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» वहाँ कौन है तेरा मुसाफिर जाए...

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Category: Music  |  Duration: 04:44 min

From: FRIENDLY-AADI |  Added on: Mar 02, 2014

» Comments   [ Total: 11 ]

DeepaliV25 said:

Best of Burman da
Nice touchy song

Posted on: September 14, '17

kanwarzafir said:

Lovely song

Posted on: September 13, '17

bravo6142 said:

so sweet song , thanx for sharing yaar

Posted on: August 12, '14

maalolan said:

Thank You for sharing this song.
SD Burman is my favorite singer.
I like all his songs specially for their
rural music.

Posted on: March 08, '14

anjalijovial said:

wahan kaun hei tera lalallaal.. yoyooyoy

wahaaan adi yaaru hei mera lalalalal
Nice songu jee.) yoyoyoy hwru?

Posted on: March 07, '14

samba_84 said:

Lovely song..

Posted on: March 07, '14

GraciousCAP said:

nice song

Posted on: March 07, '14


heart-touching song
thanks Aadesh ji

Posted on: March 07, '14


सचिन दा के बेहतरीन संगीत और आवाज़ का जादू...

"दम ले ले घड़ी भर
ये छइयां पाएगा कहाँ "

Posted on: March 06, '14


वहां कौन है तेरा
मुसाफिर जाएगा कहाँ
दम ले ले घड़ी भर
ये छइयां पाएगा कहाँ

बीत गए दिन
प्यार के पल-छीन
सपना बनी ये रातें
भूल गए वो
तू भी भुला दे
प्यार की वो मुलाकातें
सब दूर आंधेरा

Posted on: March 06, '14

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