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Posted on: Jun 21, '12

 How Open Source Security Can Really Enhance Your Security

With the increasing regulations, differing requirements from international locales and sophisticated attacks, computing security has never been more important. Attention to security needs to be pervasive across all of the technologies a company uses. A proactive security approach is one of the requirements that define a project and the architecture that structures a design as well as the technologies that implement it. In today’s software development environment with business environments becoming increasingly reliant on open-source software, the use of open source has become all pervasive.

Open-source software is increasing in popularity and prevalence and now permeates more than 50 percent of enterprises; clearly indicating that open source is enterprise class in terms of functionality and scalability. It offers a fast-innovating and reliable resource to bring forth software that meets user needs, while also dealing with security fixes.

How secure is open source?

Software developed using open source software principles offers technology innovation. As more people have access to source code and can employ their expertise to examine it, there are fewer secrets set in the code, the openness, thus making the code more secure. With the source code readily available and with the freedom to improve and modify it, there is a great potential for security improvements and robust security.

Development teams benefit from reuse of code from many sources due to which the requirement to identify and manage the legal and security risks of third-party content has become an essential part of software development today. It is therefore essential to work with the right partner to create a framework for diligence to ensure both the security and legal status of resulting applications is a combination of training, process and tools.

Open Source Software certainly has the potential to be more secure than its closed source counterpart and offers strategies for managing systems today and into the future. It can help deliver more value to enterprise customers through its fast innovation, established security and reliable performance with certified applications and hardware platforms.

With many having access to the code, there is scope for plugging all security holes faster as bugs and vulnerabilities are found more quickly. With the right risk management frameworks, opensource security solution can help create a better, more secure version of the software.

Opensource security provided by a successful security process and an efficient service provider would help in tackling and preventing critical security problems. It would be advisable to use security solutions that have been reviewed and tested for enterprise use.

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