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Posted on: Nov 05, '07

 The adventures of Nee-Hii Long manservant chp 1

Mr Nee-Hii Long is the product of a most unusual union for he is the son of A Chinese father and a Japanese Lady of noble birth. He is to put it shortly the son of the lands of two suns.
Nee-Hii first came to my attention when my good friend Lord H.F D chanced to fall foul of that institution which sends a quiver of fear threw every mans heart the “Tax office” for Lord H F D had been caught with his proverbial hand in the cookie jar and was in need of the services of a number of friends who had connections in the office. Knowing the director of the Tax office on a personal level I arranged a meeting between Lord H F D and the director of the Tax office. The meeting was beneficial to both parties involved the short end of the story is that Lord H F D was so impressed with my abilities to solve for him this problem that he presented me with one of his most prized possessions to wit Nee-Hii his man servant Lord H F D having a sudden urge to travel abroad entrusted to my care the best of creatures his man servant of some years standing Nee-Hii.

It has been some year since Lord H F D departed these shores and I have occasional letters from him for places like Timbuktu or Abitibi, these letters have become rare over the last few years and as a result Nee-Hii and I have fallen into a most casual relationship for he is now for all intents and purposes my man servant it is to him who I turn when in need of advice. He is the most efficient gentlemen’s gentleman for he invariably knows when I am down and need a lift at or when my natural exuberance gets the better of me he will caution me, indeed he has got me out of a number of tight fits. Like the time I made the mistake of accidentally proposing marriage to Lady Flowerden he had exactly the right remedy for breaking of the engagement so that neither the noble lady or I came away to badly although it did cost me upward of a thousand pounds to keep the matter out of the courts.

What is a many to do one has to keep ones reputation above a certain level of respectability or one will never be able to face society. Nee-Hii is a great historian having studied English history in great detail he can on occasion be of service for having met a new acquaintance he can at a moments notice recall from memory the linage of any person of statue and is full of interesting anecdotes

Indeed just last week while at the races at Ascot I chanced to fall into a conversation with a lady and gentleman of noble birth who’s name I shall refrain from mentioning to avoid embarrassment. The tales told by this amiable couple proved to be of such a fanciful nature that Upon our second meeting I had already been advised by Nee-Hii that there view of there illustrious ancestors and titles were of such a low degree that they did not warrant mentioning, however notable the current holder of the title.

I have digressed I return now to the matter of my man Nee-Hii he is as I said early of duel nationality been both Chinese and Japanese at the same time. It is to his credit that when in the company of one or the other of persons of these two nations of the rising and the setting sun he acts with the greatest decorum servility and is seldom embarrassed by his unusual position in life.

He has in his ancestry a number of Emperors of Japan and is rumored to be a distant descendent of the grand and wise Chinese emperor Wu of blessed memory. Thus I should find it not a large leap of faith to say that Nee-Hii is most probably one of the wisest and most diligent men I know or have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I hope shortly to write more about my good man Nee-Hii as he is a most entertaining fellow

Tags: short story, humor

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DraculVanHelsing said:
Looking forward to reading the rest!

November 06, '07

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GREECE2002 said:

November 05, '07

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