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» Tu Hi Re - Shiamak Style - Columba - Shi...

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Category: None  |  Duration: 04:03 min

From: Valley_of_Roses |  Added on: May 12, 2014

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» Comments   [ Total: 10 ]

alamara2000 said:

Wow awesome. Thanks for sharing

Posted on: October 09, '17

Pagal-Bhoot said:

OSt is much better...

Posted on: June 04, '14

maalolan said:

Nice share Meeta, thanks.

Posted on: June 03, '14


chahat hai agar aake mujhase mil jaa tu
yaa phir aisa kar, dharti se mila de mujhko
tu he re, tu he re tere bina main kaise jiyu
aajaa re, aajaa re, yu he tadpa na tu mujhko

very very nice meeta ji

Posted on: May 13, '14

VIJAY1994 said:


Posted on: May 13, '14

RaJaHinDUustanii said:

nice one

Posted on: May 12, '14

gariahatCAP said:

Gr8 song Meeta. Thanx. for sharing

Posted on: May 12, '14

hans300 said:

superb video; enjoyed meeta
thanks for sharing !!!

Posted on: May 12, '14

anjalijovial said:

wahwah osm :)

Posted on: May 12, '14

Prabir69 said:

wonderful composition...

Posted on: May 12, '14

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