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» मैं कोई ऐसा गीत गाऊं--Main Koi A...

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Category: Entertainment  |  Duration: 05:08 min

From: Fropper2017 |  Added on: Jun 14, 2017

» Comments   [ Total: 12 ]

vicky8744 said:


Posted on: August 04, '17

kanwarzafir said:


Posted on: July 18, '17

Sam_shine_2017 said:

Haseen song

Posted on: July 09, '17

Pink_rose2017 said:


Posted on: July 04, '17

ghaziabad2409 said:

mai koi aisa geet gaaun, very lovely song like you my dear friend, i like it

Posted on: July 02, '17

jigu70 said:

Lovely voice of Abhijeet....

Posted on: July 02, '17

RaveenaS30 said:

Masallah song so funny and melodious

Posted on: July 02, '17

PrernaG28 said:

Mei aisa geet gaun aur jee karta hai gaati hi rahu
Nice song

Posted on: July 02, '17

goodsouls said:

Aha ,,,,,very nice song

Posted on: July 02, '17

Fropper2017 said:

No it is not a romantic lyric..
but a sweet entertaining lyric..!

Posted on: July 02, '17

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