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Posted on: Jan 07, '08

 The significant of 6th January

This date has always held significant to me for various reasons my wife’s grand mother was born on this date in 1911

24 years ago my grand mother died on this date
My grand mother was a saint I was fortunate to have one of the most loving caring and intelligent people who ever lived as my grand mother. She was responsible in a large part for making me the man I am today for she taught me moral values installing in me a love for classical music as well as more modern music

Today a man who has been the Bain in my flesh for all of my married life passed away this person who lived next door has made my life an unbearable one in many instances has in his last years caused me no end of problems but I still feel that one should not rejoice in another persons sufferings for no matter what reason we are all equal before our creator.

In other news I have been very busy chasing the dollar for school fees and the things that mankind needs most to cover there bodies and souls.

Finally the old inn at the sea will be closing down to make way for an apartment complex and thus I will need to find alternative employment in due season

Tags: life and death

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writer2001 said:
Thanks for your post. Hope you find your new employment fast.

January 07, '08

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DraculVanHelsing said:
Sorry to hear about your being forced to look for a new job, Tom! I'll certainly pray that you will find other employment.
I congratulate you on your charity towards the bain in your flesh who just kicked the bucket! Usually when someone I don't like dies, I usually give them the uncharitable epithet, "Well hopefully they'll remember to bury him (her) face downwards so that he (she) can see where they're going!".
6th January is also the Feast of the Epiphany in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches.
6th January is also Sherlock Holmes' birthday. I believe he'll be 154 this year.

January 07, '08

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