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» ┻υ ι ς κ γ┻ y0 y0 h0ney Singh - Ise ...

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Category: Entertainment  |  Duration: 03:22 min

From: V_I_K_R_A_M |  Added on: Jun 24, 2014

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Naughty_S_A_R_A said:


Posted on: June 30, '14

V_I_K_R_A_M said:

Haayi___ :]]]]]]
Thank u so much P Ji_ :))

Posted on: June 24, '14

V_I_K_R_A_M said:

Ise Kahte Hain Hip Hop____

Beta Ise Kahte Hain Hip Hop_____ :]]]]]

Posted on: June 24, '14

V_I_K_R_A_M said:

Chartent mein ghumne ko 4 badi car haan
Million dollar I dnt give a damn
Khudiya shudiya I dnt give a dam
Badi haan soch meri badi haan plans
Jo kuch bhi hu aj coz of my fans
Jo bhi mene bola vo krke dikhunga
Mere liye dua karo grammy leaunga
Kasam bajrang bali ki desi ghee ki bundi sakkar pare batvaungaa...
Jis din..
Jis din..
Jis din..
Mein grammy leaunga

Posted on: June 24, '14

Pritzz9 said:

jhakaas ...yoyo

Posted on: June 24, '14

V_I_K_R_A_M said:

kise khete hai hip hop...
kise khete hai hip hop...
kise khete hai hip hop...
Suru kiya mene as a music director
Aaj mare yaar dost bade bade actor
Vase bollywood mein ati roz picturae
Per super hit picture ka yo yo X factor
Ye me nhi khata vo khud yahi mante haan
koyle ki khan m heere ko pechante haan
Middle class boy ajj superstar haan

Posted on: June 24, '14

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