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» एक प्यार का नगमा है - Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai

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Category: Lifestyle  |  Duration: 06:07 min

From: Fropper2017 |  Added on: Jun 06, 2017

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» Comments   [ Total: 13 ]


Very nice song; zindagi kuch bhi nahin teri meri kahani hai. Ek pyar ka naghma hai...

Posted on: August 13, '17

hans300 said:

Lovly nice and meaningful song...

Posted on: June 20, '17

Darshavi said:

My Fav Song....

Posted on: June 18, '17

hitchhikerCAP said:

Very good song indeed...thanx for sharing :)

Posted on: June 18, '17

KD2Cool said:

Ek pyar ka nagma hai,
maujo ki rawani hai,
Zindgi aur kuch bhi nahi,
teri meri kahani hai!!!!

Posted on: June 18, '17

vicky8744 said:

Lovely song mere Mithhu Ji☺☺☺

Posted on: June 15, '17

Suman2017 said:

Zindagi aur kuchh bhi nahi...
Teri meri kahaani hai....Hai naa dii..
My altime favourite song

Posted on: June 14, '17

skhawa said:

Lovely lyrics N rendition. Great !!

Posted on: June 14, '17

jigu70 said:

tufaan ko aana hai
aakar chale jaana hai
badal hai ye kuchh pal ka'
chhakar dhal jaana hai
parchhaiyan reh jaati
reh jaati nishani hai
zindagi aur kuchh bhi nahi
teri meri kahani hai.....

what a beautiful song:))

Posted on: June 14, '17

goodsouls said:

aha ,,,,,very nice song :)

Posted on: June 14, '17

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