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» मासूमा जी हो सके तो लौट के आन...

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Category: People & Blogs  |  Duration: 01:25 min

From: FRIENDLY-AADI |  Added on: Sep 30, 2013

» Comments   [ Total: 43 ]

Bratboy0100 said:

WOW what a song huh Heart touching

Posted on: April 27, '17

mi4uCAP said:

Dhanyawad FRIENDLY-AADI jee.
Bahut hi sundar geet share kiya hai aap ne
swaagat hai aapka Maasoomah didi.
Aap Fropper mein raho na raho..
Hum sab ke dilo mein rehti ho.

Posted on: April 25, '17

ALKHOBAR75 said:

Khush amadeed ya habibi !

Posted on: April 25, '17

lovee4uCAP said:

Very nice old melody..!
Happy to see you once again maasoomah didi.
Do stay with us.. Please don't leave again..!!!

Posted on: April 25, '17

E_h_s_a_a_s said:

Thanks once again aadi ji
For so warm welcome..
Thanks my sweet sisters and friends for your kind and sweet words..
I am humbly touched..!
May God bless you..
And shower abundant happiness
upon all of you.. aameen!

Posted on: April 24, '17

Meena22CAP2 said:

Most fitting tribute to my Ehsaas didi.hesrt touching old classic song

Posted on: April 24, '17

Bratboy0100 said:

Very Touching song !!

Posted on: April 24, '17

PrernaG28 said:

Hamara bhagya hai ki Ehsaas ji vapas ayi
aur yeh ganeko gungunaneki izzat di
Very emotional song

Posted on: April 24, '17

DeepaliV25 said:

Aapka swagat hai Masoomah ji
wonderful song and video

Posted on: April 24, '17

RaveenaS30 said:

ardbhara gana Ehsaas ji ke layakhai
aapka swagar yeh ganese deserve
karta hai Welcome back Ehsaas ji

Posted on: April 24, '17

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