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Posted on: Nov 09, '07

 The spirit of Gandhi

There arises in the course of human history certain hero’s of humanity who by there very existences change for the better the course of human history. We have a number of examples of these men and woman.

This is not only a phenomena of the twentieth century but rather men and woman like these have been born thru, out the course of history

In the early 19th century Napoleon who in his ways had some very bad flaws was also a forward thinking in many ways one example of this was the fact that in every domain that he conquered the first thing he would do was grant to all citizens the right to worship which ever deity they preferred.

In its time no other man had allowed this every ruler before Napoleon would allow certain rights to religious minorities, these privileges would be tempered with restrictions.

On the continent of Africa we have for a shining light Nelson Mandela “Madiba” to us South Africans he in many respects embodies the spirit of Gandhi for the constitution of South Africa which was put together with much thought and work was done under his direction. Although there are certain things in this most advanced constitution there are a number of things in it with which I am not completely wonderful this is but human.

I have always believed that it is the writers of this world are the people who make the history and shape the minds of the population in three thousand years who will remember who was the president of a republic in the 21st century? Only serious students of history might but the general population will have no clue.

However the writers of the age will be remembered for they would have shaped the course of history for in writing the word lives and becomes alive to the reader when mankind stops reading the end of history cannot be far behind.

When I started writing this entry I had no idea of what I would write on but it seems that the ideas enclosed in this entry have found there own place in history and in the spirit of Gandhi.

Until tomorrow
Night all

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DraculVanHelsing said:
G'night Tim as my Australian friends might say! This is a very well-written entry!

November 11, '07

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