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Category: Entertainment  |  Duration: 04:14 min

From: Hello2009sco |  Added on: Jan 18, 2013

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» Comments   [ Total: 8 ]

maalolan said:

nice, thanks.

Posted on: January 19, '13

priya50FJ said:

lovly song

Posted on: January 19, '13

jiya751 said:

hamari jaan le le ga ye neechi aankh ka jadu
chalo acha hua mar kar jahan se choot jaynge wah
kya lyrics hain dil kar raha hai sunti hi rahun is song ko

thanks saroj ji u made my day

Posted on: January 19, '13

jiya751 said:

wow kya baat hai saroj ji kya choice hai maja aa gaya song sun kar

Posted on: January 19, '13

rosegemini said:

Nice one :-)

Posted on: January 19, '13

skhawa said:

Gr8. Loved All Thanx.

Posted on: January 18, '13

lovely1981CAP said:

HAHAHAH very nice na jhatko pani ....

Posted on: January 18, '13

Hello2009sco said:

enjoy d nc romantic song of rafi in d music direction of ravi from d film shehnai strring chockletti star vishwajeet n rajshree

Posted on: January 18, '13

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[Saroj kumar]