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» DOHA competetion

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Category: Inspirational  |  Duration: 05:25 min

From: MAS00MA |  Added on: Jan 25, 2018

» Comments   [ Total: 14 ]

Aashi_1992 said:

Bahot pyara geet didi

Posted on: June 08, '18

Ajay_2017 said:

Bahut khoob sharing, shukriya saahiba!

Posted on: April 29, '18

BK2012 said:

Wah kya baat

Posted on: April 28, '18

ekakipathgamini said:

Badiya sharing masooma

Posted on: April 18, '18

Saloni1976 said:

Nice Song, missed childhood life.

Posted on: April 16, '18

kumarjai68 said:


Posted on: April 11, '18

Adishi42 said:

Nice song

Posted on: April 11, '18

sam_sensitive said:

Soor, Kabir , Tulsi, Raheem ki agar baat kare toh Ye real pearl hai Bhartiya Sahitya ke.
Thanx for sharing Di

Posted on: April 10, '18

MAS00MA said:

Thanks Udaiveer ji. for your kind visit and liking the video.

Posted on: April 10, '18

MAS00MA said:

Thanks Sweet Kitoo for your precious comment.
very well said dear.. thanks..!

Posted on: April 10, '18

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