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Think simple, write easy, make sense..... Enjoy..

Posted on: Jan 12, '13

 DGR - Hot topic for talk shows, Uh..???

Yesterday I was watching the talk show of Barkha Datta with Sheila Dikshit on NDTV. Topic? – DGR. 

Barkha as arrogant as ever, took few of the Delhi Police’s advisory to college girls. Conveniently omitting most of the points, Barkha picks this one - ‘Go home straight from college!’
Barkha adds - Even my grandmother didn’t tell me that. Go home straight from college? BUT WHY? Time after college is MY TIME! It would the LAST THING I would go home!
She then brings in the next advise – ‘If you are going anywhere else, inform your parents’. 

Now, what is wrong in Delhi Police’s advises?
What I fail to understand is, these are advises your parents give you every day when you start for college in the morning. To know the whereabouts of their teenage girl is the right and more so, concern of every parent. Agreed that nowadays everyone has a mobile phone and anytime contact is possible. But, how much peace it can give if parents know where their girls are at any point in time. 

What Barkha is trying to portray here is a college girl is a free bird, she can do whatever she wants, wherever and whenever she wants and the entire world should do all it requires to facilitate, protect and encourage such things! 

MY TIME? How independent you are when you are in college? How self-sufficient in terms of finance, protection and status? 

A girl screams at Sheila, “we want to do everything that we would like to do and who are you to ask us what we do and where or when? It is your duty to protect us from criminals”. 

Another girl whines “Why I cannot go out to 4 am to a nearby shop to buy, for example cigarettes?” 

At 4 am? Go to nearby shop? And the shop would be open? To buy what? Cigarettes?” 

Even we men, wouldn’t dare to go at that kind of time to buy cigarettes!!! 

Man, at 4 am she needs cigarettes!!! And she want government to protect her from micreants! 

At this point, Barkha brings in totally irrelevant point here – “there are moral women and immoral women. Why women are labelled as immoral women if they go out at 4 am out alone?” 

What else?
Why would a moral, educated, cultured girl go out at 4 am to a nearby shop and ask for cigarettes???? 

Media is trying to ‘paint’ a picture that whatever girls want to do, government’s duty is to protect them from crimes!
Come on Barkha, everyone knows just too well, it is not possible!
Sheila spoke very sensibly and my salutes to her wisdom and patience in front of the utter arrogance from Barkha. 

One girl summed it up all – “I was in the protest, I was water cannoned, and all these uprising and protests are happening in this country, but now when I go out, there are more lewd comments from men than before. These inactions seems only to encourage men to do such things” 

Yes, that is exactly what is happening. After all these women are perceived as even more vulnerable than before. 

On the other channel, Bhupendra was hysterical on government’s attempt to ‘curb’ creative freedom in this country.
Reason? I&B Ministry has sent an advisory to SONY TV not to telecast the DGR reconstruction in its series. 

Now, what kind of ‘creative freedom’ he was talking about? Like the Sociologist Ranjana Kumari rightly pointed out, what are they trying to achieve from ‘reconstructing’ in vivid details how the crime took place, which already every dog and cat in this country know all too well? Marketing? Raise awareness? How pathetic it would have been to see ‘reconstructed’ rape seen on a TV? What kind of impact such a show would have on young minds? What benefit to the society as a whole? 

Bhupendra’ reasoning – Why government did not send any advisory to channels which are now rolling as if there is already a war going on between India and Pakistan and why only to this show? 

What nonsense question he is asking? Nothing but childish – why you didn’t beat him and why only me? 

When will our media come to their senses, realize their social and national responsibilities? 

When will they just make sense and not sensationalize?

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hitchhikerCAP said:
The prime reason I STOPPED watching such talk shows Long Long time Ago. Man they are just Bull Shit. Thanx Shar for sharing!

January 16, '13

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King-Bulls-Ring said:
Thanks Pranav, I really wanted to say it so blunt and point blank, but I wanted someone to say that. "We Will Do What We Want and Its Your Duty To Protect." That's the dictat given to Sheila Diksith by one of the representative of today's "Youth".!!!
And Saz, that girl was returning from a movie at 10 pm in Delhi with her boy friend. (Media found this new term Male Friend!!!!). In Delhi, it is not safe to venture out after 7:30, max 8 pm. Almost every shop shuts down there. So, what she had been doing was not entirely safe and there is no fool-proof 'protective system' that can help. It's like using the Tube in midnight in London suburb. Of course, Its your own risk.!!!

January 15, '13

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sazzyme said:
a fair point well made brother

as for females rearing to go out at 4am to grab cigrattes for a quick puff?? i been living in this counrty for 17 yrs and nope even here women dont do that, nor ASK the Govt to protect em if they were to go do that..

but then again i think.. the lady in the Amanat situation was accompanied by a male and she wasnt out at an unreasonable hr at all. That definitely is a situation where any protective system if at all there is a reliable one has failed.

January 14, '13

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jiya751 said:
a really v nice informative post i was not aware about all this nonsense going on ..they media person not doing anything gud but just pouring more ghee on the fire and apne hath sek rahe hain to increase their T.R.P. NOT MORE THEN THAT JO LADKI SUBHA 4 BAJE CIG. khareedane ki baat kar rahi hai use jarurt hi kya hai protection ki jise apni health ki fikar nahi use protection chahyiye v gud they all r sick mentality people..just to show off in the name of that this is women lib.even their parent r help less to guide them aaj ke bache hath se nikal chuke hain only want to learn from their mistakes not from others exp.

January 14, '13

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Indra_th_lord said:
& Woman & Barkha Dutt kind , well , going out and buying cig. and what not !!! nothing wrong in that...but who takes the responsibility of the 'Danger's Lurking Around'???

Why has the parents , Husband , kids , family bear the brunt of every (adventure) or mis-adventure...of this 'Rebel' and 'Radical' woman???

it is them who are responsible for their actions and they shoud own it...

Why Blame the society , why blame the government??? Why blame of parents???

u fuck up your 'Marriage' , Blame the men , blame the parents ,

u get raped , blame the government , blame the men , blame the parents...

Why can't u just stick to reasonable & prudential social norms and behave???

is Being radical , being rebel being different??? What is it today's Woman want to prove?

Interesting Blog.

Thanks KB for sharing

January 14, '13

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King-Bulls-Ring said:
Pranav, but then, it has become a rat_race (with due respect to our own r_r. And in pursuit of being #1 channel, everyone wants to beat the other. Every channel is spending 24x7 watching what the other channels broadcast and then edit their contents to be different or 'more hot' and 'more sensational', to be FIRST & EXCLUSIVE and ONLY ON - etc... And they give themselves awards and medals for coverage and composition. One word they all have buried deep in the ocean is ETHICS.

January 14, '13

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Indra_th_lord said:
All , i mean all work's on 1 principle called as 'Paretos Principle' also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity, states that, for many 80–20 roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes -

Same applies to Media 2 , You have a mix of various IQ's of various people come together , all have their own 'Interpretational Level' and 'Skill's of Deduction'

And they ( Media) people vidicate the Pareto's principle to the last word

The reltionship of Politicos & Media is 'Symbiotic' - The compliment each other...

The only victim or co-lateral damage in this is 'WE' the viewer's..

Media bring's gullible , simple , middle class people on TV and allow them to give vent to their pentup emotions and feelings...and this is what Media consider's as their Corporate social Responsibilty , which in reality is not -

January 14, '13

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King-Bulls-Ring said:
Believe me Suniljee, when I watched the girl saying that she wanted to go out at 4 am to buy cigs, I just thought, Does she have father and mother or not? It's pathetic to see the cultural contamination happening in India and its long drawn consequences. Poor girls..!!! That's all I could say!

January 14, '13

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King , it is all hype and hyper response .... somebody wants to go to a fire , because he or she has the FREE WILL and FREEDOM to do whatever and they want police protection and protection from fire !!!


This shows our bankruptcy of LOGIC , MATURITY and RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOUR ... other than getting on to the bandwagon of free exposure through media !!!!

As you rightly said SENSATIONALIZATION at any cost is playing with the SENSE and SENSIBILITY of people's SENTIMENTS DOES moe HARM than GOOD to any CAUSE !!!!

January 13, '13

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alamara2000 said:
At such times it is wiser to make use of the remote and roam about the channels to our liking.
Thanks Sunil for sharing.

January 13, '13

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