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Category: Inspirational  |  Duration: 03:54 min

From: Fropper2017 |  Added on: Jun 12, 2017

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» Comments   [ Total: 15 ]

skhawa said:


Posted on: June 30, '17

DeepaliV25 said:

Meetha madhur geet suun ke dil ko sukunsa mila

Posted on: June 29, '17

jigu70 said:

What a lyrics and what a music...
A super duper combo... simply beautiful voice of yesu das ji...

Posted on: June 29, '17

Fropper2017 said:

Thanks everyone.. you liked my most favorite song
I am feeling great.. I watch this video again and again
The innocence on the face of kiddo Padmini is so adorable.
The lyrics is so inspirational.. tune is so soft and soothing..
and the magical voice of Lata mangesgkar so heart touching
makes this song my MOST FAVORITE ONE..!!!

Posted on: June 29, '17

Bratboy0100 said:

Forwaded the song to sIs and mom. Mom loved it

Posted on: June 29, '17

Meena22CAP2 said:

Melodious soft soothing song full of love sounds so touchy n immmortal to heart

Posted on: June 29, '17

RaveenaS30 said:

dil khush ho gaya Raveena fresh ho gayi yeh gaana suun ke

Posted on: June 28, '17

PrernaG28 said:

Dil chhoo janewala geet hai sahi me didi

Posted on: June 28, '17

Pink_rose2017 said:

Jeena uska jeena hai jo aron ko jeevan deta hai....great line !!!

Suraj na bann paye to bann ke deepak jalta chal... Very Motivational line !!!!

Really Great song... (Y) (Y)

Posted on: June 28, '17

goodsouls said:

a-ha .... nice old song
thanks 4 sharing

Posted on: June 28, '17

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