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Posted on: Dec 07, '12

 Secure Your Mobiles with Mobile Security Solutions

The ones using a Smartphone must be thanking every technology pioneer who has made this development possible. However, it is essential to keep one thing in mind, the cyber criminals and third party intruders know how to exploit this convenience for their own profits and that poses a mobile security risk.  

New age online application stores are filled with engaging apps, some very useful for professional purposes and some are just fun to download. However, there is yet another category that is making its way into the apps world, malware-carrying apps that come with “free levels” in legitimate online games or mobile security tools. In reality, these are used by the malware writers that trick you to download them and as soon the malware application is downloaded on a Smartphone device, your mobile security is compromised. This results in cyber criminals making calls, sending text and voicemail messages, and reading your entire mobile content. This means hackers and cyber criminals have complete control of your private data that they can be used by them for their own gains and in turn corrupt your mobile device completely.

There have been instances of mobile security scams where cyber criminals have sent SMS’s for their own premium-rate-services (PRS) from an infected mobile device. The unauthorized messages are sent at a higher rate that makes the mobile owner loose money without actually sending any text. This apart, the downloaded piece of malware works as the background for your   infected mobile infrastructure and can compromise all your mobile details.

Keeping this in mind, companies specializing in risk management frameworks have introduced innovative mobile security solutions to secure mobile applications, payment service products, App Stores, mobile devices and USSD apps. Some of the services they provide include the following:

Mobile Application Security -   Investigates and resolves vulnerabilities in the mobile application by penetration testing, reverse engineering secure code review and security testing.

Mobile Application Store Security - Analyzes internal Apps, external Apps, malicious patterns verifications, secure code review, device OS and dependant Telco’s component’s security assessment.

Mobile Payment and Banking Security - Used for evaluation of mobile payment and banking applications, reverse engineering, secure code review, payment gateways and application API/interfaces’ security assessment.

Enterprise Mobile Data Management Services - Assists end users in enterprise data fragmentation i.e. access control for business application usage and crucial business data, data storage encryption, mobile content management and verification of fragmented data.

Mobile security solution providers with their design methodology for mobile applications and expertise in cryptography enable end users to secure data storage, safely implement protocols and minimize all the software re-engineering, compliance costs.

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Tags: identity access management, application security, risk management frameworks, mobile security

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