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» JIYA KA DIL...........A TRIBUTE TO MY B....

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Category: Music  |  Duration: 04:35 min

From: jiya751 |  Added on: Jan 24, 2013

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» Comments   [ Total: 23 ]

govil2001 said:

very very true and tuching song

Posted on: February 06, '13

barna2010 said:

am heartily sorry for this loss..may GOD give u the strenth to overcome the take care..

Posted on: February 01, '13


...... TIMELY .... philosophising lyrics ...... bare the bitter truth of life .... touchy !!!
...... let him R.I.P !!!!!!

Posted on: February 01, '13

tafi11 said:

Reh jati yaad nishani .... kuch gane toh indian film ki history se mitane muskil hai... ye gana jab brodcast hota tha tub... channe ki lari wale chana tol bandh ker dete thay... police single per apna hath rok leta tha... mein khud scooter ka gear bhool jata tha aur samne wali saree wali aurat se takra jata tha aur kehta tha duniya toh aani jani hai... wo chila ker kehti thi.. aane jane ka rasta hi kaha rakha hai...

Posted on: February 01, '13

clement1668 said:

Good Song Ji. May his soul rest in Peace.

Posted on: January 31, '13

friendship5044 said:

may god bless his soul...
yahi hai jindagi mere dost....

Posted on: January 31, '13

Hello2009sco said:

ye jeevan h is jeevan ka ......itni shakti hume dena daata ....may his soul rest in peace

Posted on: January 30, '13

Prabir69 said:

Its really so SAD for us :(. Unke ATMA ko SHANTI meele !

Posted on: January 30, '13

AGLORY said:

OM SHANTI .....................

Posted on: January 30, '13

paul2006LEO said:

Song with Fact of LIFE !!! JEEWAN aa kar to jata hai par TIME ki baat hai !! May LORD BLESS HIS SOUL *&* HE *B* Grated P E A C E ^^^^ !!! My heart felt condolence Aprajit !!!!

Posted on: January 30, '13

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