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» Shreya Ghoshal's divine singing on Lag J...

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Category: None  |  Duration: 03:21 min

From: FRIENDLY-AADI |  Added on: May 29, 2013

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» Comments   [ Total: 8 ]

Saloni1976 said:

Excellent Song sung reasonably Good.

Posted on: February 21, '18

Valley_of_Roses said:

Sweet song...

Posted on: February 15, '18

sam_sensitive said:

Sweet song and sweet voice of Shreya

Posted on: February 13, '18

kanwarzafir said:

A sweet and melodious song

Posted on: February 12, '18

NipaS87 said:

Yeh isq kya hai beithe bithaye jannat dikhye ho rama ki Shreya ka soft soothing melodious cool song. Singer ho to Shreya jaisi ho, so awesome voice and amazing beauty!

Posted on: February 12, '18

Vidya1985CAP said:

Ganaa suun ke ankh bhar ayi really
Superb Sweet Shreya almost to the
foot steps of Latta ji
Bahut hi emotional sweet voice and fantastic song

Posted on: February 12, '18


लग जा गले कि फिर ये हसीं रात हो न हो
शायद फिर इस जनम में मुलाक़ात हो न हो
लग जा गले से ...

हमको मिली हैं आज, ये घड़ियाँ नसीब से
जी भर के देख लीजिये हमको क़रीब से
फिर आपके नसीब में ये बात हो न हो
फिर इस जनम में मुलाक़ात हो न हो
लग जा गले कि फिर ये हसीं रात हो न हो

Posted on: February 12, '18

anjalijovial said:

nice one jee, thnks:)

Posted on: May 29, '13

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