for their own software whether it is demanded by customer or not. First thing they must not intrude with updates and secondly first thing they must ask permission of purchaser to start download and also specify for what purpose the update is issued.
I have personal experience that especially Microsoft updates are for monitoring the customer and the piracy is the main issue with them. Others just follow the trend to show that they are every customer friendly but actually intrude and sometimes spoil the programme altogether. I donít download any update without specifically knowing why these companies have issued the free updates.
Many times the updates are not doing what they are claimed to do in the programme. Thatís really cheating but companies donít seem to be aware of this. As a programmer I can understand that the results of programme vary but then why make such claims in first place.

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apsara35 said:

January 31, '12

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MKPac said:
Yes, very right, just 4 minor chg. they make entire update.It cud b a tiny applet but biz world is not having control.

Mkpac, Bhilai

January 28, '12

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