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» छोड़ दो आँचल-Chod do aanchal - Dev ...

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Category: Bollywood  |  Duration: 04:17 min

From: FRIENDLY-AADI |  Added on: Feb 21, 2014

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» Comments   [ Total: 14 ]

Valley_of_Roses said:

'छोड़ दो आँचल ज़माना क्या कहेगा'...Bhaut hi sunder!!!!!

Posted on: January 04, '18

Sanjeev_Bahuguna said:

Very nice Song.
Thnx Adesh Ji

Posted on: January 04, '18

Vidya1985CAP said:

iin adaao ka jamana hai diwana
to sahi me ek diwana ho ya diwani
kya karengi
Lajawab sweet soft romantic song
with beauties of lyrics music amazing
voices and above all talented Nutan and
Dev Anad I simple loved this song sequence

Posted on: January 04, '18

mehindra1966 said:

Nice song. it..

Posted on: January 04, '18


छोड़ दो आँचल ज़माना क्या कहेगा
इन अदाओं का ज़माना भी है दीवाना दीवाना क्या कहेगा
छोड़ दो आँचल…

Posted on: January 03, '18

sam_sensitive said:

Deewana kya kahega

Posted on: December 05, '17

kanwarzafir said:

nice one

Posted on: December 04, '17

CRAZOO7 said:

wah wah , bhaut mast gana hai

Posted on: May 07, '15


......... one of the evergreen romantic duets ...... teasing and lovely !!!!

Posted on: May 06, '15

Sanjeev_Bahuguna said:

Nice ji....

Posted on: May 05, '15

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