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Posted on: Nov 09, '07

 The joys of long hours of work

I have always wondered at some peoples capacity to work at the mundane thing that puts the bread on the table essentially I am lazy and will only do 110% yet others go at 250% this I cannot do it has only been a few days since I have gone to dayshift and I am already missing my favorite pastime of writing my stories.

So what am I left with I spend the whole day working on a pc typing endless bookings and e mails to clients of the boss, while my creative spirit sufferers I am to tired at night do any real creative writing.

While the money might be good it is hell on the family life a 14 hour day norm is not good for the family. Any way this puts me in mind of how many long hours I have worked threw the years at fruitless tasks wasted hours that could be spent doing meaningless hours for a boss. There was a time when I worked for myself when I worked 18 hours a day and the money was good but the hours kept me away from my family one of these fine days I am going to win the lottery or get a book published and make a bundle but that is the dream

In the real life I have had a very long day and now finally I have had my head shaved clean once again

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freebaby2 said:
Happy abundant new month of November,


how are you today?
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November 14, '12

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GREECE2002 said:
ok tim hummans make this to ourselfs think it now my friend! i want to wish you the best!

November 09, '07

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DraculVanHelsing said:
I for one certainly miss your creative writing my friend.

November 09, '07

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