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» सैंया दिल में आना रे..

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Category: Music  |  Duration: 03:13 min

From: FRIENDLY-AADI |  Added on: Feb 17, 2014

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» Comments   [ Total: 14 ]

monali2596 said:

sweet song

Posted on: December 02, '17

kanwarzafir said:

really melodious and sweet

Posted on: December 02, '17

maalolan said:

Nice old song, thanks Aadiji.

Posted on: February 25, '14


thanx friends for overwhelming response to this great oldie....

खुशी खुशी से गाएंगे हम गीत सुहाना रे
सैंया दिल में आना रे....

Posted on: February 23, '14

hans300 said:

ab ki anaa to sirf rasm nibhane ke liye mat aana aur
anaa to na jaane ke liye aana.....
wah wah thanks and big thanks adesh ji is ke liye !!!

Posted on: February 23, '14

Rashmi0000 said:

bohut purana geet, nice

Posted on: February 18, '14

Prabir69 said:


Posted on: February 18, '14

samba_84 said:

Lovely song..

Posted on: February 18, '14

Sanjeev_Bahuguna said:

thanks frnd.

Posted on: February 18, '14

anjalijovial said:

never hrs b4.. lalalallaaa

Posted on: February 18, '14

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